Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's Little Helpers

How do you move this thing?

Maybe I can pull it from the axle with my teeth.

That didn't work. I should read the directions.

Oh shoot! I forgot my glasses. I think I'll just bite the tire until it rolls away. That usually works with other horses.

Gabbrielle, you're supposed to pick up the handle like Mom does.

Got it! You push and I'll pull.

Okay, we've moved it to the next manure pile. Now we've just got to figure out how to pick up the fork.


Katharine Swan said...

HAHA -- that is SO cute. Panama tries to bite the fork's handle when I lead him around the arena so I can clean up his little presents -- maybe he's really trying to help, too. ;o)

Dreaming said...

I just love your pictures and accompanying dialog. It is so much fun when the horses decide to 'help'!
My guys were fed and watered from a wheel barrow in their past life. So, whenever I bring one into the paddock they come investigate immediately. They've pushed it over on more than one occasion, as if to say,'What's this #%*&$$^ you're feeding us?!"

fernvalley01 said...

So cute ! what great helpers!

JeniQ said...

Great pictures and story NuzzMuzz !!!!!!!!

Leah Fry said...

Send them my way! My lazy Boyz are no help at all. There's no food in that wagon, so we're outta here!

manker said...

gives new meaning to 'pulling your weight'.. good on them
happy trails

nikki said...

Too cute!!!! Talk about great team work! ;)

Andrea said...

Okay this is the cutest post EVER!! Bombay comes to the rescue and shows her how it's done!! LOL!!! I love it!!! Such curious horses!