Sunday, April 18, 2010

More on the Trail Ride

One of the hazards of trail riding an inexperienced horse is all the critters you run into that the horse has never seen before. I have worried that if any animal besides a bird runs across the trail in front of us, my horses might bolt. The only animals my horses see at home on a regular basis are birds, cats, dogs, and an occasional jackrabbit.

While riding Bombay yesterday, we had several chipmunks and squirrels scurry across the trail in front of us. I told Bombay how cute they were in my something-is-cute voice and he kept moving forward. The first squirrel that crossed our path caused some concern, because he slowed his pace, looked around, and tensed up at the bush that the squirrel disappeared into, but he did keep moving forward. After that one time, he didn't seem concerned about these little critters at all.

At one point Bombay became very nervous about something he sensed up ahead, so I remembered what my blogger friends said about singing to relax your horse. I started singing, and then said to my husband, "He's getting nervous, so I'm singing to try to relax him."

My husband said, "Oh really? I was going with the you've-gone-bonkers theory."

The pollen count is really high around here this time of year, and we've all got ongoing headaches and sinus drainage. Between that and all the dust I was inhaling on the trail ride, my throat got so clogged up that I was having a hard time breathing. I had to clear my throat and spit and didn't have any time to give a warning. I knew the noise and my sudden movement of leaning over the side of my horse would spook Bombay, so I just braced for it.

The noise I made was probably something like a lion or tiger hissing before an attack. Bombay teleported sideways and my husband screamed. I spit and then burst out laughing. Bombay immediately relaxed, realizing this was just another one of my silly stunts, and my husband said, "You scared me more than the horse!"


lytha said...

i just cracked up laughing at your husband's comments! how nice that he accompanied you and helped you too.

Leah Fry said...

Did Bombay like your singing? Works for us.

WV = realey

Katharine Swan said...

I laughed pretty hard at your husband's "you've gone bonkers" comment, and even harder when you described him screaming. :o) Thanks for the laugh!

But on a more serious note, Panama spooks too at small animals. Birds flying up in front of him especially seem to alarm him. And it's been a while since we've seen one, but he used to be terrified of bunny rabbits!

Paint Girl said...

I totally understand the spooking! Brandy spooks at butterflies and dandelions! Seriously!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooeeee! What an adventure. Sounds like you're creating a densensitized, safer trail horse in Bombay.
And, well at least you had time to prepare for the teleport. Wish I had been prepared when Baby Doll did that to me. I still don't even know what spooked her!