Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kitchen Remodel: Finishing Touches

I spent most of the day laying contact paper down in the drawers and on some of the shelves of the cabinetry. My husband had planned on doing some clean up tasks, but discovered some problems with the electrical setup. Thank goodness the U.S. Coast Guard taught him how to be an electrician. That's a handy skill to have. I don't know if you can tell from the picture below, but the contact paper looks kind of like gold and white Formica...

The coloring works well with our natural wood. I have a memory of my father building oak cabinets for my mother's kitchen. He too timed a major kitchen renovation for when my brother was in high school and could help. My mother's job was to put the contact paper in the drawers and on the shelves. I heard my mother cuss like a sailor that day. Fortunately, they make contact paper easier to work with now. If you lay it down wrong, you can just pull it back up and try again. You just don't want it to get stuck on itself, because then you end up with a wad of unusable paper.

We were able to move most of our food into the cabinets, but I still have to paper the shelves for the dishes and glasses since they sometimes get put away wet.

The really good news is that my husband got the date of his parent's 50th anniversary wrong. They are actually coming one week later than we thought, so the counter tops will be installed a few days before they arrive.

I think it's funny that as this project progresses, the curse factor rises. When my husband first started this kitchen remodel, he was singing and whistling while he worked. As he ran into more and more unexpected problems, those happy noises started turning into angry curses. I can tell he's sick of this project and just wants it to be over with. I don't blame him. It's a lot of work. My back, neck, and knees are in pain just from sitting on the floor attaching contact paper. I also can still feel that hernia in my belly, and I've developed ganglion cysts in my wrist and hand, so I can't bend it. I'm falling apart.


Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, my husband curses AND throws his glasses across the room! Can you believe it? (shaking head)... Your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL! We need to replace our patio door and I would LOVE some new flooring. We have 3 big dogs, so it would have to be "dog friendly".

Reddunappy said...

Lookin good, I really like the color of the cabinets!

fernvalley01 said...

Ahh ,it looks so good! sorry it has been so rough on you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It s*cks getting older, NM, doesn't it?
It takes twice as long to recuuperate from over doing it, too.
The kitchen looks great. And I hope you're feeling great soon, too.


Katharine Swan said...

Oh, I used to work with contact paper all the time when I was a preschool teacher, and I remember hating that stuff. It may pull back up when you're applying it to shelving, but you don't get any second chances with construction paper.

By the way, you made a comment the other day about your horses standing still for blanketing. I was thinking back on that today (in the shower, of all places), and it occurred to me how much our horses are opposites in some ways: Panama goes by trash cans with just a little bit of work, while Bombay is still (last I heard) scared of the same trash can at the fairgrounds -- yet your horses will stand still for blanketing, which no amount of desensitization seems to keep Panama from freaking out over.

I'd say we need to get them together to see if their good habits would rub off on one another, but they would probably pick up on each other's bad habits instead... LOL!

Mrs Mom said...

Your kitchen is going to look AMAZING. Love the light cabinets. And I know the cuss factor all too well! LOL

Hang tough! It's going to be grand!