Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Saturday and Sunday were like night and day. The neighborhood was so busy on Saturday that the best I could do was get a little groundwork in with each horse while the neighbors and all their guests watched and asked questions. On Sunday, everyone left the neighborhood and I was able to get in a ride on all three horses.

I knew I couldn't take them to the Fairgrounds because by the looks of all the horse trailers moving past my house, I knew there must be a rodeo or gymkhana show. I saw in the newspaper that the Fairgrounds are booked up pretty much every weekend this summer with activities. It looks like I'll have to go out on the week evenings if I want the facilities to myself.

I also didn't want to take a chance on the trails, because people who don't hike on a regular basis tend to hit the trails on holiday weekends, which means I would run into dogs off leash with owners who have no control over them and people who don't know the rules of the trail regarding how to behave around horses. So, I was relieved to actually be able to ride at home.

Of course, as soon as I got ready to mount Gabbrielle, my door-slamming neighbors drove up and began their routine of SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! It went on for a good 40 minutes... slamming the driver's side door, slamming the passenger side door, slamming each of the back doors, slamming the trunk, slamming the front door to the house. In and out, in and out the woman went. Every time I thought she was done, she'd come right back out and do the same routine over again as if looking for something she lost. A car can only hold so much junk, and in the number of trips she made between car and house, one would think her car were like Mary Poppins carpet bag. Lamp, anyone?

What I don't get is that when I do my marketing, I get out of the driver's side and shut the door (not slam it), I pop the trunk open and leave the trunk open until I am done carrying all the groceries into the house. Then I close the trunk, followed by the front door. I only close three doors during the entire process. I'm not sure why this lady has to slam each door and the trunk if she knows she's going to be right back to get something else out of the car. I've been watching these TV shows on OCD and am thinking this woman's behavior is a fit for that condition. It would explain why she does the same action over and over without seeming to care that she's distracting and/or spooking my horses in the process. She couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to. That's gotta suck.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awww, Gabbrielle looks so cute!

Breathe said...

I think you're dead on with the OCD thing. It's scary to see someone with that doing their "thing." They really can not stop.

But it's built in desensitization, I guess.

Glad you got some riding time in!

Maia said...

Your neighbor is the plue perfect pits. I'm with you, open the car door, open the trunk and unload. I don't make that much noise when I've got a car full of stuff coming back from vacation.

I also understand what you mean about trail behaivor. Because I'm on the east coast, we not only have dogs off leash, we have boom boxes and children who run up wanting to pet your horse. It's enough to make you want to scream.

But at least the weather's better and you can ride on your property.

PS: Your horse looks beautiful

allhorsestuff said...

Look at her...she is all decked out and looking great too! Love her greens and blues.
So glad you got a time with all of them!

Yea..I am selective to where I go trail out to and when..all the same reasons!
Be well!

fernvalley01 said...

I think you may be right about the OCD with your neighbor, it explains it a bit better . But she does seem to have a bit of an obsession with you as well, isn;t this the same one who stalks uyou from behind the barn?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad you were able to get some horse time in somehow.

My daughter has OCD and I know what you mean about some of the annoying behavior that people who have it must do.

In some ways, with my daughter it's kind of nice because she's very fastidious and can't have anything cattywompous or placed somewhere where it wasn't before.

She's also very particular about chores and has taken it upon herself to make sure none of the cat or dog bowls are ever empty of food or water. Which is very helpful for me, of course.

It does make it challenging when she's always coming behind me and moving things that I lay down, though.

And everytime I go into the pantry cabinet to line up the cans MY WAY....she comes in behind me and lines them up the way SHE THINKS THEY SHOULD BE....which to me seems to have no rhyme or reason.

I've since given up and just try to dig through my canned goods, hoping to find something...anything at all that I can use for dinner. lol!