Thursday, October 22, 2009

Farrier Day

My wonderful farrier phoned me a couple of days ago to let me know that my horses were due for a trim and he had an opening this morning. He did something he normally doesn't do. He brought apples with him to give to the horses as treats. He actually broke them up by taking bites out of them himself and them gave them chunks so that they wouldn't choke on a whole apple, which I really appreciated.

We had a close call with Miss Piggy (Lostine) when she raided his toolbox to help herself to some whole apples. I chased her into the round pen and locked her up. Gabbrielle gave him a little trouble with her injured leg. I think she was sick of people always handling that leg after he knee injury. It took her a long time before she'd let anyone handle her ears after the vet treated her injured ear. Bombay was good, except he tried pulling once and lost his balance, falling to his knees. He didn't like that, so in a way, he taught himself not to pull when the farrier is working on his feet. Nothing teaches quite as well as natural consequences.

While we were talking, my nosy neighbor drove up. I was proud of her for getting out of her car and going straight into her house instead of pulling her usual stunt of sneaking behind my barn to eavesdrop. Every time my farrier visits either she or her husband come out to listen in on our conversation. I find it humorous, because they use the same farrier, yet when he comes to work on the horses that they board, they never come out to help him or speak to him. They hide in the house while he ties the horses to a post. Yet when he comes to my house, they are always buzzing around trying to insert their ears into my yard.

My feelings of content didn't last long when my neighbor came back outside and started her routine of opening and slamming every door on her car. That's one of her guises she uses when she wants to eavesdrop. She pretends like she's packing or unpacking something, or looking for something, yet I never see her actually carry anything in her hands. This round and round the car, door opening and closing, went on for a good 15 minutes. Then her husband came out and pretended like he was cleaning off the patio furniture. I thought, "Oh geez, he's dusting off a chair and now he's going to sit in it and stare at us."

Fortunately, my farrier finished up, I paid him, we said our goodbyes, I went into my house, and when I turned to look out the window, I saw that my neighbor was no longer cleaning furniture, but was upright and staring directly at me through my window. I stared back at him and we had this staring contest for about half a minute, then he walked away. He was no longer interested in sitting in that chair since the show was over. They are so obvious that they are spying and eavesdropping, because they pretend like they are doing something else, and then as soon as you turn your back to them, they stop what they are doing and stare directly at you. I've seen them do this in the reflections of windows and even in the reflection of my horse's eye, plus I catch them doing it when I turn quickly to look at them or walk in the house and look out the window once I'm in.

As soon as my farrier drove off, they got in their car and drove off right behind him. I wouldn't be surprised if they were following him to see where he was going next. They are probably hiding behind someone else's barn right now listening in on his conversation with his next customer... in my humble opinion. ;)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Funny how every event and every post of yours ends up with your wack-a-doodle neighbors being their creepy selves. gah!
I don't see how you have the tolerance for it.

Every time I caught them looking at me, I'd be waving at them, or talking to them or giving them my middle finger or even mooning them.

I think I'd be tacking up signs that face their house that say "No Peeping Allowed", or "No Eye Trespassing", or "Beware! I have the Police on Speed Dial. Keep your Business out of my business!"

You've got a nice farrier, though to bring your horses some apples. :)


Katharine Swan said...

LOL about the "humble opinion" comment! I don't think you have to worry about it if you're not naming names... but it was still funny! ;o)

By the way... Did you ever try out that gnome? ;o)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm soooo glad my weird neighbors are a decent distance away, although I am starting to wonder about the ladder they have leaning against the house so they can sit on the roof (WTF?)!

Reddunappy said...

Your neighbors give me the creeps, I think I would loose it and yell at them or flip them off or something LOL But I guess you are the one that has to live by them LOL You are very patient.
I would love to hear that you snuck up behind her in you yard and scared her to death! LOL LOL

fernvalley01 said...

You know , your last post you noted that Bombay stopped playing when you got out the camera ...think it would workon the nieghbors?

Mikey said...

I'm with Reddunappy. Turn the tables and do it back. Don't back down!
They sure are weird though. I'd be completely creeped out.

Laura said...

Well, good news is that the farrier made it out and trimmed the horses... The bad news is that your neighbours get more and more wacky with every story. They must be insane! Or something - I just can't believe it. I guess they are worried that the farrier is talking about them with you or something?

That just gives me the creeps - I don't know how you haven't lost it on them!

manker said...

wow we had "farrier day " here today too.. in between riding, innkeeping .. boredom didnt stand a chance... good thing both horses and weather cooperated :)


Flying Lily said...

These people! What is the matter with them? Have they no loves of their own? I'd be so tempted to take pictures of them and have prints made, and enlarge a few, and give them to them as a present: 'Look! Here you are standing in your driveway.....and what is it that you're doing? why it looks like you are spying on us!!!!!'

Shirley said...

o lack of entertainment at your house! Ever tried using a video camera on them? Then you could give them the video for Christmas, so they could watch themselves watching you! **giggle**

Paint Girl said...

Fritzy was a real pain in the butt with for the farrier, after she had a hoof abcess. Since we had to soak it and wrap it every day, she did very well during that process, but after, oh how she hated it! I think she has finally given up the fight now and it's been a year!
Your neighbors are just too much, love your comment about them following the farrier to the next place!! LOL! I wouldn't put it past them. Creepy!

Breathe said...

You need to replace all your windows with mirrors for a week and REALLY freak them out.

Sigh. Perhaps you should start charging for the show?

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

The show was over and the curtain dropped. lol

Stephanie said...

what crazy weird neighbors you have!! You should totally turn the tables in them and go out and stare at them everytime they are out doing something... too wacky!

Groomer Angie said...

oh my lord, I don't know how you deal with them, I'd be more inclined to say something, stare back, moon them or something, what a bunch of weirdos