Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God of Thunder

Our Corgi Midge is scared of thunder. Since we live just below Lake Tahoe, we get to listen to the booming of dynamite as people blow avalanches off the mountain. So, even when there isn't a thunderstorm, Midge is still freaking out. She runs around the house panting and trying to hide in electrical cords. Why she is attracted to electricity when she is scared I will never understand. I have to lock her in a closet or the bathroom to keep her safe. She's been known to practically strangle herself on electrical cords, not to mention risk getting electrocuted.

Her behavior makes my other dog Monty nervous, so he starts following me around and staring at my face as if willing me to do something to help Midge. I'm afraid I am not a dog psychologist, so I really can't do much for Midge beyond protecting her from her own neurosis.

So far I have spent my first day of vacation dealing with crazy canines, fixing things that broke, and dodging nosy neighbors. Right on cue, almost as if they read my blog and knew I'd be on vacation beginning today, my nosy neighbors invited a bunch of relatives from out of state to come visit them. They've had cars coming and going all day, along with even more people circling their vehicles, opening and slamming doors as if frantically searching for something they lost, but always walking away empty-handed. These people spend so much time loitering around their vehicles, they may as well live in them since they spend more time on their driveway than in their house. Within seconds of me walking outside, another car would drive up or people would come out of the house and start fiddling around the cars. The activity was non-stop.

I've mentioned in the past that usually when I take a vacation and try to relax at home, my neighbors pick the same week to bring in a bunch of visitors from out of town and they pretty much take over the neighborhood. My place becomes a petting zoo. Feeding time becomes their entertainment, while all I want is a little peace and quiet and privacy. These people practically live on top of me, so their visitors become my visitors whether I like it or not. I also have two neighbors doing construction projects in their driveways despite the snow, so unfortunately I can't hear the squeak and crunch of my boots on the snow over their racket. Winter and construction are no longer separate seasons in Nevada, since the construction workers keep working through winter. Next year I'm taking a vacation at a Dude Ranch, far, far away from them.

The other bizarre thing that always happens when I take a week off from work is that by some freak coincidence I have a dental appointment that falls right smack in the middle of my time off. Nothing stresses me out more than seeing the dentist, so having a dental appointment while I am on vacation is not ideal. Sure enough, I wake up on the first day of my vacation, the phone rings, and it's the dentist's office calling to confirm that I will be at my appointment on Monday. What kind of cruel person schedules another person for a dental appointment Christmas week? Argh. Unfortunately, rescheduling is not a simple process since they book six months in advance. Despite the blood and pain, I have to admit that my teeth do feel better after a good professional cleaning.

The other night my son was having fun with icicles. Doesn't he look like the God of Thunder?

Don't ask me why he's wearing a T-shirt outdoors in the snow. Tonight he left for his gymnastics class in shorts and moccasins. I advised him to at least keep a blanket in his car in case it breaks down in the snow and he gets stuck sitting in it waiting for a tow truck. It turned out that he did get stuck in traffic at the scene of an accident. You can't always count on driving from one warm building to another warm building without obstacles in between. Getting him to wear a jacket is like getting me to be happy about going to a dental appointment. Just give me that icicle and I'll pick my own teeth with it, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me your son is hurling that icicle at the neighbors!

sue said...

my Camille has a bad time with thunder too, you might try the health food store, and look for "calm's forte".. this really helps Camille when she is upset and it's all natural, so it can't hurt...

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Wow, for a season that's supposed to be one of joy, you're having a bad day/week. I don't know what your beliefs are, but if Jesus is the reason for the season, that trumps all the problems in my life for me.

I hope your Christmas picks up. Go out and nuzzle a muzzle. That always helps me.


PS: We're leaving tomorrow for the holidays so it may be a few days before I can check out your blog. Have a merry Christmas.

KD said...

Poor Midge....while I was dogsitting my sister's large dog; he got wedged under my bed trying to hide from a thunderstorm. We didn't realize it till the next morning. He was fine - just stuck.