Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Alien Visitor

What are the horses all riled up about? Bombay is snorting and turning circles in his stall.

It's a Tinfoil Pope Hat Alien! Quick! Run for your lives!

It swings from the rafters...

hypnotizes with its eyes...

and jumps into my face! The horror!

My son is always willing to do silly and humiliating things for the camera. Him being a dork is one of my best desensitization strategies for the horses.

My husband informed me that our driveway alarm went off repeatedly around midnight. He tried to wake me up, but I was totally out of it. I remember nothing. He said the horses started kicking their stall walls really hard. He thought one of them might have broken down its door. I wish he could have woken me up, because I would have run outside with a flashlight to see what what going on. I really want to know what is happening behind my barn at night that freaks out the horses so much.

In the morning, my camera was pointed in a different direction. The wind most likely moved it. I looked around for footprints, but the ground is so hard that all I could find were horse hoof prints in the road behind my barn. On a hunch, I went out to the pasture where the ground is softer and I found deer prints. It could be that the deer are coming all the way up our road at night and walking around on the driveway. Maybe the smell of them in addition to the sounds of their feet scare the horses.

I know for a fact that my neighbor walks her dog behind my barn at both day and night and sometimes walks the dog into my bushes to pee, which means coming onto my driveway. Yet, she's been doing this for years, so you'd think the horses would get used to her presence and the sound of her walking her dog. I know they don't like the woman, so they often react negatively when she's around, but trying to bust down that stall doors seems excessive.

Tonight I'm going to keep my shoes on, keep a jacket nearby and keep a flashlight handy in an effort to solve this mystery. Oh, and I promised my husband that I will turn off the alarm when I go to sleep since it appears to wake everyone but me.


fernvalley01 said...

Funny, I would have been up for the night, a very light sleeper. You are likely right it is probably deer ,or do you have moose? My old mare had a hate on for moose in a big way!

RiverBend Farm said...

Maybe it's deer coming up closer trying to find water since everything might be frozen. But beware if they're wearing tin foil hats!

manker said...

good opportunity to teach the ol "spook in place".. ..:)


JeniQ said...

I hope it's just deer... I would assume you have coyote? or some other such wild dog there.

Your son reminds me of my kids. I make them run around with tarps like capes blowing out behind them while I work with the horses. We are now at the point were both Bonnie and Rosie wear tarps and plastic table clothes as blankets or saddle pads.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

We don't have moose. We do have coyote, but they are too short to trigger the alarm. It would have to be human, vehicle, deer or an escaped horse. My dogs had been barking at deer a couple of weeks back, but I hadn't seen them around recently. I suppose they could be trying to help themselves to hay and water troughs, but they can't get into my yard. It's surrounded by 5-foot high chain-link. They may be getting into one of my neighbors' yards.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Can I borrow your son? He can help desensitize our horses.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Colt is such a cool guy! He reminds me of my one twinling Jax. I bet they would hit it off, too.

What was the tin foil pope hat for? A project? Or just one of his fun loving ideas? I'm surprised he didn't convince Bombay to wear it. I would have with Baby Doll, you know. lol!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - The hat was actually for some science project, but he forgot to take it to school on the day it was due. He ended up borrowing a prop from someone else. All morning he kept saying, "I think I'm forgetting something..."

He didn't ask Bombay to wear the hat, but I did get Bombay to wear a pink hula hoop the other day.

Cheryl Ann said...

Ohhhh...I want to borrow your son, too, for Sunni! Please let us know what is spooking your horses! Deer or human?

Andrea said...

You sleep like my husband does! Our house alarm can go off and he doesn't hear it! I tell him to show me how to shoot the gun so I can save the family!

I would say the deer would freak them out.