Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Together Again

I decided to remove the horses' blankets this morning and let them hang out together. Gabbrielle made a beeline to the chicken wire and started rubbing herself on it...

Bombay enjoyed what was left of the salt block...

Miss Piggy, I mean Lostine, raided what was left of Gabbrielle's breakfast.

I'm a little worried about Gabbrielle, because she hasn't been eating all of her hay. She eats for a little bit, and then takes a break and just stares off into space for a while. It could just be that she realizes she doesn't have to rush to eat since I've been separating the horses. She has a fast metabolism, so it's hard to keep the fat on her. I always give her the thickest, heaviest flake of hay. Maybe I'm giving her more than she cares to eat. However, I did give her a dose of grain, bran and psyllium just to keep things moving in case she has a bit of a tummy ache forming.

This is what the ground is like at the moment:

The horses' hooves break through a thin layer of snow, a thick layer of ice, and land in some mud. Since they have been spending so much time standing around in mud and wet manure, I knew they were at risk of thrush. I cleaned out their hooves, and sure enough, both Gabbrielle and Bombay were getting that gunky, stinky black stuff building up in the crevices.

I had bought a bottle of Thrush-XX at the local feed store a while back when I needed something in a pinch and couldn't wait for a better product to come through the mail or figure out how to make my own mix. As soon as I set it down on the ground, it tipped over and spilled, because the cap was loose.

I picked it up and got the green gunk all over my hands. I washed both the bottle and my hands really well, but it's hard to get out. All day my son kept saying that he stunk. He'd sniff his feet and his shirt, trying to figure out what exactly was making the stink. Then I realized that he said that each time I came near him. I said, "Sniff my hands. Is this what you are smelling."

He nearly vomited. It was the Thrush-XX. I was self-conscious about going to bed, because I knew my hands would stink up the whole room. My husband got up during the middle of the night and left the room. I figured he couldn't take the stink anymore, so I put on some mittens.

That helped cover up the smell pretty well. It turned out that my husband's nose is stuffed up and he didn't smell it at all. He was just having trouble sleeping. However, I have to admit that the stink was keeping me awake, so once I got those mittens on I finally settled into a full night's rest.


Sydney said...

Whenever I go to the dollar store I stock up on rubber dish gloves. I write on them with sharpie markers what they are for: MTG, Fly wipe, Absoribine/liniments etc.
However copper based thrush products dry out their feet in my experience. The best thing I have found for prevention is picking them daily and using a little all purpose lemon lysol. You spray it on after picking their feet. Not like bleach which can harm their feet and cheaper than the crazy horse labeled thrush remedies. I've had several farriers suggest it at barns where they have a problem with thrush.

Breathe said...

I would never have thought of mittens. Good idea!

I use ThrushX and it works as well as the vinegar mixture. And smells just as lovely.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Clever solution, NM! The stuff that happens to you is so unbelievable sometimes. Sometimes I think you should gather up all these stories and write a humourous book.
Of course, all of these experiences are only funny for you a long time after they've happened. lol!

Hang in there,


And thanks for the nice comments you left me over at my blog. I replied to you in the comments.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I like the idea of lemon lysol. I'll have to remember that. My horses will get a little thrushy over the winter but it usually clears up with a dose of Thrush X.

Leah Fry said...

I had a bottle tip over in my truck. Luckily, it was on a pile of my clothes and didn't get on the upholstery. No amount of washing will remove the stains or the smell.

All mine have it to one degree or another this time of year.

Lulu said...

You were able to remove blankets, and I had to put one on.....the midwest is about to get socked with another big storm!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, gak! I'm going to have to check Sunni as he is prone to thrush. And, the ferrier was just here and never mentioned a thing!