Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going for a Stroll

It's been a long time since I've had a lunch break in which I was able to choose how I want to spend my hour. I usually spend it working or scrubbing something gross out of the carpet or running errands or passing out. Today my boss went golfing, the dogs held in whatever ails them, no errands needed running, and I actually had some energy. So, I chose to spend the time taking the horses for a stroll around the neighborhood.

A while back I had the intention to spend every lunch break exercising myself and working with the horses. However, I quickly learned that an hour is only enough time to either work out or work with the horses, so I had to figure out how to get the maximum amount of exercise for myself while working with the horses. Taking the horses on walks was my best bet.

Each one of them did me proud by only expressing curiosity in their surroundings as opposed to the usual fear. It was so nice to have drama-free walks. I thought it was funny that when we passed by my friend's house and she stopped me to talk, Bombay immediately started anxiously pawing the ground. He knows we can talk a long time, and he wanted to make it clear that this was his time with me.

Each horse got its reward of being able to graze on the front lawn once it completed a lap around the neighborhood.

What is this? Did something lay an egg?

There's no indentations on that there golf ball.

Despite not watering our lawn for two days, we still have mushrooms about the side of apples with worm holes in them.

Where else can you find plums and pine cones side by side but in the valleys of the Eastern Sierra?

I've been feeling frustrated that summer is already ending and I only got out on the trails three times in three months. Something always has to come up to get in the way of my goals. I'm taking some drastic measures to free up my time. First off, no more hair appointments. I'm letting my hair grow out and I'm letting it go gray. Secondly, no more vacation time lost sitting in doctors' offices and waiting in line at pharmacies. I took myself off my medications as an experiment to see if I really need them. If I start having problems, I'll resume the medications, but they were all prescribed to me back when I was very much overweight and almost all of my health problems stemmed from being overweight. Now that I am a good weight, I suspect that I don't need them anymore. Thirdly, someone else is going to have to start taking the vehicles in for oil changes and tire rotations, because that has been my job for way too long now and has sucked up way too many Saturdays. Mountain trails here I come.


Lulu said...

I recently cut out hair appointments too!! No more time or money wasted at the salon. I will get the occasional cut, and that is it!

Leah Fry said...

Going gray is a very freeing thing. I have always hated coloring my hair and I hate even more having to pay someone to do it. Then there's the time it takes and it kept getting to be more and more often.

So far, I like the color. Poco and I are just old roan ponies.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I rode/walked my horses out to the big field this morning. It was really nice. I rode Scout bareback and ponied Nadia. They seem so content these days whenever I ride them. They don't fight to eat and they seem happy to go wherever I ask them to go. The two of them are great buddies and Nadia walks right alongside Scout, always at the same pace as him, whether I walk or run. They're interested in everything but aren't spooky. It's so enjoyable. Yesterday, I rode Scout in a halter, while I ponied Nadia, from the big field to the barn. Again, they were a great team. I'm anxious to take them trail riding- we'll be a threesome!

Katharine Swan said...

It's funny how certain things lose their importance when our time (or our money) is at a premium. I rarely buy clothes for myself because I'd much rather spend my money on my horse. For you, it sounds like it's more the time involved. Giving up the hair appointments sounds like a decision I'd make, too -- and heck yeah, let someone else take in the vehicles for oil changes and repair! You've got too much on your plate as it is.

Kate said...

I think I deleted my comment by mistake - if this duplicates, my apologies. It's great you got to take them for a walk and a good time was had by all! I also like your way of setting priorities.

manker said...

havent been to a hair salon since we moved here... we got a wahl and do our own :)

gazi and herd dont know the difference :)

happy trails
gp and gazi who had a great partnership ride today..

fernvalley01 said...

I am slowly turning into a bay roan myself! Sounds like you have a plan in place , hope it all works well

HorseOfCourse said...

That sounds great, NuzzMuzz!
Free up the time you can, and get some time out with your horses. I bet it will make you feel much better than a new haircolour!
Good luck from another greyhaired, wildgrown head

Cheryl Ann said...

I only get my hair cut once a year and I HATE salons! I'm proud of my gray! I'll be a roan like Scout! Hehehehehee!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My husband said, "It looks like you are trying to grow your hair out." I explained that I'm cutting back on appointments to cut down on my stress. He said, "But I thought getting your hair done is supposed to be relaxing."

I explained that in my case, it's not relaxing, because my hair dresser spends so much time talking about her problems and other people's problems. The big topic is always cancer, because so many people in her life have either survived or died from cancer. I usually walk out of the salon with a heavier load on my shoulders than I had when I walked in.

Mary Olson said...

Sounds like a good plan to get in more horse time. I hope you'll be careful about the medications though. I hope to hit the trails tomorrow before the heat and humidity set in. Better get to bed so I can get up early.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you, NM.
I've not had a haircut in over 3 yrs, though I do color my own hair via a box every few months. If I don't then my hair is drab dishwater blonde and it makes me feel drab, too.
I really could use a haircut, but like you, I don't really like all that socializing in a salon (and you can't go anywhere...they've got you hostage. lol!) and I stress about how badly they might cut my hair, too.

During the summer, I cut way back on all the obligatory appts, and only do the stuff that makes me and my family happy. :)

I hope you get do some more trail riding soon, too. (I'll be there with you in spirit at least *grin*)


Breathe said...

First of all, you need a new hair salon (it is supposed to be relaxing). Secondly, let me know how getting other folks to pick up the slack works.

I also find that setting a date to meet folks can help...