Sunday, July 25, 2010

Damn the Torpedoes -- I Rode Anyway

At 8:00 AM I took a chance and loaded Lostine up into the trailer, gambling that there would be a break in the thunderstorms. I was right. There were clear skies over the mountains and the thunderclouds had drifted off to the east.

No other horse trailers were in the parking lot -- just the die-hard trail runners and hikers. We came across several parties that were hiking with metal walking sticks. That was a first for Lostine, but I just kept talking to the people to get them talking to me, so Lostine would know they are just people and not humanoid insects.

A couple with two loose dogs approached and asked if they could pet my horse. The man guessed that Lostine was a young Quarter Horse. I said no, she's an old Arabian. He said, "Really? I thought all Arabians turn gray when they are old."

"No, those are just the gray ones. Lostine was born a chestnut color and she'll remain that color her whole life. She's 23 now."

It turned out that he's owned Arabian horses his whole life, which surprised me, because if any horse looks like an Arabian, it's Lostine with her dishy face. Every once in a while someone makes a breedist comment that cracks me up. This one is worth repeating. The man said, "I got a Quarter Horse once, but went back to Arabians. An Arabian will throw you and come back to see if you are okay, but a Quarter Horse will throw you and just keep going in search of food."

That gave me the giggles.

Fortunately, Lostine hasn't tried to throw me on any of our trail rides. She only does that in the round pen, because she's retaliating over me taking her back to kindergarten. She is one horse who wants to be treated with dignity.

We came to a different water crossing and you can tell by the direction her ears are pointing which direction she'd rather be going. It turned out we couldn't fit through the low hanging branches anyway, so I took her up to the other water crossing. She didn't cross there either.

I ran into a man who pointed at us and laughed. He said, "You put shoes on your horse! Ha ha ha ha ha ha...!"

I'm like, "Yeah?"

The woman walking with him said, "So, I have those types of boots for my horse. They protect their feet."

Lostine didn't like it that the man was laughing at her, so she tried to push him out of her way. She sidestepped into him and he just stood there. I said, "Look out!"

He said, "Don't worry about me. I know all about horses."

Really? Is that why you think shoes are funny?

We rode for about three hours. I got lots of video that I'll put up in other posts. When Lostine and I were headed to the trailer she stopped short and wouldn't budge. Another horse trailer was in the process of parking, and the horses inside were kicking. It wasn an aluminum trailer, so the kicking was quite loud. I had to dismount and lead her the rest of the way.

She seemed really tired and wouldn't take the peppermints I offered her. I figured she was suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion, so I gave her a bucket of water, but she wouldn't drink it. So, I poured it all over her to cool her body temperature down, then loaded her up in the trailer to get home quickly. She's been drinking out of that water trough and is fine now.

As soon as we got home, the thunderclouds moved in and the sky started booming and flashing. I'm not kidding about these two or three-hour windows of bearable weather.


Jeni said...

Looks like we both got a ride in today!! yeahhhh!

That comment the gentleman made about Arabs and QH ~ It's true and we BOTH know it!

Carol said...

The area you're riding through is beautiful. Love it! Very different than where I'm from (Eastern Canada, also nice, but in a different way). Glad you made it out in a break in the storm.

manker said...

great that you went for it and got a good ride in.... always good for heart and soul

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you got to ride, gotta go look at the videos now .My net was wonky earlier

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so glad you're getting in some ride time. Between the heat of the previous week, and the afternoon showers...and the past 3 days of non-stop rain (I know! Can you believe this is NM? Maybe I'm in the PNW? The temps haven't even gotten above 68 degrees!) I've not been able to ride at all.
At least Jenna got to ride for about 15 minutes on Friday, but then Jax wanted to ride Bella and she bucked him off, so that was it for riding the rest of the weekend with the heavy rains arriving. bleh!

I'm so happy for you that you've found such fun trails to explore and ride. How far of a drive are those trails from your house? HOw many miles can you ride and are there enough trails to keep you and your horse riding new territory?

Oh and I know about those treeking poles and suspicious horses. I've been using my trekking poles the last three days to climb up and down to the barn so I won't fall in the greasy slimy mud. The first day, Apache eyeballed the poles and kept her distance, and after the third day, she doesn't even look at them, or she tries to sniff the poles as I walk.
Lostine will be the same way with time.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...
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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - This trail system I've been using is about 10 miles from my house. I don't know how many miles the trail system itself includes, but we are limited to traveling pretty much in the same area. I could expand my ride if I took the loop along the cliff, but don't want to risk going over the edge again. All other trails are far enough out of my area that I would have to get brand inspections done and reserve a full day for nothing but driving and riding. For now, I like sticking to this trail system, because I know we won't run into ATVs or bicyclists. Bicyclists are allowed on these trails, but they are too steep for them. I like to just relax and not have to constantly be looking over my shoulder to see if someone is gaining on us.