Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Mend

Both the fence and I are on the mend.

Once my husband and son were home for the weekend, they took over dealing with things like broken fences, horse manure, hungry horses, frozen water troughs, laundry, and marketing.

Despite everyone's hard work, the horses are still ripping the fence apart because they don't like to be separated, and the dogs are still leaving unwanted poop popsicles and barf balonies around the house.

Of course, Gabbrielle had to rip her blanket on something.

She tore off her leather triangle dart reinforcement too.

I'm in no mood for sewing, so if this blanket falls apart she'll just have to finish out the winter without one. This is Gabbrielle's reaction to seeing a pile of ice that the boys pulled out of the water trough:


Lostine's hooves are the cleanest I've ever seen them, but I can't say much for her leftovers.

The sun came out and the temperature rose above freezing today, so now we are dealing with slush and mud.

I'm past the worst symptoms of my cold and tried cleaning stalls by myself. I was so weak from just a few days of being sick that I could only clean one stall at a time before I had to go back into the house and climb into bed. It took all day to get all three stalls cleaned, but the good news is that my nosy neighbors stayed away during the entire process. Usually, they drive up the street the very second that I walk outside to clean the stalls, and then they park on the other side of the fence and sit there staring at me until I go into my house. This time I was able to walk outside three times without having to give up my privacy.

It was amazingly quiet. I heard geese honking and looked up to see the longest line of geese flying south I've seen yet. It was a sad reminder that we are just at the start of winter, despite the sun coming out and melting the snow. My vacation begins on Wednesday. I'm hoping the sun will stay out and the mud will dry up, so that I can actually get some riding in. I know that's a little too much to ask this time of year, but I'm asking for it anyway. I deserve it, considering that I wasn't allowed a full week's vacation in the summer months. However, if it snows, I'll probably make lemonade out of it by taking the kids skiing.

Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if I could train the horses to pull us on skis, inner tubes, and toboggans. That would be a fun new sport. Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh...


Tammy said...

Oh, don't remind me that winter has only started. This 14 hours of darkness each day is bad enough let alone all the snow and cold winds. I hear sleet is coming tonight... "If we can make it thru December..." Then what? :)

Hang in there!

Sydney said...

Teaching a horse to pull a tobogan is fun. We go (as affectionately named) "neighbognaning" The only rule is if you are gonna hit the barn BAIL!! Of course I have a brand new, old sleigh of my own. I'll restore it in the spring but it's usable now, just ugly as sin in fire engine red.

fernvalley01 said...

GLad you are on the mend, and got some much needed help

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, my vacation starts Saturday and I CAN'T WAIT! I hope you get to enjoy yours. It's no fun to be sick. I had pneumonia twice one school year and heck, I don't even remember half the year!!! Yes, the stress of your job isn't helping. Hang in there for another few days and then ENJOY your vacation! My horses are all stuck in mud after about 4 days of rain. YUCK! They are muddy messes!

Paint Girl said...

I hate it when the horses rip their blankets! Every spring when I send my blankets for washing, I have to have repairs done too. My bill always ends up enormous. But considering I have pasture horses, I am surprised how well their blankets do hold up. I've had Brandy's blanket for 4 years.
Sorry you are sick!! I have felt like I have been fighting a cold for the last week. Everyone at the barn has either had the flu or a nasty cold, for some reason I have not gotten either! Knock on wood!
That is great that your nosy neighbors left you alone, for once!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Uhhh...don't count on it, if Gabbriell is snorting at ice from her own water trough. lol!
She sure has a pretty stance, though.

I agree about the warmer temps. Our temps got into the 40's today and even though we had a fierce cold wind, everything was thawing out. I'd rather have frozen ground, at least we'd not have all this mud and muck.

Poopsicles and barf balonies totally cracked me up. I know things are a mess and you still feel like dog doo doo (lol), but you are still so funny!


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I like to see the horses. I wonder how they like the cold weather.

Flying Lily said...

NM, you are hilarious. You have the most amazing adventures. The hat on the horse trailer had me in stitches, as did the poopy-butt dog. I so hope you are feeling better and that the horses leave the fence alone. Have you tried a hot wire along the top rail?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My husband won't let me use hot wire, because he's afraid it will kill smaller creatures like birds. I've decided I'm just going to make a project out of ripping all the wood panels out and replacing them with pipe panels once it warms up. No more painting and no more trips to the hardware store in the middle of winter. We do have chicken wire over the top two panels, but they still lean on them and break them. They also still chew the bottom panels and break them.

Callie said...

Funny enough, my husband just came across a festival in which horses are used to pull people on skis, think this one is in Colorado!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, but still take it slow. It's easy to relapse and you don't want that.

The mud and slush is the downside of snow.

Hang in there.