Monday, December 21, 2009

Baked Goods, Ghosts, and a Loose Horse


...the best cookies I've ever baked! These are the most delicious peanut butter kisses on earth.

I baked these on Saturday, because I was afraid that if I didn't use the candies for their intended use right away, I'd eat them right out of the bag. It's not often that I have a bag of chocolate around the house. You have to bake these cookies for 8 minutes, stick the candy in the center, and then bake them for another 3 minutes. It worked out great with the Kisses and Rolos, but the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups didn't fare as well under the heat. Yet, the mushed Reese's still made the most delicious cookies.

These are Dandy Candy Oatmeal cookies...

Look who came home from college to help...

She said it feels so weird to not be under stress. I told her I'm still having nightmares about work even though I'm on vacation. We were baking to the tunes of Johnny Cash and Duffy.

We are all still fumbling around trying to locate items we need in our new kitchen. I think this is the first time we've ever been able to bake together without having to use the dining room table for extra surface space.

We have a ghost in our house...

Nah, it's just my son acting silly trying to escape my camera.

He knows I can't get a good picture if he keeps moving, so he walks really fast around the house making faces.

Last night my son and I realized that I had given him permission to go ice skating with his friends today and we have a dental appointment at the same time. He begged me to cancel the dental appointment. I have some kind of low grade infection that I can't get rid of that is now attacking the left side of my face. I have an ear infection in my left ear, a sore throat just on the left side of my throat, a cold sore on the left side of my lip, and a sore on the inside of my left cheek. I decided I'd call us both in sick for the dental appointment. I hate it when they stretch my lips out while I've got a cold sore, and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that somehow I always have a cold sore every time I go in for a teeth cleaning. It may be another six months before we can get in, but I'd rather postpone it than to suffer and possibly infect the hygienist.

Ridiculous things keep happening to me, so I'm getting particularly sarcastic about life at the moment. For instance, my son's girlfriend was coming to visit for the first time and I wanted to clean up the house a bit. Of course, the vacuum cleaner had to break down, which only happens when people come to visit. Our vacuum repairman hates Dyson's because they are difficult to take apart. He told us that if it breaks down one more time, we'd be wasting our money to repair it and may as well just buy a new vacuum cleaner. Though he hates Dysons, I love them. Most of the Hoover and Eureka vacuum cleaners I've used over the years didn't even last one year before breaking down, and they had no sucking power. Dysons can pick up anything. The repairman was trying to sell me some brand that only he sells and repairs that costs between $800 and $1,100. I can smell a trap in that deal, so we're buying ourselves another Dyson just to piss him off.

Today I hung up the cordless phone into its receiver and somehow missed. Guess where it landed? In the dogs' water bowl. This was a brand new phone. My daughter was running around gathering towels to dry it with, and I said, "Now you know why I'm afraid to wake up most mornings. Ridiculous things like that happen to me all the time. All I have to do is touch something and it breaks."

She insisted that ridiculous things like that happen to other people all the time too, and then she promptly broke the towel rack off our kitchen cabinet. She fixed it, and the phone too, but she made her point in the process.

Then there's the horses. Because I'm not feeling well, it took me longer than normal to get out of bed. I stepped outside to get the horses out of their stalls and there was Lostine standing at the fence calling out "Good Morning" to me. She had let herself out of her stall. Apparently, I forgot to lock it last night. I was glad I hadn't laid out today's breakfast last night, because I probably would have found a horse with a bad case of colic. Lostine has an amazingly strong nose. She can stick her nose through the bars on the window and push that really heavy door aside in a few pushes. I struggle opening and closing that door myself.

We have a few more recipes to bake before my vacation is over. We are all exercising diligently to burn off the extra calories. Hopefully, the exercise will win out over the sweets.


Breathe said...

We have baked a ton of cookies this year, mostly biscochos which are a HUGE pain in the arse to make. But they are so good, i dare not have them in the house. I try to give away as many as possible.

Murphy's law is alive and doing well over here. We were almost flattened by our Christmas tree, I have wacked myself with the tennis ball using one of those dog ball throwers, and.. well, it goes on and on.

So you are not alone. I always think it's a huge leap of faith to get on a plane when the bathroom doors won't close in the airport.

Leah Fry said...

Is there anything better than chocolate and peanut butter together? I think not.

Those 13 pies I made for the holidays? There's 1 left. Mr. Fry has a wicked sweet tooth. So I guess I'll take your motivation and get baking again.

Unfortunately, I have not yet begun the exercise regiment to counteract holiday damage. HELP!

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a nice family time. Try to relax some too!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Those cookies look delicious. You are making good use of that beautiful new kitchen. Enjoy!

Paint Girl said...

Your cookies look absolutely delish!! Yumm!
I have a Dyson vacuum, and I love it. You are so right about vacuum's always breaking down in a year or so. We've had our Dyson for a couple years now, and no problems. It makes my carpet look brand new when I vacuum!!
In case I don't make it back over here this week, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

Cheryl Ann said...

Our daughter and I made 10 dozen sugar cookies yesterday and today I was too tired to even go visit my horses! I need some pasta and GARLIC tonight! Oh, and of course, ALL our cookies were calorie-less (NOT!!!)

Amy said...

spend the money and buy a Miele vacuum. i swear to god they are the best. with animals, dust, etc they are absolutely the best. Ive had them all. Not a dyson though. but dysons are not rated well and my friends with them do not like them, bulky heavy noisy. miele is all german and very quiet. but the power of the vacuum is incomparable. do NOT buy another dyson.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's really good that your daughter is making cookies with you. That makes it so much more fun!

And I thought I had all the bad luck this past year. lol.

2010 is going to be a great year, right?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gah!!!! I just gained 10 lbs reading this post! All of your cookies and treats look so yummy!
And how great to have your daughter home to bake with, too.
Your son is the greatest! What a fun sense of humor and very wise indeed.
Ice skating is a much better idea to partake of during the holidays than a teeth cleaning. bah!

Merry Christmas to you, my friend!


lytha said...

oh, finally i get a chance to share my vacuum story! last week the doorbell rang and it was a vacuum cleaner dealer, asking me if i own this particular brand (Vorwerk) and i said "yes" and he said "do you need any bags for it?"

and i said, "i honestly don't know. i would have to ask my husband, he takes care of the vacuum bags."

later i thought, "i bet i'm the only woman he visited today that said her husband is in in charge of the vacuum!"

(i *do* the vacuuming, i just have no idea how that german contraption works!)

our vorwerk is a 1971 model. my age. i think it's great that it still works.

your cookies look awesome!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - That vacuum has been working since 1971? Wow! My Dyson was the longest lasting, and I think I've had it for about six years. Technically, it still works but the locking mechanism that keeps it upright broke, which makes it lose some of its suction.

My husband did bring home a top of the line Dyson (our old was base level), because we're limited in what brands are available around here in a pinch, and Dyson has worked the best for us. (Sorry Tammy.) I'm planning on doing a review between the old Dyson and the new one on Nuz Muz Reviews. This new one is designed specifically to deal with animal hair, and let me tell you, it's not only sucking up the pet hair, but I suspect it is sucking up old pet stains embedded in the padding too. If there's any dust or dirt between the hardwood and the padding, I'm sure this new Dyson is getting it. You can actually see if lifting the carpet.