Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clown Boy Steals the Show

Just another little Bombay story for ya...

You know how he was playing with the Jolly Ball the other day and by the time I grabbed the camera he was done? No amount of coaxing could get him to play with that ball once I had the video camera. Well, today I was haltering each horse and doing a little 15-minute round pen workout with them. When it was Bombay's turn, he was busy playing with his Jolly Ball, swinging it in circles with his mouth. I approached with the halter and he just kept on swinging that ball in circles. I couldn't get the halter on his head with the ball in the way, so I tried taking it out of his mouth, but his teeth were buried in that handle. He wasn't letting go for anything.

So, I attached the halter just around his neck, and led him toward the round pen. He walked beside me for a little while carrying his Jolly Ball in his mouth, and then finally dropped it when we reached the round pen gate. He knows that entering the round pen means he'd better get down to business. Of course, I didn't have a camera, but trust me, it was exceedingly cute and gave me the giggles.


lytha said...

bombay, you are welcome to come to germany for your next vacation.

i recommend springtime cuz winters can be nasty here.

you shall stay in the best accomodations, here at Finally Farm.

you will be provided with an engaging environment full of toys and things to chew on.

you will receive 2 chopped apples mixed into your twice daily mashes, and 10 carrots spaced throughout the day, or whenever you hang your head over the fence and beckon.

you will have trees to rub on, and 5 acres to graze on. also, a distant Arabian cousin to groom on, and toss the ball with.

you will go on leisurely walks (not "carries", but walks, where the humans go alongside you). on these walks you will see the lovely landscape of the rheinland.

sadly, the horses you encounter will not speak american, they mumble out some funny european thing no one can grasp. but they're always curious about newcomers from america!

however,you are not welcome to chew up my saddle or tack box that live in your stall. if my horse care items end up in your mouth or under your hoof, will not be welcomed for a second stay.

we look forward to your visit, and please RSVP.

~lytha at Finally Farm

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - LOL.


Lytha -

I would like to graciously accept your invitation to your strange land, but I'm afraid of airplanes. You see, I'm quite the coward at heart, and I'm also afraid that I wouldn't be able to resist chewing on everything in sight at your place. Then, thanks to my playful impulses, I would have to return to America with my head hung in shame.

Yours truly,


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bombay is such a character. Thanks for sharing that great story. :)