Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahhhhh, Relief!

I took this picture last week, before the weather decided to get cold and wet again. Today the horses are locked up tight in their stalls with their blankets on while it snows outside. They were locked up all day yesterday, save half an hour when we let them out so that we could clean stalls.

Bombay and Gabbrielle went nuts as soon as they were set free. They were racing around, rearing, bucking, spinning, jumping everything they could jump including each other. It was insane. I was so sure one of them would end up with a leg injury, but they are both quite controlled, talented ballet dancers.

With the extra snow, the ski patrol is dynamiting the avalanche dangers on the mountain again, which makes my dog shake all over in fear and run around the house panting. She tries to bury herself in the cables behind my computer, which interferes with my office work. This kind of weather affects me negatively in so many different ways. I am thankful for the respite we've had over the past couple of weeks, but was hoping I wouldn't have to see any more snow until next December. I don't even want to bother taking a picture of it, because I don't want to make any of you feel cold. (Instead I'll just make you want to pee. Hee hee.)

As soon as it warms up this time of year, my husband always says, "These are our three weeks of spring. Enjoy them while you can."

What that means is that in Northern Nevada we go from snow to spring-like weather for three weeks, and then back to snow again. Some time around June, we transition from snow to 80 and 90-degree summer temperatures. Then we spend the rest of the summer in triple-digits. This year we got gypped, because we only got two weeks of spring.

I've put in for two vacation days in April and three vacation days in May, so that I'll have something to look forward to. I didn't want to take off an entire week, because I can't count on the weather being nice until June. I may go to the Arabian horse show in Santa Barbara, California in May, because I'm due to spend some time with my mother. Her osteoporosis is advancing to her hips, so I don't know how much longer we'll be able to travel together. I love their horse show facility in Santa Barbara. The stands are covered, but the arena is open to one huge sky-light, which makes for really nice photographs, unlike the indoor arenas at Scottsdale, which were completely covered and too dark for action shots, unless you have a professional camera.

There are a lot of other really interesting horse shows going on all summer at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, including the Lipizzaner stallions over the 4th of July weekend. The one show I'd really love to see is the USEF/AVA National Championships Gymnastics on horseback. How awesome would that be to watch?


Dreaming said...

Well, your snow is supposed to come our way tomorrow or I totally understand the funk caused by a few gorgeous days followed by 'yuck'! We are not looking forward to it!

I am so sorry that I missed horse shows in Santa Barbara. My son used to live there and we'd visit occasionally. Had I only known I would have coordinated my trip with a show. I do love driving around in that area and getting sneak peeks at beautiful horse farms.

Breathe said...

Snow? Ick. I'll take a peeing horse anytime.

Your weather is really weird. I never realized you would go back to snow...

That USEF/AVA show sounds great. As an amateur (and unplanned) horse gymnast I would love to compete in the vulture meets horse division. :)

Sydney said...

Only horse people would take pictures of a horse peeing and post it on their blogs.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sydney - It's not the first time for me, and if I could get a horse fart on film, I'd post that too. Does that mean I'm sick?

allhorsestuff said...

Only You and I post a pic of our horses peeing!

I laughed so heartily! Yea...mine's ben cooped up oo...wind/rain/snow mixtures of weather! Ick..let them out today -and they looked like wind- up bucking bronc toys!

The events of the summer sound fun indeed!

lytha said...

sick? no. 5th graders love this stuff!*LOL*

my anthropomorphizing self cannot bear it!


Anonymous said...

We have been enjoying record warmth and dry - the first March in weather record history here with no snow! So I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.....

Lulu said...

Folks here in Nebraska have been complaining that we skipped Spring altogether! We literally went from having 30+ inches of snow on the ground, to 80 degree temperatures! Our poor horses don't know what to do with all that winter hair they've got left!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How far are you from Santa Barbara? Do you drive or fly?

Sounds like your seasons are similar to ours, too. I never count on warm weather in March or April as being the end of winter. It's snowed and hailed and froze the fruit tree blooms all the way into Memorial Day weekend.

The difference between our seasons and yours is that our temps here stay comfortably in the 80's all summer long. We rarely ever turn on our A/C or swamp coolers, instead just keep the windows open all summer for cool mountain breezes.

Of course, as Lytha reminded me, we pay dearly for those cooler summers with 8 months of winter.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - I usually drive to my mother's house in L.A. first to pick her up and that's about 400 miles. I don't fly, because I don't want to have to worry about her driving to pick me up from the airport or insisting that she drive her own car to Santa Barbara. She's a really bad driver, so I bring my own vehicle and insist on her being the passenger.

Rising Rainbow said...

No snow here but 50+ MPH winds and rain with temps in the low 40s has me just as depressed. Your choice of pics are the first levity in my day. LOL

Have never been to Santa Barbara for a horse show but about now, I'm ready to move there to find out what they're like and escape this place.

Andrea said...

This weather has been crazy! I can't believe you have snow!! We are enjoying 70 degree weather!! It's been nice, but I know the heated summers are coming, and those are not so nice!