Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hotel

While in Scottsdale, I stayed at the Thunderbird Suites. I felt so fortunate to have a reservation there that I thought I should write a review. You see, my experience with hotels and motels has rarely been good. It's to the point where I expect the worst and is part of the reason for why I don't travel often. I mean, why would someone want to pay somewhere around $120 a night just to be kept up all night by people partying, to be made sick by the smell of paint fumes, to have to call the manager every time you want to flush the toilet, to be provided a broken coffee pot and broken hair dryer, and to have to take a shower with nothing more than a drip? What's the point?

Well, those were my experiences mostly at hotels in California. Arizona is very different.

First off, when I walked into my room, I was shocked to see that it was more than just a room. It really was a suite. For just a little over $100 a night, Thunderbird Suites provided me with a living area that contained one couch, an over-stuffed armchair, a coffee table and side table, a TV, a dresser, a desk and chair, a kitchenette including refrigerator, microwave, sink, granite counter top, working coffee pot, a bathroom with a shower tub, toilet, sinks, more granite counter top, a working hair dryer, a huge bedroom containing a king-sized bed, nightstands, another chair, another dresser, another TV set, and a large closet with a working iron!

The hotel is situated next to Scottsdale Airport, which is a small commuter plane port. I could see airplanes from my bedroom window, while my living area window overlooked the pool in the courtyard. Usually, I don't care to be given a room near the pool, but the other guests were very quiet. Planes only took off once every few hours, and the hotel is off all the main streets, so there is no traffic noise whatsoever. The irony in this was that I was originally going to stay at a hotel in Tempe catercorner to the university, which had cost considerably more than the Thunderbird Suites in Scottsdale. Had I stayed at the other hotel, I would have been right on the corner of two very busy streets and probably wouldn't have been able to hear the TV over the traffic noise.

Thunderbird Suites allows you to control the temperature in your own room and provides free wireless Internet service. They have a restaurant and a bar that serves food just off the lobby. The majority of the businesses surrounding the hotel appeared to be offices and furniture stores, so you do have to drive a ways to find other restaurants and supermarkets for food. The hotel also has a fitness center and meeting rooms.

My room provided ceramic dishes, bowls, silverware and coffee cups with saucers. The front office keeps a little store stocked with food items, drinks, and travel items such as dental floss. You can find just about everything you need there. The maids did an impeccable job and did not come around knocking at indecent hours while I was still sleeping, which is what I've had happen at many other hotels. Speaking of sleep, the beds are the most comfortable beds in the world. It's like sleeping on a cloud. Since I so desperately need some rest on this vacation, that bed helped me get every minute of sleep that I needed.

Like all hotels, the walls were paper-thin and the courtyard design of the hotel gave it some outrageous acoustics, however the guests who stayed at the hotel at the same time that I did were all either very considerate or very tired, because I could hear a pin drop, save the few times when someone occasionally rolled his or her luggage up or down the balcony hall. Oh yeah, and the water pipes could get obnoxious too if someone in a nearby room woke early to take his shower. The overall peace and quiet that I got at Thunderbird Suites was quite a special treat. It's a hotel for pilots, and I think that most pilots take to the air because they love to get away from it all too.


Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick is a little jealous of all that sunshine. We've seen very little here this winter. I'm so glad you had such a perfect time at the Thunderbird. It looks just marvelous!

God bless and have a wonderful day from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

lytha said...

i'm so, so happy for you, that you had a great hotel experience. you had quite a history with hotels!

we just booked 4 days in munich at a sheraton, and thankfully i can get an american rate if i use my american credit card and book over

i totally have to recommend this service to people - along with expedia, you save lots of money just using their portal.

too funny, when my parents were here, they stayed in one of the fancy hotels downtown, and they used the in-lobby computer to book extra nights over and paid only 100$ per night, as opposed to 250 euros at the counter! the hotel staff were cool with that, i was so impressed. although even nice hotels in germany leave lots to be desired. (did you know there is no such thing as a king bed here? hotels slap two twins together and that's it, you've got a gap between you and your spouse.)

oh, how i miss redwood shores (CA) sofitel!!!!!!

have you been to vegas? stupid question probably, but i find the hotels there are wonderful, and really cheap for the number of stars. they are cutting back on coffee makers in the rooms though, cuz they want you to come down to the starbucks in the lobby, grrr. (MGM) i complained, to no avail.

p.s. guess what i just saw! a fly buzzing at my kitchen window. HA! it's a sign!

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a nice place ,thanks for the reveiw ,and so glad you got some rest finally!

Sydney said...

wah so jealous I would love to go swimming outside right now if it was warm enough.

Callie said...

Looks a lot more comfortable than being stuck out in the middle of a desert, LOL! ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok, I the hotel just scored more points with me now, after seeing the Poppy print by Georgia O'Keefe above the kitchen table. I've got that same print in my living room. I love Georgia O'Keefe's art.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your stay there and get some much needed rest. You deserve it. So, did you and D go swimming, too?
I think I would have been in that hot tub after that full day of letterboxing you guys did. hehe!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - We actually passed out after letterboxing, but I did spent half a day out by the pool to get some sun. What was interesting was that both the jacuzzi and the pool were so hot that it was hard to cool down. I think they kept them at temperatures that were more appropriate for an evening swim.