Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seize the Day

Saturday was such a beautiful day that I had plans to ride all the horses come Sunday. However, I was having a hard time sleeping Saturday night, and ended up oversleeping into late Sunday morning as a result. (8:30 AM is late for me.)

The horses weren't done eating their breakfast until 11:00 AM. It was warm and the air was still as I cleaned the paddock while they ate. I went inside for maybe 20 minutes to rehydrate and feed myself. By the time I got back outside to ride, the wind before our next storm had kicked up 12-hours early. The tarp on the haystack was blowing violently and snapping at me as I walked past it. Ugh. So much for riding Gabbrielle. I am not getting on a green horse in a big wind.

So, I got on Bombay. Oh yes, he spooked a few times, but I couldn't blame him, because the wind really was quite unpredictable. The gusts were coming and going and changing in strength, sending things flying through the air and knocking other things down to the ground. I had hoped to trot him around the property like I did with Lostine on Saturday, but he was too nervous as was just being in the round pen. I didn't think it would be wise to ride him next to all my neighbor's tarps and loose garbage piles.

We did work on his posting trot, sitting trot, slow jog, and purposeful walk. One of the things my trainer hated was when Bombay would pussyfoot around the arena. He made me push him up to a strong, fast walk. I got to the point where I understood my trainer's frustration, because a horse that is allowed to walk with hesitation is a horse that is allowed to find things to spook at.

I also have reserved the lope for outside the round pen, because my trainer told me that my round pen is really too small to be loping such a large horse in. I have to keep him bent to the inside which puts more pressure on his inside legs than his outside because of the tight turn. He said he'd rather see me lope him in a bigger arena or on a straight-of-way. That will have to wait until the next weekend when the weather cooperates.

This time of year you really have to seize the day when you get a good one. The weather turns to manure really fast.

I told Bombay that if he gets to the point where he can hang with me in the wind without spooking, I'll call him Wind Walker the Brave Warrior. He sighed and said he likes the name Bombay better.


Sydney said...

Seize the day, isn't that called carpe diem?

Maery Rose said...

You are so right about having to seize the day to ride at this time of year. I hate when "the day" ends up being filled with other stuff! And I also know how getting up at 8:30 is "late" for horsey people and can through off the best laid plans. Glad you got out to ride, even with some wind.

Rising Rainbow said...

You're right about the weather turning to manure quickly. Same is true here. I feel quite deprived. Not nearly enough riding time to suit me.

How tall is Bombay??

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sydney - Yes, it is, but I think I used the title "Carpe Diem" for one of my posts last spring. I'm getting repetitive, but in different languages.

Maery Rose - There have been times when an appointment-filled day ended up being nice, and I've been so tempted to cancel all of my appointments and just go ride a horse, but I know that's not fair to the businesses I have appointments with.

RR - Bombay is normally 15-hands, but when he's on alert, he puffs himself up to 15.2 or so. He has a big presence, so people often think he's bigger than he is.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm thinking Bombay might prefer the name, "King of the Carrots.....Master of all Treats"



fernvalley01 said...

I like Bombay better too . What a good horse you have there and a good looking one at that . I hear you about the weather around here it weather it will blow, snow, or rain, or if we are very lucky and hold our maouth just right ... A beautiful sunshiny day will emerge!

Paint Girl said...

Don't you hate it when the weather just decides to do things differently then what it is supposed to do?
Today I knew it was going to rain at some point, but I went outside and brought Brandy out anyways. The clouds were getting threatening and the wind really picked up. I lunged Brandy first, but couldn't do too much because the arena was so slippery. I got on Brandy and not 5 minutes into my ride, the clouds opened up and dumped rain. I just continued riding. I said the heck with it. Who knows when I will be able to ride again? I was drenched by the time I was done, and once I got her un-tacked, it quit raining. Figures!
Looks like Bombay did quite well with the wicked wind!!

Breathe said...

Glad you got in a ride, even if it wasn't quite a full one. I tried a t-touch to deal with wind-related spooking and I'll be darned if it worked today. Let me know if you want some info on it.

lytha said...

bombay is soooo pretty. i love how his snow white mane contrasts with his red flecks.

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, so is THAT how you get the pictures of him with his ears perked -- tempt him with carrots? LOL

Your trainer's preference for a faster walk interested me. What would he do with Panama? We are always trying to get him to slow down -- and I'm not so sure he doesn't spook more when he's walking fast, either. It probably has more to do with the reason they are walking slower or faster (nerves) than the speed itself.