Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leather CPR Boot and Shoe Polish

After applying Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack on my dusty, dirty, scuffed up boots, I applied Leather CPR Boot and Shoe Polish. When I unscrewed the lid, two things struck me right away: First was the pleasant smell of the product followed by my surprise when a sponge popped out from underneath the lid. I was so glad to have a sponge included as I don't usually keep such items around the house. The sponge has the perfect porosity to apply the product.

On each of the photos below, the boot on the left has just been cleaned and conditioned, while the boot on the right has been polished with Leather CPR Boot and Shoe Polish...

Ignore the different colored shoe laces on the boots above. It has nothing to do with the polish. One of my laces just broke and I didn't have one handy that was the same color.

Below are groups of boots after all had been polished...

Pretty maids all in a row...

I was able to polish all of these boots in less than ten minutes, and very impressed with the outcome. I used the neutral polish, but they also provide a black polish to cover up scuffs.

Product Information
Leather CPR Shoe & Boot Polish restores shine to leather shoes and boots.

Leather CPR Shoe & Boot Polish shines smooth-finished leather, snake, alligator, lizard and ostrich.

Leather CPR Shoe & Boot Polish is not intended for use on porous leather such as suede.

Apply polish sparingly using a clean, soft sponge. Do not wipe off.

Features and Benefits

  • Shines and renews leather shoes and boots
  • Polish dries in seconds for instant results
  • No buffing required
  • Available in neutral and black
  • Permanent dye in black polish restores appearance of damaged black leather
  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee

Suggested Retail Prices
The manufacturer suggested retail price for neutral and black Leather CPR Shoe & Boot Polish is $8.95 for a 4-ounce jar.

Leather CPR Shoe & Boot Polish in neutral and black is available nationwide at Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, Do-it-Best, Smart & Final, True Value Hardware, Walgreen's and fine tack and farm supply stores or online at http://www.leathercpr.com.

# # #


As a special thank you for reading this, CPR Cleaning Products is giving you the opportunity to receive your own free sample product. The sign-up form for a free sample can be found at http://www.leathercpr.com/specialoffer/.

Quantities of full-size product samples are limited.

You are also eligible to compete for one of five CPR Cleaning Prize Packs worth $50. Here is how it works:

1. Invite unlimited friends, family members, Twitter followers, blog readers and Facebook friends to receive their own free product sample by visiting http://www.leathercpr.com/special offer/.
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3. The five people who refer the most friends/family to sign up for a free sample by March 31, 2010 will be rewarded with a CPR Cleaning Products prize pack.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great product line! You my dear have many boots !and they all look comfy

achieve1dream said...


Sydney said...

This is interesting. I haven't heard too much good about the leather CPR, especially the price. From a friend who jumps a lot she will not use it on her saddles. She said it made them sticky feeling.

lytha said...

nice looking boots, and you do have a lot of choices!

cool that a sponge came with it. i recently bought car wax and insisted on the can with the sponge in the lid, because sponges work so much better at waxing than anything else.

now if only the snow would melt so i can get the car pretty again. i wash it and on the way home from being washed, it's covered in salt again: (

we still have so much snow, and the funny thing is when you drive 20 minutes in any direction, no snow. i am being targeted.

p.s. is porosity a word?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

All your boots look beautiful...and very comfy, too. Do you have a favorite pair? What is your favorite brand of boots?

Thanks for the review on the leather cleaner.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - Sadly, each pair of those boots doesn't quite fit right. I guess I have weird feet, and that's probably why I have so many boots. I'm always in search of a pair that won't rub or cause me pain in other ways. If I spend an entire day working outside with the horses, I usually have to change my boots about three times throughout the day, so that the same spot doesn't keep getting irritated on my feet. If I go hiking, I take an extra pair - one for uphill and one for down. Overall, I can wear Ariats the longest.

Rhonda said...

Great job doing this review. Very thorough and informative.

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We are including only equine related blogs and we'd love to have you!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wpw! what a collection of boots you have. I'm lucky if I can find one pair I'm happy with......but then I suppose if I actually went shopping I'd be able to find more. LOL