Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 6: Odds and Ends

I feel kind of silly reporting on the progress with the kitchen remodel each day since I've done absolutely nothing to help recently. We've got another major deadline at work this weekend, so I can't get away from my computer. As soon as we set a date for this kitchen remodel project, it was inevitable that my company would schedule another death march. That's my life story. I can't make any personal plans thanks to my job owning every minute of my day.

My husband got up early to paint over the primer with our light apricot color, and then a big truck pulled into our driveway to deliver our new range.

I can't wait to use it. There was a problem with the gas pipes sticking too far out from the wall. They used to stick out underneath a counter stove top within a cabinet, but you can't push a range up against the wall with the gas pipe sticking out that far. Also, the location of the range is different enough from the location of our old stove top that the pipes needed to be relocated. Either that or we have to rearrange our designer's original concept of where the cabinets will go.

So, my husband went to the hardware store to get new gas pipe parts. He shut off the gas before working on it, obviously. He's still working on it now. I'm praying that nothing will break like the water pipe did when he was trying to install a new water filter. Messing with the infrastructure of the house (gas, electricity, plumbing...) makes me very nervous.

My husband also made a trip to the dump in an effort to start cleaning up the mess in our yard. I've mentioned that we don't like having to leave some of the cabinets out on the driveway during the night. We have some in the garage, but not all of them will fit. So, we usually block off our driveway with chains and park up against the cabinets to make someone work for it if they plan on stealing anything.

Last night when my husband and son were driving home after dark, they noticed that the motion-sensor light had been triggered before they turned into the driveway. Someone or something would have had to walk right up to our garage where the cabinets are sitting in order to trigger that light. We suspected our nosy neighbor. She always comes out for her nightly creep as soon as it gets dark enough that she thinks people can't see her.

These pictures are for the D-Meister. Don't these packaging pieces look like Asian temples?

Or at least a cool sculpture?


The D-Meister said...

I looked at the pictures before I read your post. This resulted in me trying to figure out why there was a city in the front yard. Then I read your post and it made a little more sense... but only a little. :-)

Mary Olson said...

Looks like some great new appliances. I recently went through a kitchen remodel but not near as extensive. I hope you don't end up as cranky as I did.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those Asian temples are actually the packaging for the corners of the cabinets all stacked up.

Paint Girl said...

That's some cool looking packaging!
Nice stove! I bet you can't wait to use it!

Mrs Mom said...

The kitchen is going to look amazing.

I'd be thinking "booby traps" for that crazy old bat neighbor!! Geezeumcrow!!

Cheryl Ann said...

We just got a new stove this spring and I love it! Our old one finally gave out! You'll be so happy when all this is done!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

NIce stove! Love the package temples!

Andrea said...

They do look like Asian Temples! Ha ha ha!! And your range looks wonderful! Love it!! I bet you are excited for it all to get done!