Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ditch the Girls and Make Them Cry

We had awesome warm temperatures with no wind today, so I ran outside on my lunch break to quickly work a couple of horses in the round pen. The girls tried to evade the halter, so I chose Bombay since he was being cooperative. After his exercise, we went for a walk. The mares were pinning their ears back at us, because our fun was delaying their lunch.

Each time Bombay and I walked behind the barn, the girls would be waiting for us on the other side with their ears pinned back. I decided to play a joke on them and quickly turn around and run in the opposite direction, coming out the other side. As soon as I turned Bombay with the lead rope and started running, I realized that he might think we were running away from something scary.

He looked behind us as he trotted beside me, realized there was no danger and relaxed into the game. Gabbrielle caught on, hearing Bombay's hoofbeats heading in the opposite direction, so she galloped over to the other side of the barn to head us off at the pass. We ran into her and I burst out laughing. Bombay seemed rather pleased with this game of trying to ditch the girls, and the girls were no longer pinning their ears back since I was including them, though in a somewhat exclusive way, in our activities.

I then lunged Gabbrielle and got really excited over her jog. In the past she has only walked, trotted fast, and galloped. I've never seen her jog or lope. However, now that she understands the command of EASY, she slows her gait and I can get her down to a jog. It's a very up and down animated jog, but very beautiful. I walked her around too, but when I tried to get her to jog beside me, what happened in the round pen didn't translate to the lead rope. She was still trotting too fast and too far ahead of me. I told her not to pull on me, so she turned and trotted sideways while I ran beside and behind her. Well, at least she wasn't pulling at that point. She'll figure it out. She's just a high-energy kid who's happy to be back in school after a long winter vacation.


fernvalley01 said...

Fun times over lucnh ! I bet you felt great when it was done!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a lunch hour!
You'll have to get Gabbrielle's trot on video for us, please.

Rising Rainbow said...

Ya gotta love those Arabs. They many not get what you want but they'll give you something. Trotting sideways is very creative, not to mention athletic. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Sounds like you had a fun time just playing with your herd. And I'd love to see Gabbrielle trotting sideways sometime. lol!

When are you going to put a saddle back on her and ride her a little?