Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some More Final Destination Moments

I haven't posted over the past few days because I nearly got killed twice on Sunday within a few hours of each incident, so I'm having another one of those Final Destination periods in my biorhythm. I've learned to lay low when things get like this.

First near miss: My son and I wanted to take his father out for a nice, sit down Father's Day breakfast in a family restaurant, however every restaurant in town had people lined up outside and a full parking lot. So, we kept driving all the way up to the next city, which was more of the same. The only restaurant we could get into was a casino buffet where we had to serve ourselves that charged $22.95 per person for cold scrambled eggs and hard biscuits. Plus by the time we got there, it was nearly lunch, so they were putting away the majority of breakfast items.

On the way home we got stuck in heavy traffic in a 65 mph zone. This very rude woman was trying to get ahead by squeezing into tight spots, cutting off other drivers, and tailgating so close that I was sure she must have scraped a few bumpers along the way. She was driving so erratically that we actually noticed her while she was driving a ways behind us. Sure enough, she tried to squeeze in between us and the car in front of us, and my husband honked to tell her there was no room.

She got pissed and came over anyway, pushing us off onto the fast lane shoulder of the highway. We merged back in behind her and my husband kept honking at her. She shook her finger at us as if it were our fault, and then, at a high speed, she slammed on her brakes to intentionally force us to rear-end her in our Cadillac. I'm sure she was planning on feigning injury and suing us "rich" folks for everything we got.

Fortunately, my husband is a skillful driver and was able to avoid the accident, but my heart rate got so out of control that I wouldn't be surprised if I suffered a mild heart attack during the whole incident. I already had a phobia of being in cars, but now it is much worse after this incident. I had to take an anti-anxiety pill just to be able to drive to work this week.

Of course, this was another incident where we were a victim of a crime and were so shocked by it that we didn't get a color or make of the car, none-the-less a license plate number, because the lady took off like a bat out of hell weaving in and out of traffic once she realized her complete disregard for human life didn't work out for her financially. She could have taken out the majority of my gene pool in that one selfish move.


Second near miss: I tried to calm my nerves from the road rage incident by taking the horses out to pasture and watching them graze. (They made a bee-line for the clover and ripped it up by the roots, by the way. Apparently, horses love that stuff. I don't think any of it was Alsike Clover, and even if some of it were, there wasn't enough to cause slobbers or photo-sensitivity. The horses are fine after eating it.)

After a couple of hours we brought them back in from the pasture to the sandy paddock. We had just removed all of their halters, my husband was standing at the gate, my son was balancing on a food trough by the gate, all three horses were milling about by the gate, and I was walking up toward them to squeeze through them to get out the gate. I noticed that Gabbrielle was interested in why my son was taller than usual. She had her neck and tail arched and was reaching out to sniff him when he jumped toward her off the food trough.

My horses are very friendly, and also pushy about getting out the gate, so we often shoo them away to regain our space. However, my son hadn't noticed that I was walking in the only direction the horses could have gone to get out of his way. When he jumped, all three horses spun and galloped straight at me. My husband yelled, "LOOK OUT!"

There was nothing I could do, because they were on top of me. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced for impact. (This wouldn't be the first time I got caught in a stampede and knocked down. Fortunately, I haven't been stepped on yet.) Someone must have put a white light around me for protection, because all I felt was a gentle bump and then heard hoof beats disappear in the distance. I don't know how the horses were able to avoid knocking me over, but they did. I guess the lesson there is that if you get caught in the middle of a stampede, hold still and let the animals navigate around you. Don't try to jump out of the way or run.

Anyway, I was shaking for hours afterward and couldn't bring myself to ride any of them. I'm not afraid of horses now -- I'm just afraid that I've got another one of those black clouds hanging over my head that is trying to kill me, so I'm laying low to avoid any further near misses, or worse yet, hits.


Katharine Swan said...

What a rotten day you had! I'm so sorry. I hope you will start feeling better soon.

Whenever I have horses running toward me, I always spread my arms and wave them like a maniac, and yell in my you'd-better-not! voice. I've had them startle just a little bit and go around me, so I'm pretty sure that when horses are focused on running like that, they are not necessarily paying attention to something as small and insignificant as a human. Something to get their attention and remind them that you are there is always wise.

Glad you didn't get hurt!

fernvalley01 said...

Hope your days get better

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh yeh...I would too. Bad things always seem to come in threes.
I would lock myself up at home and avoid anything risky for sure.

I hope that rude, dangerous lady stripped her breaks down to the rotors for being so thoughtless and irresponsible! bleh!

Stay safe, NM!


Sydney_bitless said...

Eeek thats crazy.

Hopefully these things will not come at you in threes.

Lulu said...

I was taught from a young age to hold very still if the horses ever got rowdy in the pasture! It is much easier for them to navigate around you if you stand still.

I sure am glad you survived both incidents without getting hurt!

Promise said...

Glad you didn't get hurt, also. What a week!

You definitely did the right thing not moving, especially since you have a relationship with them, 9 times out of 10, they should want to avoid hurting you. :)

Mrs Mom said...

Dude. We're going to get working on a wonderful clear bullet proof shield to just wrap around you and the fam there.

Meantime, here-- catch. I'm passing along bubble wrap and duct tape.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, my! I was wondering what you were up to! ACK! I HATE drivers like that! At least your horses didn't run over you! I hope that is the end of your scary times.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well the good news is that you made it through all the incidents without a scratch. So that counts for the good luck in all of this. Focus on that positive aspect and think how lucky you were. Take a deep breath and don't let it bother you.

Where's a cop when you need one. She should have been arrested, crazy b***h!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Good thing both were near misses! You've got luck on your side- you'll be fine!

Breathe said...

Some days hiding under the covers is the best option.

Glad you are safe and sound.