Friday, January 8, 2010

Shadows and Light

After yet another 12-hour day at the office and being told that I have to work through the weekend, I was a bit nutty in the head. I totally forgot about the horses. You see, it had been raining, and by the time I got two-seconds to turn my head and look out the window to even notice, the horses were soaked through to the skin. Lovely Gabbrielle had to roll in some mud on top of dripping like a sewer rat. So, I ran outside and put the horses in their dry stalls, but had to wait a few hours for their hair to dry off before putting on their blankets.

I got so busy with work that it was long after dark before I realized that I never gave the horses their dinner, nor put their blankets on. I ran outside and flipped on the outdoor light, but that huge block of hay that was delivered yesterday blocked the light from reaching the barn. I brought the dogs outside with me since the horses were tucked away in the barn.

As I brushed each horse before attaching the blanket, I kept seeing weird shadows out of the corner of my eye. I was spooking over every little thing, but the horses were quiet. They must have great night vision, because they seemed to make better sense of all these shadows and movements and reflections of light than I did. Gabbrielle watched my dogs with excitement when I myself couldn't see the dogs at all.

I've been going outside at night to look for the deer. I've seen their hoof prints around my property, but can never glimpse them before my dogs chase them off. As I buckled up horse blankets, I scanned the area outside the barn window in search of my graceful, elegant, tree bark-eating night visitors.

I saw some movement from my nosy neighbor's house, but it just turned out to be my nosy neighbor parting her blinds to look out and watch me while I was working in the barn with just my Dots, which are tiny, round LED lights stuck to the wall that operate on batteries. When she realized that I could see her just as well as she could see me, she turned off her indoor light and resumed watching me through the blinds from a dark room. Sigh. You'd think that once she figured out it was just me and no one was trying to steal my horses, she'd lose interest and find something more interesting to do.

When I finished my chores and called to the dogs, only one showed up. Monty, my deaf dog, somehow heard my call and obediently went inside the house. However, Midge, my dog with perfectly good hearing, hid in the shadows snickering and refusing to come inside. Fortunately, my husband had returned home by then from his errand, and he was able to get her inside with his angry voice. We've decided we need to put more time into training that Corgi. She's got a mind of her own.

These pictures were taken a few days ago at sunrise after a storm.


photogchic said...

I wonder if your neighbor has a blog and she talks about you watching her:-) Ha ha...

Sydney said...

Maybe it's those sneaky deer casting shadows around.

Breathe said...

You know, looking at your stack of hay on the previous post made me think of 2011 - Space Odyssey. Now THAT is a monolith.

No wonder you were creeped out.

Especially with the spy next door.

Amazing how work can totally overwhelm the reality outside your door. Don't tell my boss, but I suspect it's unhealthy.

fernvalley01 said...

That is an absolutley stunning photo! What beautiful colors!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I've been waiting months for this wet weather to clear up on a weekend, so I can ride, and wouldn't you know it, we're finally being blessed with a sunny 50-degree weekend, and my boss needs me to work! I was thinking of taking a day or two off during the week since I do have personal and family responsibilities I need to handle, but of course it's suppose to rain throughout most of next week. Argh!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Can you sneak an hour lunch break in for a ride this weekend?

I love your lat picture, gorgeous!

I don't have lights in my barn and I often think that there was a time, not too long ago, when nobody had lights. That makes me buck up and get my chores done in the dark much easier.

Shirley said...

What a beautiful sunrise; there is something special about being outside at sunrise and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. (Not to Nuz Muz- don't look towards your neighbors place and ruin the moment!)

Leah Fry said...

That last pic is beautiful!

You're a better person than I. I'd be making rude faces at the neighbors.

Paint Girl said...

Overworked and underpaid, aren't we? I am back to working 50 hour weeks, so I am exhausted when I get home.
We finally had a gorgeous day today, but had to work, but tomorrow, supposed to be decent, so I am getting outside to work with Chance, and maybe one more!
Hope you get to ride!!
Beautiful pictures, I love sunrises! We had the first one in a long time the other day, we don't usually get them, always have clouds around here!

Flying Lily said...

I loved how your hay farmer talked about the neighbors! "Old folks haven't died yet"... Hay farmers do tend toward the conversational art. I guess their work is lonely. Beautiful sunrise!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous pictures, NM!
That last one blows me away.

I hope you're able to catch a photo of those deer, either with your digital camera or your security camera. How cool!