Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unpredictable Mother Nature

Yesterday it snowed all day, so I kept the horses in their stalls. Today it was supposed to snow all day, but only threatened to do so. I let the horses out one at a time to clean their stalls, but Bombay refused to go back in. He had cabin fever and wasn't about to spend one more minute in that box. So, I let Lostine out in hopes that she would chase him back into his stall, but she ended up totally supporting Bombay in his choice to stay outside. Now I had two horses that I couldn't get back into their stalls.

Gabbrielle was easy. All I had to do was walk into her stall with a peppermint in my hand, and she followed. Bombay and Lostine weren't going to fall for that, though, and I was too lazy to hike through the snow all the way back to the tack room to get a halter. So, I decided that if Bombay and Lostine wanted to stay outside, they were going to have to get their exercise in the process. I chased them all over the place, and they got their ya-yas out.

A while later I put flakes of hay in each stall, but the dorks still wouldn't get inside. They stood at their outdoor feed troughs waiting for me to put the food in there. I didn't. I walked back into the house, mailed a bill payment, made some lunch for myself, etc. and when I got back outside, they were still standing over their outdoor troughs neighing at me while Gabbrielle was happily munching away in her stall.

I gave up and grabbed the halter at that point. No problem getting them in then. After their lunch, the sun actually came out and started melting all that snow. I guess that big storm missed us today. So, I led the horses out of their stalls to their pens. Gabbrielle balked halfway between a loud drip coming from the bottom of the horse trailer and the hay tarp snapping in the wind. She didn't know which way to spook, so she jumped in all directions at once. I just wanted her to stay out of my lap.

It's scary leading a teleporting horse through a narrow passageway. There are two places it can end up: Next to you or on top of you. Fortunately, she lowered her head in submission and walked nicely beside me once she realized there was nothing to worry about.

I spent most of the day trying to guess what the weather was going to do. I felt that as soon as I let the horses outside, it would rain or snow. However, by not letting the horses eat outside, I almost guaranteed that the sun would come out. I look forward to the day when these hour-by-hour weather forecasts are actually accurate.


KD said...

I love me some Lostine. How did you come up with her name?

Flying Lily said...

Your horses are so hilarious - they must be endless fun to watch as they negotiate and sort things out.

TCavanaugh said...

I can't blame them for having cabin fever! Let the sunshine in and I pray spring is around the corner.

RiverBend Farm said...

I have to admit, I've got the same feelings of cabin fever too. I can't stand to stay cooped up for a long time.
My horses have been full of it lately..I'm sure it's the weather.

Breathe said...

It's sort of like carrying an umbrella - that's the best way to guarantee a sunny day. :)

Paint Girl said...

Silly horses! I guess they just want to stay outside!
Looks chilly there. We've been pretty mild here, with some windstorms, but will get some rain again. It just never stops! That is one reason I am really looking forward to Scottsdale! I sure hope it is very warm while we are there!

fernvalley01 said...

If they ever get weather forcasting right I will probably faint!