Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Whistle

Gabbrielle did the cutest thing at dinner tonight. The horses were putting themselves to bed by walking into their stalls, but Gabbrielle first wanted to eat some leftovers from her lunch that she had pushed through the gate out of reach. When I opened the gate to let her out, she walked a few feet and stopped to graze.

Normally, when the horses don't get a move on when I need them to, I crack my whip. However, there wasn't any rush tonight because we still had a few minutes of light outside, so I went about my business doing chores. Then when I was ready to go into the house I whistled for Gabbrielle.

I really didn't expect her to respond, but here she came walking around from the back of the trailer up the RV lane, smiling all the way. I expected her to walk right past me, but she stopped and reached out with her muzzle to give me a kiss on the lips. I said, "Awwww, that's so sweet! Now go to bed."

I pointed at her stall and she walked right in.

My husband said he was watching a television show on human and animal behavior, and it said one big difference between humans and apes or monkeys is that humans cooperate with each other. I told him they needed to include horses in that category with humans then. I know most horses can certainly be uncooperative at times, but if you consider how much cooperation is required from a horse to train it to be ridden or to pull a carriage or plow, I think horses are overall very cooperative animals.


Katharine Swan said...

Pretty much any time someone says, "The difference between humans and animals is..." you can find an example of animals demonstrating the same behavior.

Horses definitely cooperate with people. Simply putting their nose into the halter or taking the bit into their mouth is cooperating. Another example is pack animals, such as wolves, that cooperate with one another in order to bring down their prey.

Leah Fry said...

I concur. What a sweet story.

sue said...

Oh absolutely!!! they have to be one of the most cooperate animals!! and what was with that other blog!! the curtain peeking.. I can see why that makes you "crazy".. I don't know how you stand it!!!

BTW keep up on the "calling" to your horses, we did, and now I can actully call them in from the pasture if needed.. it's very handy for sure!!!

Shirley said...

Beamer gives me kisses too! :0)

Breathe said...

Gabrielle is just adorable. And how about the hula hoop incident? THAT was cooperation. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's a sweet story. I went out tonight and gave hugs and got kisses from all my horses, especially Yalla!

Don't get me started on Homo Superior! lol. I think humans are very narrow sighted. Everything has to be done our way whereas most other species are very accomodating and interactive.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I agree! And some animals (especially horses) can be more cooperative than others.....just like humans.

Yay for Gabbrielle! It's those special moments that make owning your own horse so great!


fernvalley01 said...

A testament to the good work you have done with Gabrielle!

TCavanaugh said...

Gabbrielle is so cute. I love when my horses show their affection for me.