Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 8: Hanging More Cabinets and Cutting Tile

My husband uses a long strip of wood and a level to create a baseline for the bottom of the wall cabinets.  He wasn't wild about having to put more nail holes in the wall, but this helps to keep the cabinets straight and even, and also holds up the back of them so that all he needs is one person to hold the front of the cabinets along with some clamps while he power drills in the screws.

Our western wall is hung.

See that long strip of wood leaning against the cabinets?  That's the wood that was used to line them up.  Our old cabinets didn't even come out that far.  You can see the mark on the ceiling of where they stopped.  I wanted to elongate our kitchen and place more cabinets where there used to be a telephone desk.  I chose rounded cabinets since the dining table is right next to that area and I didn't want anyone getting up from the table to knock their head or hip on a sharp corner.

With the number of challenges we've faced with this project, the one thing that has really worked in our favor is the weather.  We've been able to store the overflow of cabinets on our driveway without worrying about rain or snow.  However, that's not going to last.  Rain is expected at the end of the weekend, so we are now in a race against time to get all those cabinets into the house.

Mrs. Mom suggested setting a booby trap for nosy neighbors or anyone who comes too close for comfort to our cabinet stockpile.  The quickest trap I could set up was my motion-sensor insult-hurling lawn gnome.  I set him outside amongst the boxes to scare the beegeezus out of anyone snooping around.  He's got one loud voice.  In the dark someone wouldn't see him and would assume that a real person was standing right next to them.

My husband also had to spend a good portion of the day cutting the existing flooring, because the new cabinets stick out further from the wall than the old cabinets. He put a brick-cutting blade on his power saw and cut right through the tile. We are planning on getting new flooring, but not until we've had a chance to recover financially from the cabinetry, counter top, refrigerator, range, and microwave expenses.

I haven't done much to help other than to pick up some pizza for lunch, wrap up the leftover pizza in tinfoil and put it in the refrigerator. I planned to be more involved in the project, but I'm limited in the lifting I can do and there's really only enough room in that kitchen for one or two people to do one thing at a time.

Our Asian temples or Japanese pagodas are now more like scattered Egyptian pyramids on out front lawn...

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Breathe said...

Those little triangles look like a doritos anonymous meeting...