Sunday, September 20, 2009

Demolition: Day 2

I awoke to the sound of this...

Yet another neighbor having a new roof put on his house. This project has been going on for a week now, but this is the first time they worked on a Sunday and started pounding before I woke up. I wake before the roosters, so you know they were out there at a ridiculous hour banging around, screaming in Spanish, and playing loud Latin music. Fortunately, I like Latin music. It's a lot better than the Rap or Hip Hop that the construction workers usually listen to. I'd say something to this neighbor about the inconsiderate work hours of his roofers, but this particular neighbor has a bad reputation. My friend had to take a restraining order out against him. He purposefully lets his big dog out to bark at us every time I ride a horse at my friend's place.

Fortunately, my horses are dealing with the roofers fairly well. They've learned to ignore the barking dog too.

Last night my husband hollered for my help with the kitchen demolition project. He and my son were struggling to carry this entire wrap-around section of cabinets out of the house. It was several cabinets strung together. It weighed so much that we couldn't figure out how they got them up there to begin with. I'm hoping that our new cabinets will come separated so that we don't have to kill ourselves hanging them. This is the section of wall where they pulled the cabinets off...

When I woke up in the morning I ached all over from straining my muscles the day before. I had one really bad stabbing pain on the right side of my pelvis that didn't feel like a mere muscle ache. I may have torn the muscle and have a hernia there now, so I had to take it easy today and let the boys do all the heavy lifting.

I had an umbilical hernia when I was pregnant with my son. I worked as a parenting educator back then, and taught night classes in churches and day care centers around the community. I was responsible for transporting all of my equipment, which included a very heavy television set. Between carrying that TV everywhere and being pregnant, I tore the muscle and my intestines were sticking out. After my son was born, I had outpatient surgery to repair it. Even though I have had many more serious surgeries, the hernia surgery was the most painful. It only involved a few stitches in the muscle and the belly button, but for some reason the pain during recovery was unbearable.

Have you ever wondered what is underneath your refrigerator?

I knew there were a bunch of magnetic alphabet letters from when I was teaching the kids to spell. I was hoping the stray letters would spell out something interesting, but had no such luck. I did find a nickel and a $2.00 coupon for a pizza, though.

Goodbye, pantry! Our new cabinets won't stick out as far as the old pantry, but the truth is that the pantry was so deep that we lost a lot of food back there. By the time we found it, the food was no longer edible and had to be tossed. Arms can only reach so far. It will be nice being able to actually see what is in the back of the new cabinets, and to have more counter space to prepare meals on. We have been doing a lot of our food preparation on our dining table.

You don't want to know about the number of mouse droppings we found once the cabinets were disassembled. I swept up a pile that was the size of a cat. Too bad we don't have one to eat the mice. Can't have one. Allergic.

This little stinker had to get an unplanned bath...

She stunk to high heaven. It smelled like our Sheltie's bad breath. When he plays, he gently wraps his long mouth around our Corgi's little neck. Then our Corgi bites the Sheltie's legs and he lets go of her neck. Then we try to snuggle with our Corgi and her neck smells like the Sheltie's bad breath. However, today she stunk all over her body, almost as if the Sheltie had vomited all over her. I couldn't stand it and gave her the world's most thorough shampoo. I think I wiped her out. She had no energy left when I got done with toweling her off.

The last time the Sheltie's breath was this bad, he had some abscesses and had to have dental surgery to extract some teeth. He's at that age where everything is rotting. I'm really hoping he just ate something bad, because we don't need another big expense right now. When I meet my maker, the first thing I'm going to ask is why all hell has to always break loose at the exact same time. If I have to spend a lot of money on home repair, my horse injures her knee and my dog needs dental work. If I get the flu, somebody else gets sick or injured and I end up taking care of them instead of myself. If I leave my job to relieve my stress, we suddenly have a huge hospital bill and I have to go right back to work to pay it off. If I risk spending a little money on something nice, I suddenly get hit with a bunch of unexpected bills and regret spending that money on pleasure. The phone only rings when I step outside, am already talking to someone else on another line, or sitting on the toilet. You get the idea.

I mean, seriously... if I were dealt just one problem at a time, I'd be more than happy to solve it. When you play softball or baseball, you have one pitcher pitching one ball at a time. You can put all your concentration into hitting that ball out of the park so that it never comes back to haunt you. However, life isn't like that. I've got ten pitchers pitching ten balls at me all at the same time. If I'm lucky, I might hit one or two right back to the pitchers, but the majority of the balls hit me and knock me off my feet.

A person can only solve so many problems at once. My track record of seeing the problems multiply and accelerate every time I step up to bat and take action on something makes me want to just crawl under the covers and hold my breath in hopes that the universe will let me enjoy being benched for a change. My husband told me that I need to do something about my stress level, because ever since Gabbrielle's injury, I've been shaking uncontrollably. My hands can't hold on to anything. He watched me drop her antibiotic syringe so many times that he doubted I had the coordination to take care of her.

Next week we've got another major project due at work and are expected to work through the weekend. I sent my boss an email and told him I didn't think I could handle the stress of caring for an injured horse, doing a kitchen remodel, and working round the clock. Thankfully, he took pity on me and excused me from having to work over the weekend, but I do still have to work during the week. So, I'm trying to get as much rest in today as possible.


Mikey said...

I hear ya on the 10 balls coming at you at once. When it rains, it pours, and it's never little things. It's like 5 big ones at once.
Love the kitchen, can't wait to see it all finished (bet you can't either!) Be dang careful there, don't get another hernia. Not worth it.
Your neighbors take the cake. I've never seen anything like that. Do they ever get it all done?

Mary Olson said...

Sounds like a lot going on. Try to think about how great things will look when the remodel is done and not let it make you crazy.

Leah Fry said...

How exciting that the remodel is underway so quickly! And I bet not having a working kitchen, you'll be using that pizza coupon, if it didn't expire.

And I'm with you on the "one thing at a time." I always say I have too many plates spinning in the air. Nice your boss showed you some humanity.

Mrs Mom said...

Can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out. I bet it is going to look awesome!

As to stress... I don't have any helpful advice on how to deal with the heavy load you are bearing right now- but know that we think of you often and keep you in our prayers.

Here I was thinking you only had the whackadoodle neighbors on two sides- I had no clue about the dude with the big dog!! Good grief! Will keep hoping you win Lotto or something too, to get you and yours OUT of that bad mojo location!!

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, I'm taking the day off from school today. I was dizzy all weekend and I'm achy. A touch of the flu. I'm at the point, like you, that I CANNOT do everything! I took 2 three-hour naps yesterday and I feel worse today! And, no, I can't juggle everything anymore either! People are just going to have to learn that we need some TIME for our bodies to heal (and our minds, too, right?)

KD said...

Wow you guys don't play!! When you decide to do something - you go at it! We've been piddling at painting and cleaning up one of our bathrooms for days.

Breathe said...

You know what's amazing? When you get a cold or are forced to take a break, somehow everyone survives.

Not that it gets us to take a break.

We took off for 3 months after we had a very difficult point in our lives. It was the best. I was resolved to create a life where I need to make as little as possible.

Of course, that was before I fell in love with horses. :)

ms martyr said...

I used to get stressed and once developed shingles. My doctor prescribed Prozac to help me cope. Best decision ever. It does not change you but just takes the edge off situations so they don't drive you nuts.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hang in there girlfriend. I know you can't do it, but if only you could whisk yourself for a couple day to your Mom's cabin. Peace, quiet, relaxation, time to refocus and just time for you! You deserve it before you 'break'. Seriously.

What is your expected completion date for the kitchen remodel? I hipe it's not like our chicken house was....every weekend for 4 months. gah! I thought we'd never get done, and get those chickens out of our grage. lol!

Midge is so cute! A bath wears me out, too.


Andrea said...

Your neighbors are so crazy! Construction all the time! Oh my goodness! I am glad the horses are getting used to all the noise. I bet you wished you could get used to it too! Ugh....

And stress, I am with ya girl! This school year has been kicking my rear! The kids are doing rodeo, soccer, and cub scouts and I think that is just three things to many! Ahhh!!

I love your corgi, stinky and all! They are such cute dogs!