Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looks Like It's Meant To Be

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I don't know what will happen in the future with my job, but my husband's job is fairly secure, which is something we couldn't say about either of our jobs since the late 1990's. We aren't sure how we are going to manage the expense of a kitchen remodel, but something happened to force our decision.

We agreed on getting the LG refrigerator to replace our old Magic Chef that is flaking out and leaking from some mysterious location, because the LG had good reviews and the interior was designed intelligently to provide maximum storage space. However, when my husband took a tape measure to our refrigerator slot in our kitchen, he discovered that none of today's refrigerators would fit. I guess they made refrigerators much smaller 20-something years ago. So, we have no choice but to replace our kitchen cabinets in order to make room for the new refrigerator.

Yes, we can knock out the cabinets around it, but then we'd lose more cabinet space, and our goal is to gain more space, not lose it. So, yesterday my husband ordered the refrigerator with instructions to deliver it in four weeks, and today he is putting the cabinets partially on credit. Sigh. I just paid off all our credit cards a few months ago. They are evil wallet-devouring creatures.

The designer visited our house yesterday and caught a measurement error made by the contractor. He fixed that on his plans, then said, "This remodel is going to make a huge difference for you. You will have more cabinet space, more counter space, and a more functional kitchen." That was the clincher for me. I needed him to actually see our kitchen in person, not just on paper and in photographs, and verify that we will actually end up with more space and not just new cabinets.

We're still not sure about whether we will be doing the remodel ourselves or hiring professionals or splitting the job. I think we will just need to get our hands into it first, then decide. It seems that on all those HGTV shows, house flippers usually end up having to call in professionals to the rescue. It would be nice if they didn't charge between $100 and $500 an hour. You know some rich contractor is going to gobble all of that up while some poor schmuck off the street or illegal alien who is desperate for work to support his growing family will end up doing all the hard labor for minimum wage. I don't like to support that kind of business. Any contractor we bring in our home better be on the up and up.

Just to illustrate how backwards some people can be in my area, I have heard several businessmen refer to their employees as "my Messikins." Ummmm. I'm sure these hard-working people have names and deserve to be treated with more respect. The other ignorant comment I hear that pushes my buttons is when people say, "Look at this mess that Obama got us into."

Say what? This mess started long before President Obama stepped up in difficult times to help out. Give the guy a break. He wasn't even in office for more than a few weeks, and the locals started griping about him not being able to clap his hands, click his heels three times, and magically turn the economy around. At least he's working on it and having some success. Look at how long people were losing their jobs and homes before the Bush Administration even noticed? Unfortunately, the effects of a twisted economy are far reaching and can still bite people long after positive changes have been made. Here's hoping we can all be in a position soon to keep America healthy and strong.


fernvalley01 said...

Great news ! I know it is intimidating , but at least you are able to move forward. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out

Breathe said...

I hear you. We are messikans over here and have some incredible guys working for our construction company.

I'm glad you are being pushed a bit. It's going to make a world of difference!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oooooh, how exciting! I'm getting ready to redo the whole house. I've been talking about it for years and I just need to jump in and do it, starting with painting the ceiling, then the walls, and then the floors. It'll be more than I need or care to spend but I think it's due for an overhaul.

Leah Fry said...

We were told to do some updating in the kitchen of our old home before we sold it to move here. It made such a huge difference, we joked that we no longer had any reason to move.

barefootheart said...

This is very exciting. I look forward to seeing the kitchen reno in progress. You might want to consider that if your kids will be leaving home for college, you won't need so big a refrigerator. I used to have an all-fridge and an all-freezer, but just need a small fridge/freezer combo now the kids are out on their own. Makes a fair difference to the energy bill.

Molly said...

That's very exciting about your kitchen. My sister just bought a new Fisher Paykel refrigerator that makes a world of difference in both the looks and the efficiency of her kitchen.

Politics in our world really highlight how inadequate our educational system is.

Katharine Swan said...

NM, we have a similar problem with our fridge: It's older and smaller and they just don't make them like that anymore. Actually, they do, but you have to really look -- and I think they probably don't come with a very economical price tag.

I'm glad you're doing it. Perhaps it'll help you to feel a bit better about things!

Also, I have to say I really appreciated your comments on Obama and politics. My thoughts exactly, except that I would really emphasize the fact that he's actively trying to DO something about it. He's done more in 8 months than his predecessor did in 8 years. I can't even imagine being as busy as he seems to stay -- it makes my head spin!