Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Trail Ride Yet

Lostine and I had our best trail ride yet. Not a single sign tucked between trees spooked her.

She walked all the way to the river. Or maybe I should say she balked all the way to the river remembering the people in the bushes who were throwing rocks into it last weekend. I wasn't in any hurry, so I just let her stop, look around, think about getting up her courage, and then I'd encourage her forward.

She surprised me by climbing right down the bank into the trees and up to the edge of the river.

I think she was thirsty, but she didn't drink nor cross. We just spent some time enjoying the shade and the sound of the babbling brook. We didn't pass many people on the trails. I think there were more dogs than people: I saw a Corgi (my favorite), a yellow Lab, three black Labs, and two Golden Retrievers. People kept pulling into the parking lot, opening up their tailgates, and dogs came bounding out to run straight up the mountain paying no attention to my horse. Come ride along with us...

She comes to sudden stops when she sees, smells or hears something further along the trail. She wants to figure out what it is before moving any closer.

From what I hear from her previous owner, Lostine was attacked by a dog once. I think she does really well around them considering. She attracted a lot of butterflies and few squirrels and lizards along the trail. I keep hoping to see bunnies.

I saw my favorite trail rider again. He always seems to be finishing up his ride right when I'm starting mine. I remembered the model name of my Tucker saddle this time, so I told him it is the High Plains model. I think he wants to get one for himself. Here's how much room I've got in front of me. The horn bag doesn't rub against my legs.

It's hard to tell from this picture, but there were some pretty orange flowers off to the side of the trail...

Lostine balked at the same spot she did last week where she thought the logs were snakes. I filmed it to show you how much work it takes to move her forward past scary objects.

Once we got past that point we found a grave site on the side of the trail.

A close up still shot to make up for all the shaking in the video...

While traveling down a very narrow trail, a group of about 20 people came hiking up toward us. They appeared to be a church group as they were talking about Jesus. Some of the hikers were really struggling. They had canes and looked to be in their 70's or 80's. They were so tired that they couldn't move off the trail to let me pass, so I just parked Lostine off to the side while they talked about getting bugs in their mouths and finding Jesus in the trees. People were telling me how beautiful, sweet, and well behaved Lostine is. I was proud to tell them she's an Arabian. One lady said that Arabian horses are her favorites. Once they regained their strength, they moved past and Lostine and I were able to get back on the trail.

The white dot at the end of the trail is our horse trailer...

I expected Lostine to pick up the pace once she saw it, but she actually began dawdling. When I dismounted to lead her through the paved parking lot, she kept trying to turn around and go back up the trail. I guess she really enjoyed her outing and wasn't ready to leave for home.

I was tempted to turn around and go right back up, but I knew she needed water and it was close to lunch time for all my horses.

When we got home I discovered some damage to her hind splint boots...

That buckle isn't going to hold any longer, so I need to either sew on some new material or buy some new size medium splint boots. They are really for Bombay's front legs, but they just happen to fit Lostine's back legs. Bombay wears size M in the front and size L in the back. Lostine wears size S in the front and size M in the back. Gabbrielle wears nothing but small all around.

A while ago my husband picked up one of those combination locks and assembled a cable for me so that I could keep my other saddles locked up while I'm out riding. My saddle rack is in the back of my horse trailer. Anyway, we were both so surprised to discover that the combination that came with the lock just happened to be something really easy to memorize. Two of the numbers correspond with my birthday! How lucky is that?

Now don't ask me when my birthday is. Actually, even if you knew my birth date, you wouldn't be able to figure out the last number. That's the only one I have to memorize.


KD said...

I always love when you post about Lostine. She's such a pretty girl! It must not be too hot there yet....she didn't look sweaty when you came back. My girl was soaked today just from riding on our property - high 90's and high humidity here.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay Lostine! Yay you! Together you are forging ahead and Lostine is obviously trusting you more on those trails, too. She'll be crossing the creek soon. She'll probably surprise you.
Way to go!
I'm glad you had such a wonderful trail ride.
And wow! Your trails look so soft and sandy. I wish ours were like that. Most trails around here are rock covered, granite slab covered, with steep uphills and downhills.
I've considered getting some boots for Apache, but she seems to do really well barefoot.
What are the spint boots for? Does she have weak legs, and they give her more support?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

KD - It's been in the high 80's. She just had sweat under her saddle pad.

Lisa - The splint boots are extra support to keep the splint bones from popping out away from the cannon bones, which can happen during excessive exercise. I remember my mentor getting angry because her trainers worked her horses without split boots, and next thing she knew they had these lumps on the insides of their forelegs. They also protect the horse's legs from getting scratched by brush or kicked by hooves.

I ended up buying new splint boots, and the owner of the feed store tried to talk me into soaking wraps in ice and wrapping those around the horse's legs, because he used to work with racehorses. I am so short on time that the difference in time that it takes for me to Velcro on the splint boots vs. wrapping the legs could make or break my ability to ride. I chose the splint boots.

Also, the trails are sandy because the organization that takes care of them actually laid down D.G.

Leah Fry said...

That's some great progress with Lostine. A few more times down those trails and she'll be walking in her sleep. I bet next time she crosses the river.

Those boots really got ripped up.

CTG Ponies said...

Sounds like a great ride. Reminds me I need to get out on the trail more.

Meghan Brady said...

I am always looking for great places to ride and discover-where do you do most of your trail rides?