Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to the Stalls You Go

Over the past few days I've been finding bite marks on Bombay's neck and flank, and half-moon hoof marks on his legs. Somebody's been beating him up, and I suspect Lostine. The flies have made her impatient and irritable. She's probably going through menopause too. I decided to start locking the horses up at night in their stalls to give them a break from each other.

So, last night I went outside in hopes of cleaning up some manure, only to find Bombay with a full-on shiner. His eyelids on his left eye were swollen to the size of grapefruit. I could barely cup my hand around the swelling. I got out a cold compress and held it to his eye for a minute, and washed the area. I put the horses in their stalls and within half an hour, the swelling began receding and I could see his eye through a small slit.

By morning I came outside and his eye was completely back to normal. You couldn't tell that anything had happened the night before. Very odd. If this keeps up, I may have to separate them into different pens during the day too. Unfortunately, I've been using one of the pens to spread manure in over the summer and it hasn't broken down much since.


Breathe said...

could it have been an insect bite?

Other wise it's time to sign him up for a self defense class.

(Glad he's feeling better)

HorseOfCourse said...

It's not nice when the horses get to tough towards each other.
Good to hear that the eye returned to normal. Scary stuff.

Just catching up on old posts - had to laugh when I saw the photo on your breeches!
I can just imagine how it feels in your mouth...keeps the teeth clean, I guess!

Katharine Swan said...

Uh oh, the kiddies are acting up! :-\ Funny timing, as things just recently settled down at our barn -- the owners of the two newest horses finally asked the barn owner to keep them separate, which seems to have appeased the alpha. Although he steps up the alpha behavior when new horses are added to the herd, he's normally fine with the mare (whom he's been with the mare for years) and has come to realize Panama's not a threat either. So now that it's just the three of them again, he's stopped actually making contact (though he's still chasing them occasionally -- has to keep them in line, you know).

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Poor Bombay!

A few weeks ago, Yalla's eye was green, goopy and swollen. I wiped her eye out and considered calling the vet but since I'm still paying them for her birth (Annie didn't pass the placenta), I decided to wait a bit. It completely cleared up! I think it was the darn flies.

Did you find any marks or just the swelling? Maybe it was flies for him too.

fernvalley01 said...

Poor Bombay! I too am wondering if it was a reaction to a bite or sting, you wouldn't think that a kick would resolve so quickly. A trick I use for eye irritation is flush it with saline then apply a cool used teabag , the tannin numbs it and helps to sooth the eye. Works well on us too , for things like welders flash

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yes, it could have been an insect bite. We've had a really fortunate year when it comes to having very few flies, mosquitoes, and spiders, but it seems the population of insects exploded in the past couple of weeks. The horses also have been standing head to tail and swatting flies off each others faces. They switch their tails with such force that I worry they will put each others eyes out.

Paint Girl said...

A couple years ago Brandy's eye swelled up so much I freaked out and called the vet out, I have always heard when something is wrong with an eye to treat it as an emergency. My trainer told me to cancel my appt. and that it was most likely irritation from flies. I kept my vet appt. and nothing was seriously wrong.
Those pesky flies!
Hopefully that is all it is with Bombay's eye and that he isn't getting too picked on! Poor guy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Bombay. I hope your horses stay injury free.
Baby Doll sustained a few injuries from being pastured with 5 other horse for two months. She gave more than she got, though. It's surprising to see how horses can be so mean to one another. And even a small kick can cause serious wounds.