Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Books

I stopped at the bookstore the other day and picked up these two books. I haven't had time to read them yet, but thought that my experience in making this purchase was worthy of writing a post about.

First of all, "Angel Horses" by Allen & Linda Anderson is one in a long line of feel-good books where authors compile a series of short stories about how horses touched people's lives. This one was published in 2006 and must still be selling well. Many, many years ago there were a whole slew of angel books being published. I enjoyed reading them as long as they didn't go too deep into preaching specific religions or the Bible. I just enjoyed reading about people's spiritual experiences. Eventually, publishers extended that genre into people's spiritual experiences with animals. I'm glad they included horses. I'll write a review for this book when I finish it.

Secondly, I've been looking for a horseback riding trail guide for my area. So far, I have only found one and heard of one other decent trail where people can safely ride their horses. Each time I looked through the bookstore, I could only find books on the history of my region. I finally approached the bookstore's information booth to ask for help. I found both a lady and a young man who were more than happy to help me hunt down what I was looking for, even though I warned them that it probably doesn't exist. A search of the computer proved me right.

So, they walked me over to this hidden bookshelf that contained a good selection of trail books. I've been shopping in this store for years and never knew that bookshelf was there. It was hidden in a nook in the cafe. The young man pulled a book off the shelf and said, "This one describes all the motorcycle and ATV trails in the area."

I said, "That's what I'm trying to avoid. I don't want to ride a horse around motorized vehicles."

He put it back on the shelf, but I found it interesting that off-road motorized sports have grown enough in popularity that people are publishing books that help motorcyclists and ATVers locate places to ride. Yet people have been riding horses for centuries, and it is almost impossible to find a horseback trail riding book. What's up with that? Are we trail riders just a very small minority not worthy of the publishing business's time?

Anyway, after having dozens of hiking trail books piled into my arms, I sat down at a table in the cafe and sorted through them. I settled on "Afoot & Afield Reno-Tahoe" by Mike White because in its index it listed equestrian trails, and the descriptions for each trail were thorough. Not surprisingly, the best horseback riding trail is the one I've been using. The others are all in California and will require me to get a different set of shots and papers, and a brand inspection for my horses. I'll plan to take care of that next spring.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like some good books. I think I would have taken the motorcycle/ATV trails book, too. That way I could see and mark off any trails that were popular with them, so I could avoid those trails. I think it would also be kind of helpful to be in-the-know with what ATV/motorcyclists are up to.


Katharine Swan said...

I've had a hard time finding trail books for Colorado too. I did find one but it wasn't what I was looking for -- it was a brief rundown of select trails in the state, rather than a map of the trails in the Denver area. At the time I was still at the old place, and I was looking for a map of the Highline Canal trail, which ran right by my barn, and the other trails that branch off of it. There is a map of all the bike routes in Denver -- why not a map of horse trails?

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you founfd the info. There is always more info and effort dedicated to ATV etc. Why? I don't know , but I am currently on a committee to prevent a snowmobile/ATV trail from being put through ,this area (one of the most intensive livestock comunities in the county

Breathe said...

We should start a website with trail information! Of course Texas has very little in terms of public lands (which is a long interesting story, actually), but it would be a worthy service, for sure.

So does this mean you'll be hitting the trails in the spring?

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