Friday, February 26, 2010

Educational Seminars

I was able to attend a couple of educational seminars while at the Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. This is Lee Smith.

She is from Wickenburg, Arizona. Most of her presentation involved working with a horse and rider starting with the process of tacking up and focusing on equine psychology.

Lee is so mellow and easygoing that she's a natural around horses.

This is Bob Leary, who teaches equitation for Arizona State University, with a rider who helped him demonstrate the right and wrong ways to perform various maneuvers.

He talked about a variety of information ranging from how a horse sees with its eyes to flying lead changes.

I enjoyed his explanation of using cues to stop your horse. First, sit back. If the horse doesn't stop, then squeeze with your thighs while sitting back. If the horse still doesn't stop, say whoa. As a last result, pull back on the reins. I'm not really conscious of how I stop my horses. I think I normally use my voice first. So, when I got home I rode Bombay to see if he would stop with just the cue of me sitting back on my pockets. He did.


photogchic said...

Cool that you got some good info while down there. Lee looks familiar..can't place her.

fernvalley01 said...

Cool that they had seminars .2 rules of thumb I use with riding
1. Ask for it like you ecpect the answer to be yes
2. If you want the horse to stop moving ,stop riding. (as in sit down and stop driving with your seat and legs )physically preparing for the stop , cause you asked,and they are gonna say yes!
just my stuff I ,love attending clinics and seminars too

Maery Rose said...

I miss seeing clinicians like that. It's always nice to get a refresher and get new ideas of things to try. So much better to see than to try and read a book or article.

Breathe said...

How cool! Bombay was probably thinking "Finally!"

I know that's what Lily thinks. Poor thing, being ridden by this "pull to stop" rider. :)

Glad it was more than pretty horses. Clinics are too fun.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I have met Lee at a couple of shows. She was the judge. Asbolutely fantastic lady!!

She did a little Showmanship clinic at one of the horse shows before it started and asked Megan if she could use Strawberry. Strawberry was a total poop for her. Spooking away, shying and just generally acting like it was his first time to town. Lee handed him back to Megan and was ever so sweet, but told Meg and I, we had a lot of work to do to get him ready to show.

Of course, Strawberry reverted back to his perfect little self for Megan and they won the Showmanship class for her age division. Lee came up to us after the class (I think she was a tad suspicious we had drugged the horse or something) and asked what on earth? Of course, after we explained Strawberry's history, she totally understood.

Katharine Swan said...

I will have to try the sitting back trick, though I suspect it won't work on Panama because he is so green and SO forward. However, squeezing with my thighs definitely works -- he'll ignore a pull on the reins if he doesn't feel like stopping, but not a thigh-squeeze.