Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gimme a Kiss

Gimme a kiss...

Please, please...

Just one kiss?

Oh, okay, Gabbrielle. Who could resist your fuzzy muzzle?

Kissing horses is kind of like kissing a man with 4 o'clock stubble.

I saddled up Gabbrielle to see if she had any improvement over our last ride. First I lunged her, then I ground drove her, but before I could mount I discovered the her coronet band or her left front leg was covered in blood. At first I thought she must have kicked herself with her hind leg and that I need to start using bell boots on her, but once I cleaned up the cut, I realized that it was an old cut the encircled the front and side of the top of her hoof. It had been healing, but the exercise tore the scar open. It looked as if she got her hoof caught in a wire. I looked around the yard and found this...

I try to keep the bottom wire of the chain link buried, but occasionally the horses dig it up in their attempt to reach edibles on the other side of the fence. So, Gabbrielle will need another week before I can ride her.

I did get to ride Lostine for a bit in the round pen. Between the neighbor doing his weed whacking, the mail carrier racing his rickety jeep from house to house to house and honking his horn, and a big, black horse fly, she was in a testy mood. I had to dismount and lunge her some more. The second ride was better and Lostine got her old lady exercise, so all in all it was a good day.

I wanted to thank everyone for their recent comments. I appreciated your support for when I was getting discouraged with Gabbrielle. Of course, it was just the wind. Today she led like a pro. Also, thank you for your suggestions on the kitchen remodel. I will be sure to get before and after pictures and let you suffer through the construction with me. One man is coming out on Tuesday to take measurements, then we need to meet with the designer to look at our options and work out a budget.

We've had a lot of unexpected expenses lately, so I'm not sure what we can afford. Right now our Chevy is in the shop, because we can't get the key out of the ignition. The mechanics can't figure out what is causing it to get stuck, so they want to hang on to it for a few days. That was the car that got hit by the drunk driver. The bills are starting to come in for my daughter's dental work and oral surgeries, as well as my husband's medical bills to check his heart and arteries. It always amazes me how you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medical tests, and then the doctor doesn't even bother to call you with the results. We've had that happen several times. Then we have to play telephone tag with the nurse to bug the doctor for the results. Most veterinarians are more reliable and considerate than human doctors.

Well, I need to get out into the blog world and check to see what everyone else is up to. Bye for now.


fernvalley01 said...

Well yoound better , a little more optomistic. Hopefully Gabrielle heals up quickly and the weather shapes up as well

Paint Girl said...

Poor Gabbrielle! She seems to find things to hurt her! I hope her cut heals quickly, so you can get back to training her!
Can't wait to see what you decide to with the kitchen!! Have fun with it!

Katharine Swan said...

Most veterinarians are more reliable and considerate than human doctors.

Not to mention nicer and more affordable, too. I wonder if I dressed up as a dog, would my veterinarian agree to see me? :o)

I'm glad Gabbrielle has calmed down, but I'm sorry about her reopened wound. I hate it when injuries ruin riding plans -- but at least we are the kind of people who will change our plans, rather than just riding the horse anyway.

manker said...

like i always do before i get on and i'm putting on the bridle... "a kiss on the nose and a reciting of the shema and off we go :)


Mary Olson said...

Love the kissy photos. Don't you just hate it when every possible thing that could scare your horse all seem to appear when you decide to ride? Glad you still got some riding in. Hope Gabbrielle heals up quickly.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, I loved the kiss photos. So sweet! And've got some long pretty eyelashes!

I'm sorry about Gabbrielle's reinjury, and I hope it heals quickly so you can get back to riding and training with her.
And I hope hubby's test results are all good.