Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Quick Change of Scene

This was how our yard was looking a few days ago...

This is what our yard looks like today...

It's too muddy and slippery to ride the horses, so I've been relocating manure.

The pasture is finally starting to turn green in patches.

Dandelions have taken over our yard.

I started digging some of them up and trying to clear all the grass out from around my hedge, so that I can create a trench to water it with, but before I could get more than two dandelion bunches dug up, my neighbor brought in another work crew to do I-don't-know-what on her property and inside her guest house. It looks like she's preparing for long-term guests, which means more neighbors and less privacy for me.

The leaves haven't had a chance to bud on most of the trees.

I hung an old tarp over a fence near one of the horses' feed troughs. Then the wind picked up and started blowing it around. Interestingly, Bombay was the only horse unfazed by the billowing tarp. He ate to his heart's content, and each time one of the mares came over to try to steal his food, the tarp would startle them and chase them away. I think that trail ride did wonders for Bombay's courage.


JeniQ said...

Give the mares a few days and that tarp won't both them if that's where food is *grins*

I'm so glad we won't see any more snow in southern Ohio until next winter. If it snowed now I'd probably cry.

Leah Fry said...

Food: the great equalizer.

LOVE your little wagon!

Dreaming said...

Your snow came our a big way. Like your trees, ours are still just in bud. We also have dandelions popping up all over. Good luck!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Man you have a seriously cool wagon! I would LOVE one like that!
I am so sorry everything is muddy. We had a hail storm the other day that ruined my flowers, but other than that everything is lush and GREEN!!!
Like the tarp too!

fernvalley01 said...

Any more snow or rain,you can send it here!It is so dry I would take it as snow

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay Bombay!

Crazy what a difference a day can make, eh?

I sure hope that was Winter's last hurrah!


Anonymous said...

We have grass and leaves like never before at this time of year. A year ago Thursday we had 13 inches of snow; this year it was 71 degrees. It's strange, and I don't quite trust it.

I hope Bombay is enjoying the rewards of his bravery - it sounds like he is. SIlly mares, but they do naturally worry more about being eaten by monsters.

You MUST share the details of your lovely wagon. LOL, only horse people have wagon envy. Who makes it, where did you get it, how much was it, how do you like it?

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It looks like you got hit with the same storm we did. Baahhh! I'm so ready for summer!

Sounds like trail riding has been really good for Bombay.

My horses love to eat dandelions.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The wagon is my Ursa Wagon. I did a product review on it a while back that has all the information you should need. It's been the best manure solution I've ever had, but watch out for the metal handle. It likes to fall on your feet when in the up position, and it also gets in the way of the manure fork and shovel when in the up position.