Saturday, October 10, 2009

Days Lost

My health has been going downhill in a hurry.  Starting on my birthday, which was September 15th, I came down with some kind of virus.  H1N1?  Who knows.  I was better after a few days, only to fall ill again the next week.  I recovered, then got sick enough to miss a day of work last week.  Then on Thursday of this past week everyone at work started dropping like flies.  I followed suit and have been immobile for the past couple of days.  I can barely walk.  I wanted so bad to see a doctor, but couldn't muster up the energy to walk to the car. 

I haven't been able to do anything with the horses in days, and they are due for their wormings.  We are on a tight timeline for getting the kitchen remodel finished before the 50th anniversary celebration of my in-laws, so my husband has been busy.  I desperately need help with everything, and feel awful having to take him away from his schedule to do my chores and run my errands.  I had started trying to set aside twenty minutes a day to wipe the brick dust off everything in the house.  I had hoped that if I could get a little bit of dusting done each day, enough of the house would be presentable by the time my in-laws arrived, but the best laid plans always get thwarted.  I'm thinking I may ask my in-laws to not come by our house, but to meet us elsewhere.  I can only imagine how many germs they'd be exposed to by visiting us before I am mobile again and can get the house sanitized. 

However, I find the fact that neither my husband nor son have come down with my symptoms suspicious.  There may be something else going on with my body that doesn't involve a virus.  Nearly four weeks does seem like an awfully long time to be battling a virus off and on.  I mean, is this one long illness, or am I catching successive viruses, or is this something more sinister?  That doctor's appointment I scheduled can't arrive soon enough.  I'm going to request a more thorough annual physical than I've had in years past.  Interestingly, my hand is actually starting to feel better.  I suspect that is because it has received some relief from typing while I've been bed ridden.  Tendinitis was probably the right diagnosis.

For someone who is always multi-tasking, it's very difficult for me to just lie around when I know there is so much work that needs to be done, but it hurts to move.  My boss gave me an assignment at 4:30 PM on Friday that will take weeks to complete and wants it done by Tuesday morning.  Right.  Looks like he's going to have to hand that one off to someone else who isn't out sick with the flu.  It annoys me that my employer just expects me to work weekends in addition to week days without overtime pay, bonuses, or even a raise. One of these days employers are going to have to learn that not getting fired is no longer a good enough incentive to go above and beyond the job description and employment contract.  Before 9/11 my husband and I were getting handed multi-thousand dollar bonuses just for doing our jobs.  It's shocking how the labor environment has changed with so many people out of work and those who do have jobs are worked to death.

With the way I've been feeling I can't imagine myself ever returning to my job.  I feel like I'm dying, and wish I'd taken a day off from work this year to draw up a will.  I'm sure I'll get better, but this is very odd for me.  I've gone a long time without being sick.  I've had pain and injuries, but I really don't get ill very often.  As I'm writing this I'm watching the news and listening to a bunch of naysayers who think the H1N1 virus is no big deal.  They think that getting the vaccination is silly.  If that is what I have, they are going to regret that decision, assuming that the vaccination works without bad side effects.

You know how there are services to help the elderly?  People will go to your home and do odd jobs like fix things that are broken, care for your pets, clean house and do the marketing?  I could use a service like that right now.  I keep telling my mother to hire a company like that, because she calls me to drive 400 miles whenever she needs a light bulb changed.  There are so many people and animals who rely on me that the effects are far reaching when I'm out of commission. 

I'm not looking forward to next week, because another snowstorm is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Of course those are the only two days of the week that I needed the weather to cooperate.  On Tuesday my son is scheduled for his driver's test.  With the state budget problems, several DMV outlets had to be closed down, so we had to schedule this appointment months in advance in the city.  We live in a rural area, so my son hasn't had much experience driving in the city, none-the-less driving in the city in the middle of a snowstorm.  My husband replaced the old tires on our kids' car with extra-groovy all weather tires this morning.  On Wednesday our kitchen counter tops are being delivered.  We've been waiting a long time for this, so I hope they don't postpone due to the weather.  On the other hand, I can understand why they wouldn't want to walk up an icy walkway carrying slabs of granite that weigh several hundred pounds.  When we started this project it was consistently 90-degrees and sunny.  Who knew the weather would turn so quickly?

Here's to hoping I get some sleep tonight and wake in the morning feeling 100% better so I can get back to my life.  One thing I can tell you for sure is that you discover just how many reruns your television provider is guilty of when you can do nothing but stare at the TV for several days straight. 


Paint Girl said...

I am so sorry you are miserable again!! I hope it isn't the swine flu or anything too serious!! Hope you do feel better real soon!
Oh, here's the answer to your question on Fern Valley's blog. If a blogger has put "blog archives" on their sidebar, than it shows how many posts they have ever posted, it breaks it down by month for the year 2009. If a blogger blogged in 2008, than it will just list the total for the older year. That is how I calculated how many blog posts she had. But I don't know how accurate the blog archive really is!!

sue said...

I am so srry that you are not feeling well, this sounds a bit serious, so I think you are very wise making that trip to the Drs.... don't worry about the other things, you just can't do it right now, so try to lay low and gain some strength... keep us posted....

Leah Fry said...

Nuz, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I keep hearing that H1N1 really isn't that bad unless you are already compromised in some way. Did you get a flu shot? If you haven't had regular seasonal flu in awhile, it can hit you that hard and last really long. I'm glad you have made an appointment to get checked out. Hope you are feeling better soon.

You are right that the climate in the workplace is shocking these days. I keep telling myself it's part of the cycle, which we have seen before. The pendulum swings both ways and the time when it starts swinging in favor of workers can't come soon enough. They have us right now and they know it. They can pretty much do anything to us and we can't move. I should be enjoying my Sunday morning, and instead I'm already getting a flip-floppy stomach just thinking about having to go to work tomorrow.

Hope they get your kitchen back together in time for your soiree.

JeniQ said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so badly. Whatever you have sounds like what my daughter has been dealing with. She had mono and because her immune system was low she was getting virus after virus, including scarlet fever. Seems to be on the mend now but was a long rough month or so.

Feel better soon!

fernvalley01 said...

Hang in there girl ! I think a doctor visit is definitely in order , that said I had a bug in the summer that started July 01 and I didn't consistently have a voice until the first week of August ! Sometimes ,when we are super stressed out immune systems seem to almost need reboot as the fail us .
Hope you feel better soon ,and if it helps ... you won a calender !

lytha said...

omgosh, i feel so bad for you. but i have to say, after reading your post,

have you seen the movie Office Space?

you would LOVE IT!

i mean, what you said,...about employers asking so much, unrealistically.

this movie takes it down to the desk level.

and says, "with this system in place, we employees only do enough each day to not get fired."

and it gets better.

ah well, you have probably already seen it, seein as how you are a software engineer in a hightech firm.

but my, wasn't that refreshing?

~lytha, "i don't like to talk about my flair"

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, NM, I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick so much! You're right, it's odd that your family hasn't caught it too. When is your doctor's appointment? Please keep us posted on what the doctor says.

I have to admit it, though, I'm one of the naysayers regarding the swine flu. I think the media is guilty here of trying to generate a panic, because of course that is what sells. But the facts are that only about 600 people have died from it nationwide, doctors aren't treating it any differently than the regular flu, and many doctors are reporting that symptoms are for the most part mild. I just think it's risky to get a virtually untested vaccine for something that is in reality not a very big problem.

I'm pretty sure I had it myself about a month ago. The flu was going around my favorite tack store, I was exposed, and I got sick. I stayed in bed for 2 days, slept a lot, and then got better. I did have a cough that lingered about a week, but that was pretty much it. I found out a couple of weeks later that one of the tack store's employees who also had it tested positive for H1N1. None of the rest of us got tested, but we all had similar symptoms, including the lingering cough.

Anyway, I hope you find out soon what you've got, NM, and that it's something treatable. I'm worried that with all the work going on inside your house, you might have breathed in something that got stirred up, and that is what is making you so ill.

Callie said...

Good grief! I hope youre feeling better soon!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

When it rains (or should I say, snow?) it pours!

Oh my gosh! I can SO sympathize with you on needing a service to come help when you need it. Seniors aren't the only folks who could benefit greatly. When I was laid up for months after my knee surgery, my family was overwhelmed after taking on all of the jobs around here that I do, and they were clearly burnt out. One afternoon our church friends came over and did a great clean-up of our house, including dishes and laundry...and most importantly, taking down our Christmas decorations (It was almost April!).
I was so grateful! I wish you could have a service like this available for you, too. Of course, you can if you can pay for it, but who has the extra money for that these days?

I was confused and then started laughing when I saw that you typed 'extra-groovy tires'. I honestly thought that you bought some kind of disco, flashy, tie-dye looking tires! What a cool idea for a young person's (or cool old person) car! hehe!
I hope Colt doesn't have to take his driving test in the snow.

I'm so sorry you're feeling so sick. Sick enough to consider writing a will (gah!!). I am sending you healing vibes and saying a few prayers to encourage a speedy healing, my friend.


Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, I took 2 days off work, not because I was sick, but because hubby had time off and we went to the Sierras. What a relief to be away from stress, sick kids, and the hostile environment there! I feel rejuvinated already! Take care of yourself, go see your doctor! 4 weeks is too long to be sick. Please keep us posted, okay? I go to my doctor on Wednesday so she can check me out and maybe change my RX.

photogchic said...

Stay in bed and get your rest...those other things can wait. If it is H1N1, the virus changes, so when you start to feel better it gets you again. I think a doctor's visit is in least they can get you on some antibiotics. People don't really die from is what they catch after their body is wiped out from fighting it.

Breathe said...

The flu is devastating to your immune system. It's only because we can temper the fever that most of us survive it.

I hope you bounce back soon and stay well. Sending you wellness vibes (and wish we could give you a hand with that kitchen!!).

Sydney said...

Aww don't be so hard on yourself. Shit happens. I failed my drivers test too the first time.