Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Frenzy

Picture this:
I go outside to feed the horses "real quick"
and the sky breaks open
pouring rain
flashing lightning
blasting ear-deafening thunder

I start throwing hay into each of the stalls
in hopes of getting the horses to eat indoors,
but Lostine has managed to completely jam her door,
so I have to toss one pile of hay under the awning.

On my way in the house
I notice that both water troughs are almost empty
despite me just filling them up yesterday.
I put the hose in one trough
and go in the house.

I look at the clock and realize the mail carrier has come,
so I grab the mailbox key and hike out to the roadside boxes.
By the time I get back with the mail,
my lunch break is over and I sit back down at my desk.

For hours I sit there fielding communications,
struggling with networking problems,
only occasionally having the fleeting thought
that I hear water running through the pipes.

But before it can register, the phone rings
or another problem jumps in my face.
The dryer buzzes and I retrieve the clean laundry,
hang each item up in the closet.
Is my son in the shower?
I know I don't have anything in the washer now.
Why is water running through the pipes?

RING RING. Must answer phone.

Around mid-afternoon an image pops into my head
of water flowing out of a water trough.

I scream, jump up from my desk and run outside.
Our entire side yard is flooded.
I wade through the water to move the hose over into the other empty trough.

This time I'm not leaving.
I'm standing over that sucker until it's full.

I'm waiting and waiting and waiting.
I get bored and start talking to my horse.

All of the sudden I get this creepy feeling I'm being watched.
I look up and sure enough,
my nosy neighbor is sitting on his porch staring at me
as I am babbling to my horse.
I can't stand it.
Even when I look directly at him, he won't look away.
I feel like a stripper on stage.
This man is undressing me with his eyes.
I'm totally grossed out, so I run in the house.

RING RING. Gotta answer the freakin' phone.

Time to get back to work.

You know the rest.

(Yes, I stole Mikey's style of posting.)


fernvalley01 said...

Mikeys style of posting for a Mikey kind of day! I hate it when that happens! Hope tomorrow is better

Breathe said...

Next time spray him with the hose.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

I know the story- multi-tasking to a fault!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

This style of posting suits you well. lol!

I've learned my lesson well about not leaving a task unfinished and moving onto something else because I'm trying to multi-task, or I'm getting bored.

I swear sometimes I have ADHD because I have flooded water buckets, burned food, almost burst a truck tire when pumping air at home(and I did burst a bike tire at a gas station once when I got distracted), and forgotten to let my daughter out of the chicken coop (don't ask), one too many times.

Will the flooding affect your well levels?


Cheryl Ann said...

I agree. Spray him with the hose!

Oldqueen44 said...

I fill my pond the same way almost every time, and my husband says every time, Why didn't you use the timer.
I always think I will remember.

Yuck -- about the creepy neighbor.

Maia said...

OMG how do you stand the creepy neighbor on top of everything else. I certainly have days like this and I don't envy you. Hang in there, and this too shall pass. (and if it doesn't take up target practice where he can see you. Smile, look right at him, and then blow away that bottle.)

Jeni said...

I wonder what your creepy gross neighbor would do if took a gun outside with you?

Sorry about the flooding.. I completely understand the incredibly busy day that ends when you fall over.

Have a great weekend!