Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures from Today

I wanted to take Gabbrielle to the Fairgrounds, but she was being stubborn about getting into the trailer, so I loaded up Bombay and Lostine again. When we arrived, we discovered that yet another rodeo was in progress. No one was using the barrel racing arena, so my son and I tied Lostine in there. She gets happy when she's around other horses.

I rode Bombay despite not feeling well. My husband brought home some Taco Bell goodies for dinner Friday night, and everyone instantly cramped up. My gut has been in pain ever since.

My son wanted to take pictures of us galloping. I think we got 5 strides into a gallop and I had to shut it down because of the abdominal pain. My kidneys hurt too, because despite drinking a tumbler of water before leaving the house, it was in the 90's and I was dehydrated by the time we reached the Fairgrounds.

My son spent the past week at pole vaulting camp, and his lips are chapped and swollen from spending so much time in the sun. He climbed into the truck to get some shade and took pictures through the window.

Everyone in my family is hurting right now. My daughter had her wisdom teeth ground down and extracted yesterday, and she has to have a post inserted for a future tooth implant before she returns to college in August.

My horses are usually really good about standing still after I dismount and collect my things, and they will follow me if I tap my chest and cluck my tongue. However, Bombay was just too hyped up about all the other horses, and he decided to show off by running away from me. Of course, my son didn't help by yelling, "Run, Bombay, run!"

I cornered and caught him fairly quick, and it was a good thing, because other riders started showing up. I forgot about that stupid trash barrel right by the gate and made the mistake of letting Bombay drop in behind me while I was leading him out. He ran forward to get away from the trash barrel, and ran right into me. He pushed me along like a snowplow and I stumbled in front of him, trying not to fall, because I knew he would trample me. I swung the lead rope back and smacked him hard on the chest to get his attention. He was so frightened by that dumb trash can that he didn't even realize that he was nearly trampling me. He was served a big scolding for that.

I found this old picture on my son's camera from my Mother's Day trail ride. You can see me on Lostine down below, and my husband hiking next to us. Up ahead there is a fork in the road. If you go to the left, you run into a mountain stream. If you go to the right, you have to traverse boulders that are buried in the ground. Those are the boulders that Lostine spooked at and refused to cross without my husband holding the lead rope and walking next to her.


Shirley said...

Sure hope you all get to feeling better soon! Tell your son, good pictures!

fernvalley01 said...

Boy you are tough ,i don't know if I would be riding with tummy troubles!Get well soon

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I think your son is quite the blogger! LOL, he even took photos of Bombay leaving the scene.

I hope you all feel better soon. It's so awful when you realize you ate something bad but there's nothing you can do now except get better.

Paint Girl said...

Sorry your not feeling well!
Bombay looks really good! That was very nice of your son to go with you, and take pictures!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, poor family! Poor you! I'm sorry to read you've got the yukkies. No fun. But you sure are dedicated to at least try to get out there for a little while and ride. You and Bombay looked great. He looks especially handsome and collected in several of those pics.
Did you ride Lostine, too? Or was that enough excitement for you after Bombay's trash can spook?

That last pic is kind of cool with that perpective. Mother's Day seems so long ago doesn't it?

Feel better soon!

ps. The book arrived today. Woot! Woot! I can't wait to delve right into it. Thank you! I'll be sure to send it along when I'm through, too.

Katharine Swan said...

I'm worried about you and your family. I hope you feel better soon, but if not see a doctor! And avoid eating at Toxic He!l (tee hee).

You and Bombay look great out there -- and I love seeing Lostine looking all perked up and excited! Too bad Gabbrielle was being stubborn. I've been looking forward to hearing how she does at the Fairgrounds, too.

Abe Lincoln said...

Your post made me smile a lot. I also enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

KD said...

Glad y'all got out to ride! I need to have someone take pictures of me riding instead of just sitting on my horse posing. :-)

AareneX said...

There's only a two circumstances that will keep me out of the saddle: thunderstorms on the trail and ummmm, tummy problems. You are more hardcore than me!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Callie said...

Hope you feel better soon, Bombay cracks me up, what a dork! Reminds me of my ole QH gelding with all the antics!

manker said...

yup i DO feel your pain.. gettng out to ride today and yesterday here as well.. tho friday i managed to spin out and destroy my truck :( Let's just say i'm basically fine, tho i look like "rocky racoon".. (two black eyes)... sit down and ride


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - I was wiped out by the time I was done with Bombay, so I didn't ride Lostine.

manker - Oh no! Not good. I hope you and your truck get back on the road soon.

TCavanaugh said...

Bombay is hilarious! I am glad your son went along to take pictures, but I agree with a few others are way more hardcore than I, riding with tummy troubles and in 90 degree weather. Good luck getting the family healthy!