Wednesday, October 14, 2009

25 Gallons of Rain

These are some pictures I took during our rainfall yesterday. It rained all day and night. Last night I went outside to feed the horses and sunk up to my calves in a puddle. My Shelty fell in too and looked at me with a horrified expression. That water was cold. Almost half of the horse paddock had become a lake. It was a good thing I kept the horses in their stalls all day and night.

This morning I walked outside and found all the 50 gallon feed troughs halfway full of rainwater. That means 25 gallons of it survived by morning. I'm sure there was more and some of it evaporated. That's 6 inches of rain.

The horses were all riled up, spinning circles in their stalls. They were so ready to be let out. I had to go into each stall one by one, halt the horse, remove the blanket, and open the door to release the horse. I didn't think using a halter would help considering I've had barely enough strength to open the stall doors, none-the-less hang onto a thousand-pound horse.

Bombay loped over to his feed, but in a controlled manner. He's a very athletic and coordinated horse. I love watching him run to his feed each morning. He's such a majestic, beautiful mover. Lostine did her fast trot to her feed. Then there was Gabbrielle. Sigh. Oh, Gabbrielle, you little spaz.

She busted out at a full gallop like a racehorse out of a gate, slipping and sliding all the way, yet not letting it slow her down. Back and forth, back and forth across the length of the paddock she went, jumping puddles and bucking. I hollered at her to slow down and go eat, but it was too late. She fell on her side and slid into Bombay's feed trough, which caused Bombay to take off running. He didn't slip once though.

I pointed at Gabbrielle's feed and said, "Go eat!" She got back up covered in mud, shaking all over and ran to her feed. She looked at me like, "Mama, me no know I could get boo-boo. I was just having fun."

I want to thank everyone for their recent comments. There are times when I look around myself and think, "Gosh, everyone else seems to be living easy, so why do I have so many freak things happen to me?" It's good, yet not good, to know that everyone experiences a lot of the hassles I've been challenged with lately. Everyone at the office is getting sick now, so we are calling it the company plague. People are saying they are just too weak, shaky, and fatigued to come into the office. That's totally what I'm going through, so this is probably just a virus that has made itself at home doesn't want to go away.


Katharine Swan said...

NM, are you still taking time off work? If so, I highly recommend getting as much sleep as possible. It will help your immune system fight off whatever you've got if you sleep a lot.

We got rain like that earlier this fall. This morning it was fog like we rarely see in Colorado -- you could only see a few blocks ahead of you. I have work to do so I couldn't go out to the barn in the fog, but it would have made some great pictures!

Mrs Mom said...

Your rain moved over here today I think NM. The weather folks tell us to expect at least an inch where we are. It's coming down easy though, so we aren't worried about flooding. Downtown? Forget it. They also have to deal with high tide on top of all the rain!! (Glad we aren't down there!)

Were we closer, I'd be whipping up loads of homemade chicken soup for you to sip along and along on.... We've been keeping you in our thoughts, and hope that this creeping crud lets go of you soon!!

dtarca said...

We are in Northern CA and the floods gates really opened up. Measured 7.5 inches of rain....all in one day. Air's got that 'clean' feel today but the paddocks are a mess!

Groomer Angie said...

Must be like that all over the country, I'm in NE TN & we've had so much rain my dog's kennel looks like I installed a pond! The Bullies love it, the rest of them are *above* all that mud.

Shirley said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, take lots of anti-oxidants and eat lotsa garlic!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Nice rain! Send some here, 'cause we've had less than 4 hard rains all year. We didn't even get any grass growth except maybe a 1/4 inch, if that. Our monsoons seem to have skipped us this year. I wonder if this will be replaced by snowfall instead? Brrr!

Funny about silly Gabbrielle. I could totally see her spazzing out and falling. I've yet to see Baby Doll ever get truly excited to just gallop and play and buck for fun. I have to chase her and make her run. She's so lazy. lol!

Well, count yourself very lucky, on another aspect. You get to work from home and don't have to go into work every day when you feel like crap and then end bring home even more germs. :)
Do you wear jammies when you work from home sometimes?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

To answer some questions, I stayed in bed on Monday, but worked from home the rest of the week. I'm just taking lots of breaks to lie down. I don't wear my jammies to my home office, because unless I'm completely incapacitated, I have to get my shower in the morning. Then if I'm not going anywhere during the day, I wear sweats, which is the next best thing to jammies. However, I've learned that on the days when I wear sweats and no make-up, some emergency always has to pop up and I have to go out in public. Blah.