Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Follow Ups

To follow up my rant on Placing a Value on Time... I purposefully did not shave my legs this morning because I knew it would guarantee that I would finally get in for my pelvic ultrasound. I had previously shaved my legs to be presentable for two other appointments, but both had to be rescheduled.

This time when I walked into the hospital, they knew me by my face and name. Awesome. I got a different receptionist who had the common sense to know that I hadn't changed my name, birth date, address, phone number, or insurance anytime over the past week, so she spared me the twenty questions. I let her know that I appreciated that. She could have been concerned that I wasn't actually me, but was my twin sister or a clone with a different social security number; however she decided to give me a break and trust her own instincts.

They got me in within 15 minutes. The technician apologized and said, "I do have to ask you to verify your last name and birth date." I totally understood in that case, because when I was last in that waiting room there was someone with my first name in there with me. When the name was called, we both stood up. I realized the other woman had been there longer than me, so they must be calling her, and I sat back down.

During the procedure the technician discovered something interesting. I had always thought the doctor removed my right ovary 15 years ago, but it turns out that I still have it. It was the left ovary that was removed. All these years I had been walking around telling doctors I was missing a right ovary. Oops. That's why doctors should take their patients' medical histories with a grain of salt. Our memories are usually worse than our physical health.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting for the results of the sonogram, that internist who thought I was suffering from an anxiety disorder wants me to come back into his office to discuss my blood test results. I suspect there's nothing more to worry about than high cholesterol and he just likes to squeeze as many appointments out of his patients as possible, so that he can collect more from the insurance companies. My old internist used to just call me to give me the results and save me the trip. He was even nice enough to call me with my husband's test results with his permission. It's too bad that internist is just too far away to begin with.

In other news, my son passed his third driver's test! He's driving himself to his trampoline class tonight. Hallelujah!

Also, on a completely different note, I realized that we are nearing the end of 2009 and I seriously doubted that I have used up all of my allotted vacation days from the office. I wasn't sure how much I had left, but asked for a few days off after Thanksgiving. My request was denied because someone else in my department already reserved that week for his vacation.

I started thinking about all the times my vacation requests have been denied this year for one reason or another. I read through the employee handbook and dug through my old emails to determine just how many vacation days I'm supposed to get vs. how many I did get. I was surprised to find that based on the number of years I've worked for the company, I should now get 26 days off during the year. I also figured out that I took 10 days of vacation and 3 or 4 sick days during the entire year. That means the company owes me 12 days of leave before January 1st.

However, they also have a rule about requiring two months' notice for 5 or more days off. This being November 11th, it's too late for that. I wrote an email to my new boss explaining all of this and asking if I could at least have 6 of those 12 days before the end of the year. I said that considering the number of times my vacation requests have been denied, the company should cut me some slack. He agreed to give me the 6 weekdays before Christmas and said he'd let me take off a couple more here and there as needed. Having horse training and horseback riding as my hobby, I would have much preferred to get those days off in the summer months, but I'll take what I can get. Perhaps the sun will keep shining and this nice weather will hold out until after the New Year. Keep your fingers crossed.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad you arte getting things sorted out , and congrats to your son! 3 is the charm!
Hope you get your days off. Maybe this new boss will be a bit more respectfull of your time and needs

Sydney said...

Yay! Congrats to your son on passing and finally getting into the doctors. I was in mine last week and have to go tomorrow for my second dose of rabies immunization (long story will blog about it sometime) and was astounded for it being a walk in clinic I sat in the waiting room for 15 minutes.

lytha said...

what is a trampoline class?


Leah Fry said...

Woohoo! 12 days off! Who cares if you only get them a few at a time. Hope the weather gives you a break.

I found out I had 25 accrued vacation days and had to permission to carry them over. I like to get the most bang for my buck, so I took 3 days off TG week for a running total (including weekends at either end) of 9 days off. Did the same thing for Christmas -- took only 3 days off between Christmas & NY but have 10 days off.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I hope all is well with you.

Sounds like you're going to have a great Christmas! Enjoy your time off.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - Trampoline class is a gymnastics class with a focus on performing acrobatics on a trampoline. It's cross-training for pole vaulting... something to do in the off season.

Leah - I wish I could carry those days over, but it does say in the handbook that all unused vacation days are lost at the end of the year. I just would rather have a summer vacation riding horses than a winter vacation shivering under the covers reading books. I'll get my rest, but I probably won't get to do the things I love. Life's too short to be having your employer choose your vacation days for you.

Cheryl Ann said...

YEAH! I hope you FINALLY get some time off! I noticed that a LOT of teachers also took today off school (we didn't have any school yesterday) and I'm proud of them! School these days is just too stressful!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope the blood tests results don't reveal anything serious. I'll say a prayer for you tonight. You've got me worried, but like you said, it's probably just the internist wanting another insurance payment.

What a bummer that your vacation days down carry over. darn! But with the crazy way they've been running your ragged, maybe a week's worth of quiet days at home to have some peace and quiet and noone stealing your time, is just what you need. You'll start the new year off well rested and feeling better.

Maybe next year, instead of a staycation, you can plan a trip down to New Mexico and we'll do some fun stuff together, including horses and letterboxing :)

Congrats to Colt!!! Tell him I'm proud of him! Now he won't need Dad to be the chauffeur on date nights. hehe!