Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflections on the Old Year; Wishes for the New Year

I have always thought it was a bit silly that people expected a fresh start with each new year. It's just a date, so unless you change your habits, January 1st will most likely end up being not much different from December 31st.

However, this time around I am really looking forward to the year 2010. (It feels so futuristic, doesn't it?) A part of me wants to believe in astrology, especially Chinese astrology in which different years are ruled by different animals (i.e Rooster, Rat, Pig, Horse...) I'm a Dragon based upon the year I was born. 2010 will be the year of the Tiger. Apparently, Dragons and Tigers are incompatible, so I supposedly have a rough year ahead of me.

However, I am more than ready to say good riddance to 2009. First off, it seemed that every storm that came through my area this year came through over a weekend. I work Monday through Friday. I can't ride my horses then, yet that is when we had the most awesome riding weather. Then when I finally got a break from work on the weekends, the sky would open up and dump rain or snow all over us. What was up with that?

I also struggled throughout 2009 to get a vacation so that I could train Gabbrielle under saddle. The first vacation had to be canceled because as soon as I saddled her up, a house painting crew showed up next door and started making a racket. My second attempt at a vacation got thwarted due to another neighbor doing construction and bad weather. Each vacation request I put in after that got denied by my employer, so I ended up taking time off around Christmas, because that was the only week they would give me. I can't train a horse under saddle in the depths of winter. I'm too wimpy for that. What do you think I am? A Canadian? (Wink, wink, Shirley. I've seen you training horses in the snow. I guess the fall is softer that way, isn't it?)

In addition to scheduling problems, Gabbrielle had her own series of mishaps that led to long recovery periods without riding. She lost the tip of her ear, she cracked her hoof way up beyond the comfort zone, she cut the circumference of her coronet band, and she somehow sliced open her knee and got a puncture wound in the process. As a result, I'll be training her under saddle when she is a 5-year-old.

On a positive note, I got both Lostine and Bombay out on the trails. They both seem to enjoy it, getting excited over the sights and sounds, and all the activity around us. My daughter completed her freshman year of college, and my son got his driver's license. I won two free tickets to a Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship Clinic and was able to take my blogger friend Lisa with me. I didn't lose my job, though I might have actually wished that I did at times. I didn't move to my dream farm void of neighbors, but I did get a new kitchen.

This is what I wish for in 2010:

1. Train Gabbrielle under saddle successfully.
2. Do more trail riding with all three horses.
3. Get a riding partner for the trails.
4. Make a career change into some field that moves at a slower pace and never asks for more than 40 hours a week of my time.
5. Move onto a 40 acre farm with no neighbors and ride to my heart's content.
6. Oh, and we can't forget the need to lose weight. I won't go into specifics.
7. If I have to see a doctor next year, let it be a good one, for God's sake.
8. Let it rain on the weekdays so that I don't have to hand-water, but leave the weekends clear and warm.
9. I want someone to invent a food machine that drops food into my mouth, so that I don't have to stop doing the things I enjoy in order to cook and eat three times a day. (Geez. What a time waster -- having to eat.)
10. I want one of those soft, fuzzy jackrabbits under my apple trees to let me pet it for once instead of hopping away.

Yes, and I want happiness and good health for everyone, not to mention, world peace.


Sydney said...

Sounds like 2010 is already full for you.

Shirley said...

That's a pretty reasonable list.....except maybe the jackrabbit! LOL!
And yes, the snow does make for a softer landing, speaking from experience!

Katharine Swan said...

NM! How is that food machine going to help you lose weight? Forgetting to stop and eat is a fantastic diet plan, trust me. ;o)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Jeez, you want a lot!!

LOl, But really, I hope all your wishes come true in 2010! It's going to be a really good year!

You could also add that you hope your neighbors move...

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good list . Achievable , well ecept for the bunny (lol) Good luck and all the best in 2010.
And btw Shirley is a tough gal,she rides way more in winter than a lot of us Canadian gals

Paint Girl said...

I sure hope 2010 is your year!! Too many bumps in the road in 09!
Hope all your wishes come true!!
Have a wonderful New Years!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well I can honestly say that falling onto snow really doesn't do much in the form of cushioning and preventing injuries. lol!

I enjoyed this post, NM. Yes, even with all the craziness, you did have some positive things happen for you and your family this year. Good for you going back and remembering those things, too. Sometimes it's so much easier to focus on the bad and frustrating things. I know it is for me.

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to fly up and meet you. The clinic was great, but hanging out with you was what made it the trip worth it and so special. :)

I hope all your wishes, dreams and goals come true for 2010. Maybe if you can focus on each one individually, you'll be able to mark them off the list as they get accomplished. Wouldn't that be great?! :)

Happy New Year my friend!

Laura said...

Oh - I'm a Tiger - maybe I'll catch a break this year.

I hope 2010 is a much better year for you. I really hope something works out for you on the job front...and the crazy neighbours front...and... well, everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, 40 acres isn't enough to avoid interference from neighbors. Sadly.

Lulu said...

Good luck with your list!!!

Just think, you could be in the midwest right now on your 40 acres....but those acres would be covered by 25 inches of snow. Aaaahhhh.....winter in Nebraska!!

Cheryl Ann said...

2010? I want to get back ON a horse! I want to lose 50 pounds! YES, 50!!! Hope you have a better year. I like your list. I'll have to make up one, too!

Leah Fry said...

And I hope you get all your wishes, even the rabbit.

lytha said...

OH, and I'm sighing here.

My sister, God bless her, sent me a new pair of jeans for Christmas, expecting that I would be as "unfat" as I was last summer.

Apparently the season has changed me, and I cannot fit into this size XX Calvin Klein jeans. Horrible!

Now I'm on a mission, to fit these lovely jeans!


Janice said...

Good list a lot of that is achievable. If you can't move maybe your awful neighbors will. About that rabbit......good luck.Hey not to take anything away from Shirley but she got smart and moved to a kinder climate....jealous.....just a bit.

manker said...

onward and upward 2010

gp who's also ready to kiss 2009 goodbye

Victoria Cummings said...

I hope you get everything you wish for in the year ahead - Happy New Year, NM!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope you can have all your goals and wishes met this year, NM. You deserve it so much!
And now I'm thinking I need to add #9 to my list. How true! lol!

Happy New year buddy!