Monday, April 26, 2010

April Blizzards

I never take my camera out to the barn with me when I clean stalls, but I'm starting to think that I should, because the cutest things happen when I'm out there. It's just kind of hard to shovel manure with a camera hanging around my neck, plus I don't want all that dust to get in it.

Anyway, this evening I was shoveling manure when I saw a flash of yellow disappear behind my barn. I knew my son was wearing a yellow shirt, so I figured it was him sneaking up on me. I quietly moved out of the stall I was cleaning and came around the opposite corner of the barn to sneak up on him. He was disappointed that I ruined his stealthy move by being alert. He came around the corner with me while I returned to cleaning stalls, but he wasn't wearing shoes and the horses were bearing down on him.

He quickly jumped up into a sitting position on the sill of a stall window, so that the horses couldn't step on his bare feet. Gabbrielle was so fascinated by all that bare skin on his legs and feet (shorts and no shoes) that she kept poking his legs and feet with her muzzle. I told my son to be careful, because sometimes the horses will nip to get a better understanding of human skin. I remember Bombay getting a little nutty over seeing my bare legs the first time I wore shorts around him, and he almost bit me.

While Gabbrielle was doing her exploration with her muzzle, Bombay wandered over with a basketball in his mouth and tried to get my son to play basketball with him. The horses often watch my son play basketball on our driveway and I'm sure they'd love to shoot hoops with him. Soon both horses were getting a little too frisky investigating my son's legs, so he stood in the window and started to swing from the rafters. That sent the horses running, but then they'd come right back to sniff and poke at him again.

I wish I had my camera, because their curiosity was just too cute, stretching their necks out with their ears pinned forward and wiggling their lips back and forth. My son had enough when they started investigating his shorts, so he swung out in one big kick, something the horses understood, and they ran far enough away to let him escape the paddock in bare feet without getting mobbed by hooves.

Since I didn't get pictures of that, I'm posting pictures I took while trying to sneak up on Lostine the other day. My son won't be in shorts and bare feet for long, we've got another storm coming through tomorrow that is predicted to bring us snow all the way through Friday. It's supposed to be "April showers bring May flowers" -- not April blizzards freeze your gizzards.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like it would have been great to see, Oh well you got to see the fun and thats all that counts if it made you smile

Katharine Swan said...

I've ridden Panama bareback wearing flip-flops a few times (not in a while though), and he was always very interested in my feet! He'd bend his neck around to nuzzle my toes while I was on his back, but luckily he never tried to bite!

Jen said...

If I had a quarter for every missed photo op, I could probably buy myself a private island somewhere in the Caribbean (although having a camera phone has turned out to be pretty darn handy :o)

Leah Fry said...

LOL, I never heard that one — April blizzards freeze you gizzards — but I like it! You just keep all that crap north and west, missy. It is much cooler today, and they are calling for rain later in the week. Of course they are; after Friday, I am off until next Weds.

Poco is fascinated by my toes, especially if I'm wearing polish. I'm always afraid he's going to think they're baby carrots or something.

Dreaming said...

You are so right about needing to have a camera handy at all times....but it also is a pain. I took mine to the barn this morning and stuffed it in my pocket. It was in the way there, too. And, the fat robin I wanted to capture wouldn't cooperate anyway.
Love your you mind if I borrow it the next time we have an April blizzard? That blizzard might come a few days after it hits you! Ugh!

Breathe said...

LOL! What fun! I think you'll need to get one of those cheap disposables for the barn, because we really need to see these!

JeniQ said...

Good Morning NuzzMuzz! For some reason my posts from the other day did not go through so I wanted to say "Good Luck" on the new adventure. I work in the software biz too, but manage a total resolution technical helpdesk. I completely understand the stress and the need to do more with less.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Freeze your! You crack me up. :-D

That sounds so cute with the way that the horses were curious and playful with Colt. Yes, don't forget to take your camera to the barn, 'cause you just never know. I rarely ever forget mine, but I do keep mine in it's carry case so it will stay as clean and protected as possible.

Love that photo of Lostine! She's so pretty!


ps We're expecting some snow flurries, too. bah!

achieve1dream said...

I know you posted this ages ago but I'm just now finding the time to catch up. I just wanted to mention when I'm carrying my camera and need it out of the way I put it around my neck and one shoulder like a purse, but slide it around to my back so that if I bend over it's not dangling but just resting harmlessly against my back. The only problem I have with this is Chrome sneaking up behind me to try to chew on it lol! Hope this helps. :)