Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mustang Makeover Challenge

I was only able to sit in on about half an hour of the Mustang Makeover Challenge Under Saddle at the Western States Horse Expo 2009. I didn't attend the finals. The sponsors commented that the majority of the mustangs entered in the challenge were sorrel, brown, and black since the pinto, gray and palomino mustangs tend to get adopted right away due to the perceived beauty of their coats. I didn't go all out this year recording the names of the trainers and their mustangs, so I'll have to leave you with nameless photographs. Enjoy.

The judges deliberating...

One of the judges was Tommy Garland, a well known Arabian horse trainer. He recently adopted a mustang and was very pleased with how well it adapted. He commented that things that spook a normal horse don't fluster a wild mustang whatsoever. I'm glad he chose his wording carefully and said "normal horse" as opposed to "Arabian horse", because that would have caused an uproar. All the non-Arabian horse owners (and maybe a few Arabian horse owners) would be nodding their heads talking about those spooky, crazy Arabs, while most of the Arabian horse owners would be arguing that all domesticated horse breeds spook. But let's not get into that debate here. I, personally, am sick of it. Let's talk about adopting wild mustangs... something I would do if I had another stall, more land, more time, more money, more skill, and were several years younger.


Katharine Swan said...

I've considered adopting a culled mustang before too. Like you, though, I can't do it without more money, time, and land.

There was a mustang who used to be stabled next to Panama whose owner gave her up because she got injured. (Some people make me SO mad...) I know the rescue she is at now, and I've considered buying her from them whenever I have horse property or enough money to pay board on another horse. I am such a softie for the hard luck cases.

Lulu said...

Maybe you can adopt yourself a mustang after your dream move??? ;)

Groomer Angie said...

Your "ifs" sound like my "ifs" Wish I could get a horse, but I don't see it happening at this point in life.

Leah Fry said...

...especially several years younger. I am still limping and it's been 3 weeks. The only thing that bounces anymore are my boobs.

KD said...

A girlfriend of mine here in Jacksonville entered the Gator Extreme Mustang Makeover and had a load of fun and wound up adopting her mare. I don't have the talent or time to do it, but admire those who do.

lytha said...

a mustang in germany would be the coolest horse ever!

looking forward to more of your trip photos.

i say, you can tell how well trained those mustangs are cuz none of the riders need helmets. *giggle*


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeh. Why no helmets? Too cool for a melon protector, eh? hehe!

And who said my paint is 'normal'? I'm not so sure about that one. lol!

SO that would make a mustang an abnormal horse? lol!

Are there really any normal horses anyway?

Ok....it's late and I'm acting punchy over here...still missing 8 hours sleep from the foal birth and playing with the foal the past 3 days. lol!