Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Jeans

A while back I wrote a review for women's Levi's 512 Perfectly Slimming Jeans.  To this day they are still my all-time favorites.  However, my most comfortable pair ripped at the belt loop when I was pulling them up.  I know from experience that when I find a product that works for me, I have to stock up while it is on the market since products come and go so quickly. 

I couldn't find any in the local stores, but I did find some in the Drysdales catalog. I also found a number of other brands and styles of jeans that sounded promising.  So, as a birthday present to myself, I ordered five new pairs of jeans that should tie me over for the next few years.  Of course, one pair was the Levi's 512.  They mold to your figure, and I would go so far as to say that they would probably fit any figure as long as you chose something close enough to your size.  I actually sleep in these jeans, because they are as comfortable as pajama bottoms.  The downside is that in order for them to be that comfortable, the material has to be thin, which means they will rip after repetitive washings and wear.

The next most awesome pair of jeans that I ordered was the Dakota Natural Rise Boot Cut Riding Jean by Cruel Girl.  Very comfy and very flattering.  These are made out of 99% cotton and 1% spandex.  They also come in 100% cotton, but I prefer a little spandex.  You can choose between slim fit or relaxed fit.  Of course, since I'm not slim, I chose the relaxed fit.  For the length, there are an amazing number of choices:  Short, Regular, Long, X-Long, and XX-Long inseams.  Regular was plenty long for me.  These jeans come in odd-numbered sizes 0-19.  I had written down an even size, and Drysdale's customer service contacted me to ask if I wanted one size larger or one size smaller.  Since I ordered the spandex, I went with one size smaller, and they fit great.

Another interesting pair of jeans is the Lawman Miracle Faith Clean Back Jean.  It slims the tummy while lifting and shaping the bottom.  It's made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex and comes in sizes 3/4 through 15/16 in 32", 34" or 36" inseams.  These jeans are on the pricey side ($60), but have a really nice cut that makes them worth it.  My only complaint is that they are low-rise, which doesn't work well with my granny underpants.

I'm a fan of long rise waists, because they usually work well with my wide hips and narrow waist.  Most pants I try on don't gather at the waist.  It's as if fashion designers think the most common women's figure involves thick waists that are the same width as the hips.  When I bend over, someone could drop a bowling ball down the back of my pants.  Since long rise jeans are not in style, I was happy to find Wrangler Classic Denim Jeans with a cowboy cut, long rise, and classic fit.  These come in odd-numbered sizes and are 100% cotton, so I wasn't sure whether to chose one size larger or one size smaller without the spandex.  I took a chance on one size smaller and discovered that I need to take a little fat off my belly to be able to zip them up comfortably.  Otherwise, they fit well in the thighs, hips, and waist.  You don't want to get them if you still have a pregnancy pouch, though.  Who knew I'd still have mine after my last child is in high school?

The final pair I ordered really wasn't a jean, but casual pants.  It's called the Wrangler Aura Instantly Slimming Pant.  It's a "long lean mid-rise silhouette pant" featuring a no gap waistband and tummy control panel.  Because it is made up of 97% cotton and 3% spandex stretch sateen, I ordered mine in two sizes smaller.  Amazingly, they were still a bit too big.  The no gap waistband required a belt.  The thing about spandex is that once it stretches out, it doesn't snap back.  The pants get looser and looser as the day goes on.  So, if you order this pant, you might want to try four sizes smaller than what you would wear in a blue jean.  If you normally wear a size 14, order a size 10.  I haven't washed them yet.  If they shrink considerably, then two sizes down might work.  These pants come in navy, khaki, black or putty colors.  They have the same nice clean line on the rear without pockets.

As far as jeans go, I'm still trying to figure out which brands, styles, and fabric combinations work best for sticking to the saddle when riding horses.  If I figure it out, I'll let you know.


RiverBend Farm said...

That was helpful! I've been trying on more jeans lately and had no idea there are so many different styles and different this and different that! I'm with you on the low rise jeans...not enough of the good 'ol fashion boot cut jeans.
Thanks for the reviews.

manker said...

gosh... jeans and the good fitting thereof is truly an experiment of one... methinks that's why i prefer breeches most of the time :)

fernvalley01 said...

I don'yt know ,I have no hips no but and not a particularly small waist and I don't find too many pairs that fit . The mid rise works for me as I am also short waisted .I always feel like I might crack a rib in reg rise!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the jeans review, NM. I'm glad you got some jeans that you're happy with.

And yeh....when you find some 'velcro' saddle jeans, please let me know, too. :)


Breathe said...

I'm built like a rectangle - no waist, but not alot of hip either - sounds like we have the opposite problem. I tend to find jeans that fit me great in the hip but I can't fasten at the waist.

Wranglers never fit because they are anticipating a curve where there is only straight road.

When I find ones that fit my waist they hang off my buns like I'm waiting for company.

I appreciate the explanation on all these options. I swear the whole thing is just a mystery.

LOL on the preg pouch. Mine is here to stay - even when I was getting too thin, it was "hanging" in there... And I'd rather buy tack than plastic surgery.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's true, jeans are hard to fit!

I'm short waisted so I need to get low rise or they fit up to my rib cage. Sounds like I should check out the Cruel girl riding jeans. I like super long length for riding jeans, regular or tall length for everyday.

Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought a woman's biggest fashion faux pas would be skinny jeans looking a little too skinny! The key to keeping my legs looking less like sausages and more like stems is great stretch. I live in my AG-Adriano Goldschmied jeans, both high and low waist which have this XLA 4-way stretch making them never tough to pull on and always super comfortable. I'm sure they'd be perfect for the wear and tear of riding.

Thanks for the great reviews NM!