Friday, November 20, 2009

The Oven and the Wind

Since I had a sick day yesterday, I actually had time to bake something in my new oven! I think it is rather pitiful that my job has kept me so busy that I haven't baked anything in an oven in over two months. I've used the stove top, just not the oven. Anyway, I'm pleased to say that it does bake cookies within the recommended time range. My old oven required double-time to get anything cooked correctly. That's part of why I rarely use ovens. They take up too much of my time. However, this oven is twice as fast as the old one, so I might start baking more often.

I think I baked these cookies just to spite my new quack, I mean doctor, who pestered me about my slightly high cholesterol when I came in to see him about much more pressing issues. Since he ignored my complaints, I'm ignoring his complaints and enjoying some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

In other news, we have BIG WINDS today. This morning I was afraid to go into the horses' stalls to remove their blankets and let them out, because they were screaming and kicking due to the wind shaking the roof and walls of their stalls. I pushed their flakes of hay through their windows and left them in there until the wind settled along with their stomachs.

I then went out a few hours later to remove their blankets and let them outside. All was well until I reached Gabbrielle's stall. She was still quite antsy over the roof rattling, and she kept jumping around. Somehow the blanket got caught on her somewhere, but I couldn't figure out where. All of her leg straps and belly straps had been detached. I kept backing her up thinking maybe she was stepping on a strap, but the blanket was still caught.

Gabbrielle was shaking all over with fear because the wind was blowing objects all around and making crashing noises. She looked like she was about to explode. I didn't want to be in the line of fire when that happened, so I just yanked the blanket as hard as I could, she exploded, and I hid in the corner of her stall while she bucked and spun in circles. Once she settled down, I hung up her now-free blanket and let her out. I could use a little less excitement, and a little more cooperation from inanimate objects.


Mrs Mom said...

Ah-HA!! I see the Cookie Craze has reached into your home too!! hehehe ;)

It's out to get us all, I swear... LOL

Enjoy the new bake box, and tell Doc to go pis... err... umm.. Yeah.. Tell the new Doc to get a better scheme to milk money from his patients going ;)

Lulu said...

I swear the wind blows EVERY DAY in Nebraska! It sure gets annoying!!

photogchic said...

Yum...those look delicious.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

If I were a horse, I'd be happy to calm down for you so you could get my blanket off.....if only you gave me some of those delicious looking cookies. hehe!

Silly horses. They think hay is so yummy.

Mrs. Mom baked chocolate chip cookies and shared photos of them on her blog last week. That act caused me to have to go bake some of my own chocolate chip cookies. I shared a few with my kids kids....and hid the rest.

And well, you know what happens when Mom is the only person who knows where the extra yummy goodies are, right?

I'm glad my kids seemed to forget that I had baked 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies last week.
Looks like I'll have to bake some more now.



Breathe said...

Yikes! Gabrielle's blanket dance sure sounds dangerous!

Cookies certainly help, though...