Friday, February 5, 2010


We've had the usual hodgepodge of ice slicks, slush, and mud soup on the ground, so no horseback riding for me. We've got another snowstorm coming through today and this weekend. I'm not kidding when I tell you that every storm this winter and all of last year came through on the weekends, thus successfully thwarting me from doing what I love the most. Who is having decent riding weather this time of year? Anyone? Tell me where you live and if you've got room for me, my husband, three horses, and two dogs to move into your area. Once my son leaves for college, I'd like to seriously consider a better climate.

Next weekend I will get to spend a few days in Scottsdale, which should offer some relief. At least if it rains it will probably be a different kind of rain. Warmer, anyway. I am so looking forward to this short vacation, because management has been piling on the impossible deadlines. They get more and more ridiculous in their demands as time goes on. I'm a person who takes pride in her work and it is important to me to be able to feel a sense of accomplishment by completing my tasks successfully, but now I am being pulled in so many different directions that I can't finish anything. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and praying that I won't get fired for being unproductive.

My husband's place of employment just laid of 230+ employees. Fortunately, my husband wasn't one of them this time around. We both have managed to escape the axe in mass layoffs recently. It doesn't mean we are safe, but it does mean that we are thankful. We haven't been as fortunate in the past. Since the economy is such a mess here (and no, Uncle Sam, it is not getting better despite your statistics) and because so many people are suffering in Haiti, we're doing our part to help out.

You can see that that gash in Gabbrielle's face from when the deer scared her is healing. You can also see a lot of dirt and mud on my horses. Trust me, I do groom them, and then they promptly take a mud bath.

Last night my son asked to me spot him while he bench-pressed a barbell on our patio. I couldn't, because I was still chained to my desk trying to complete what should have been a 20-minute task that quickly turned into a 2-hour fiasco. I wrapped things up just before dark and ran outside to get the horses in their stalls and feed them, so I could have a few minutes to spot my son before it got to be pitch-black outside.

I was in a hurry, so I just opened up each gate and let the horses gallop into their stalls. All of the sudden I heard someone yelling, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

I turned around to see a couple of ladies riding horses next door, and apparently my horses stampeding for their dinner caused their horses to stampede as well. I felt awful. I didn't even know they were there. I mean, not a whole lot of people ride in the dark on ice and mud, so I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to be out riding. I guess I should just halter and lead each horse at a walk to and from their stalls from now on, even if I don't have the time. It's just been so easy letting the horses go where they need to go on their own. The process is much faster.

This little girl has been sick. Over time she's grown too fat and lost her flexibility to be able to keep herself clean, so we've been helping her stay clean. However, recently she's been leaving an odd black, tar-like substance behind on the bed covers, so we took her in to the vet. It turns out that she has an infected ulcer in a very private, sensitive place. Her white blood cell count is up and she has crystals in her urine, so she's on a round of antibiotics, allergy shots, and antibacterial cream. The vet is concerned that she may have an autoimmune disease. We'll know for sure if the ulcer comes right back in six weeks after this round of treatment.

I find it fascinating that I can take my dogs or horses in to see a vet, and every health complaint and symptom is taken very seriously. A round of tests is run, phone calls are made, follow up appointments are scheduled, and there is just a general feeling of concern that you get from everyone who comes into contact with your pet. The level of professionalism is very high. I feel totally confident that my pets are in good hands.

Then whenever I get sick and see a doctor, I am not taken seriously at all. I am told to go home, get some rest and come back in two weeks if the symptoms don't go away. If they run tests, and nothing shows up, the doctors rarely bother to dig any deeper. They just shrug their shoulders and say something like, "Maybe you're just under too much stress. Try to relax."

You never hear a vet saying that to an animal. Obviously, animals can't control their own stress. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can climb into a dog suit and see a vet...


Mrs Mom said...

Ugh NuzMuz, I'd say come East, but dude- we're all quacking and growing webbed feet.

As to Human Dr VS Vet- Yeah man, I'd go to a vet anyday over a human Dr! (My Dr sister- practicing in TN right now- hates it when I say that, but know what? It's helped her become a better Dr.)

Hang in there girlfriend. We'll make it!! ;)\

Special get well rubs to that beautiful Corgi girl too!

fernvalley01 said...

I agree sometimes it would be easier to go to the vet for our own health issues. Don't feel so bad about the nieghbors riding ,stuff happens,and you are usually so careful.MAybe next time if there are people so close you could just call out "moving horses" give them an opportunity to collect themselves without adding to your already insurmountable day

MysticFish said...

Well.. We are having mid 50's here this weekend and sun. It rains quite a bit over the winter, we get plenty of mud.. but we don't get the amount of ice it seems you are having. I live North of Seattle.. not sure how you feel about WA state. On the vet/DR front.. I could NOT agree more. Some Doctors are great, but I think they are fewer and farther between than Vets. When I lost my Lab a year ago, our vet sent us a card signed by everyone with a personal note.. I have NEVER received anything from any doctor or facility when I lost my Dad, Husband or Mother.. What does that tell you??? I wish you warmer weather and better neighbors as soon as possible!!!

TCavanaugh said...

I have the space for you (and family) just not the weather. I imagine WI does not offer snow, ice, rain free winters. Every time we almost melt it rains, freezes, then adds a layer of snow (just so you don't know where the slick spots are)!

Human Doc VS Vet...Vet everyday of the week!

Glad to see Gabi's face is healing...any more deer?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

TCavanaugh - I haven't heard the horses kicking at night or seen the deer since that one day I spotted them in the field. I'm hoping they've permanently moved on, though they have a pattern off disappearing for a few days, then returning for a few days.

KD said...

We're doing fine over here in North Florida. I'm riding tomorrow....come on down!

Hope your little Corgi is feeling better soon.

Breathe said...

I hope the medications work for her! I've had the same experience with vets, and I suspect the reason is two fold: cash payment requires you be a good business person (customer service) and the fact that you can go to anyone - no HMOs or insurance limitations.

It was a gorgeous day here, much more typical So Texas Winter weather. but next week we're going to have another blast of cold...


Glad your husband escaped the cut backs. I hope the economy turns around soon.

Janice said...

Pretty little dog, I hope she feels better soon. I would rather see my vet than my doctor any day of the week,I asked apparently it is unacceptable somthing to do with about a million laws or something....huh....go figure.

Leah Fry said...

Texas hasn't been much better. Even if it's not raining on the weekends, it's a mud bog from the previous week. Mine have been blanketed, mostly for Jaz's sake and they are caked with mud. They both need to be groomed. Truth is, they both need baths, cuz they STINK, that coming from one who loves the smell of horses.

And of course, this weekend, my round pen is probably dry enough to ride and guess what? I'm sick!

I hear ya on the doctor thing. I want the guy who took care of Jaz as my doctor.

achieve1dream said...

Sorry about your Corgi. :( I hope she heals up and it doesn't come back.

I don't want to sound callous but you are on your own property and you have the right to let your horses run to the barn. They could easily have decided to chase each other around the pasture in play and that could have scared the neighbor's horses without you anywhere in sigh. I hope the riders were okay though.

Beautiful pictures by the way. :)

Maery Rose said...

Sorry your pup is sick. Hopefully the medication will make her better.

I wouldn't feel bad about letting your horses run into their stalls. You were just letting your horses in which shouldn't be a big deal. Inconsiderate is when you are riding your horse on a narrow trail, down a hill and 5 riders come galloping up the hill so your horse has to turn and run to keep from being bowled over. Now that's inconsiderate.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's your property. You don't have to worry about people who are riding near your barn. They don't have to ride there, and like you said, it was not the best time to be riding anyway. That's a chance a rider takes when they decide to ride in a neighborhood around other horses and barns.

New Mexico has great weather. You can have the snow or not. And you can have it all the same day, just by driving 25 minutes in any direction. Skiin the morning, golf in the afternoon. Ride anytime.
We've been lucky this year with not having lots of wind, too. Some years the wind can be brutal.

Poor Midgie! She looks so pitiful in that photo! I hope she can be healed soon. The mess on the sheets is not something I'm sure you're happy about dealing with either.
The photo of the horses nibbling on each other is so cool. I like the glassy eyed look in Lostine's eyes. lol!