Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Seriously Bored Horses" or "It's a Cold One"

What do seriously bored horses do on a snowy day? Well, if you are Gabbrielle, you dig up every snow-covered tumbleweed you can find and try to eat it...

Then when you get bored with that, you eat snow.

And you eat snow.

And you eat snow.

If you are really stupid (and Stupid shall remain nameless), you try to lick the metal round pen railing and get your tongue stuck. Then after you've yanked it off the icy railing, you come over to Mom wiggling your tongue and asking for sympathy.

Right about then the nosy neighbors drive up and distract you, so that Mom can't get a good shot of your frozen tongue and pogo nip whiskers.

Lostine pins back her ears because she's sick of these nosy neighbors hovering around every time that Mom tries to do a photo shoot. Gorgeous supermodels like Lostine prefer their privacy and need to concentrate on their poses.

Bombay also expresses annoyance at all the door slamming and loitering. He's wondering why it took them five minutes to unlock their front door.

Right when Mom gets down in the snow on one knee in front of Lostine, the nosy neighbors decided to drive off, spinning their tires loudly in the snow. Fortunately, Lostine does not spook and trample her mother. Mom was mistaken into believing that the nosy neighbors would not be driving anywhere since they had just arrived home a few minutes before. However, as usual, they must have forgotten something and had to turn around and go back. Of course, they chose the most inopportune moment to spin their tires, right when Mom was in a prime trampling location.

They're gone. Happy days are here again.


Katharine Swan said...

Stupid neighbors! I would have loved to see pictures of Bombay's frozen tongue. I cracked up when you described that, because it made me think of the kid who tried that in the movie A Christmas Story. I was just thinking about that scene yesterday, actually, when my gloves stuck to the metal pipe pen panels after I broke the ice out of the horses' water tanks.

Tammy said...

"Its a cold one!" That was something my dad used to say all the time!

My horses were licking snow off each other's backs today! Not sure what that was all about!

Blizzard conditions. Not fun.

fernvalley01 said...

They look warm and snug , Lostine has a lovely profile

Pony Girl said...

The ponies look so beautiful in the snow! :) Had to crack up at your neighbor references. They're still at it, huh??

lytha said...

i had to read your post to my man (and show him) cuz he just mentioned "a christmas story" this morning, when the kid got stuck on the pole. (traumatic part of the show we kids will never forget huh?)

hey, how about you make some video for us, so we can at least hear your neighbor noise? you don't have to film them, but it would be nice to hear the slamming. how awful that they ruin the peace that comes with snowfall.


sue said...

what IS with these people??? after all this time, when they see that you don't get rattled by them, why don't they just go away.. I know.. you ask the same questions yourself!!!!

nikki said...

Lol Love the post and your horses sense of humor- they are a hoot!

Sorry about your nosey neighbors. I wish they'd get a life one of these days and give you some peace...

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Did you name your tongue-sticking horse "Ralphie" from "Christmas Story?"

Great pictures and I'm glad you didn't get trampled.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great pics, NM. If it were me, I'd sneak out very early a.m. and shovel all of my snow over the fence and onto their cars and driveway, so they are forced to stay home. But of course, then they'd probably be outside shoveling...and banging and whatever else they can do to just be annoying.

sigh. You just can't win. bah!


Shirley said...

Looks like your horses share your opinion of your neighbors. Say, I wonder if your neighbors read your blog and are just annoying so that they get mentioned on it!
BTW, bet you got snow in your horsetrailer!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Shirley - I know. That window has been broken for a long time. It would never stay up in the wind or when I was hauling it. It finally fell open onto a post and broke the glass. I used to cover the bars with a black trash bag and duct tape to keep the rain and snow out, but the wind kept ripping the bag, so I just don't care anymore. A person can only solve so many problems in one lifetime.