Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Late

Better late than never, I suppose. I stumbled upon these photos I took from a moving car of various barns. Last week's Sunday Stills Challenge was BARNS! I meant to post these last Sunday, but (add excuse here). I'd actually have better luck participating if it were Saturday Stills, since Sunday is the only quiet day in the neighborhood and I use it to train the horses.

This first barn is more modern day, probably built within the past 10 years. If it weren't for the blurred fence posts and sign in the foreground, you'd never know I took it out the window of a car going 45 MPH.

This next one is my favorite. Despite having more sky than is necessary in the photograph, I find it interesting the I managed to get the old pick up truck into the lower corner of the picture, and the cross of the telephone pole in the very center adds some interest, as well. If there were some distinct clouds in the sky, it might balance out better.

This final photograph is blurry all over, but if I ever pass by this way again, I'll make the effort to get out of the car and set up the shot, because the tonal range of the wood on this barn is lovely. Also, the telephone wires offer some juxtaposition, with the lines going in a different direction.


fernvalley01 said...

Very nice pics , esp taken from a moving veicle!

photogchic said...

Love checking out old barns...dream all the time about property with a cool old barn. Great pics!

Callie said...

Great Barn pics!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Interesting that the poles and sign blurred but the barn did not. Cool pi. I love a big red barn.
The second shot is my favorite. You were spot on in your comments about the photo, too. I think it follows the rule of thirds nicely.

Good job!

Cheryl Ann said...

Great barn pics, even if they are blurry! Your area has quite a few barns, if I remember. I can't wait to return there this summer!