Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Feel Cheated

Between starting up my business, working overtime in my existing job, and handling all the unexpected problems that seem to be popping up every few minutes, I rarely get to have fun. My Sunday morning trail rides are the highlight of my life at the moment. When Lostine and I climb into the high Sierra, I don't think either of us want to come back. When we reach the fork in the trail that either takes us back to the parking lot or up into the mountains, she chooses to go back up and extend the ride. Sometimes I let her. Other times I know I have to get home to feed all the horses and do chores, so I make her head down the trail. She seems disappointed.

I have to plan my weekends carefully now because the weather is getting so obnoxious. I have to find the one window of just a few hours when the temperatures are bearable and the thunderclouds have cleared, and quickly load Lostine up into the trailer.

Friday was frustrating, because my farrier appointment cut into my laundry time and work time, so I had to work late and do laundry until midnight. Everyone in the house was sleeping while I was tip-toeing around hanging laundry in closets. I was thinking, "This is so ridiculous! No one else I know works as hard as I do. Why do I always have to be working? I'm going to work and then die, and wonder what that was all about. I have to cut back on something so I can have some fun every once in a while."

So, come Saturday morning I was torn. I wanted to go on a trail ride, but it was supposed to be 99 degrees and my truck was both acting up and out of gas. If I hauled Lostine out to the trails and back, there was a chance we'd end up broken down or out of gas on the side of the road. So, instead of going trail riding, I took the truck in to the shop for some maintenance and filled up that gas tank.

Interesting story: There's this woman at my local oil change place who is a fast-talker. You know those types of people who come across as being insincere? They seem disconnected from you and every word out of their mouths seems scripted? That's the way this woman who works at my shop is. Anyway, the last time I took my truck in, she kept finding additional work that needed to be done. I think I agreed to the first 2 or 3 items in her list, but when she came up with a 4th, 5th, and 6th item, I had to draw the line. I felt like she was just doing a flinch-test to see how much money she could get out of me.

Then one of the mechanics yelled out that my transfer case oil is in a really bad state and needs immediate attention. By that point I was so overwhelmed with the size of my bill that I said no. I explained that I only drive the truck on the weekends, so I'm not concerned. Later my husband told me I should have had the work done, especially since I'm hauling a horse trailer. Ever since I've been worrying every time my truck sputters or jerks or can't get up to speed. I wondered how much of that woman's list really did need to be taken care of.

So, on the way to the oil change place this time, I was caught in heavy traffic at 8:15 AM on a Saturday morning (go figure), and I had to maneuver my way out of it. I stepped on the gas to "shoot the gap" (love that Jetta commercial) and my truck started to go, stopped responding, and then jerked forward and accelerated again. Not good.

I told the mechanic about that when I arrived and said I needed both an oil change and a transfer case oil change. He looked at my truck's maintenance history and said, "You don't need anything but an oil change. You take really good care of your truck."

Say what? Either that woman had absent-mindedly closed out those six things as having been done at my last appointment or she was flat out lying to me about the work that needed to be done on my truck. I asked him to just check the transfer case oil and change it if it looks like it is needed. Turned out it was needed. However, he said that he didn't see any problems that would cause my engine to hesitate during accelaration. We decided to just flush the engine to clean it out since the truck doesn't get driven often. It is running so much better now.

Anyway, that took up my morning, so by the time I got home it was close to 100 degrees and too late to go on a trail ride. I hooked my truck up to the horse trailer so that it would be ready first thing in the morning, then some unpredicted thunderstorms moved in on Saturday afternoon, cooling things down a bit, but threatening to rain.

I woke up at 5:30 AM Sunday morning to feed the horses so we could start our trail ride early, but when I walked outside, it felt like it was 90 degrees and the thunderclouds were still overhead. In the winter months between November and May it snowed nearly every weekend. Weekdays when I was stuck at my desk and couldn't go outside, the weather was great. Now that we are in the summer months, the heatwaves and thunderstorms are coming through on the weekends, and the weekdays are awesome. That doesn't help me. I feel cheated. Does anyone have a weather machine that can shake things up a bit?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

That always seems to be the weather pattern, doesn't it? Nice during the work week and crappy on the weekends.

Those oil change places often have a checklist of items that they read off at certain mileage points. You may or may not actually NEED the work done but it's often the recommended maintenance plan according to your vehicle. She's just doing her job. But I agree with you, it's hard to know what really needs to be done and it sure can add up!

fernvalley01 said...

I don't like when they try to upsell the servicing on your vehicle,I had them try that on a brand new vehicle once , "oh the fluid in the diff needs changing." I declines and miraculously ,it was just fine on the next service. Sorry you are struggling with the weather ,I have been enjoying your Sunday videos as well

lytha said...

if you don't mind i'd like to share my laundry anectdote of the week.

i'd gotten a load of laundry in first thing in the morning, and went outside to do some chores. 2 hours later (it takes a while in germany) the machine was done, so i went in to get the laundry to take it upstairs to hang it (in germany there are very few dryers). it was empty. i stuck my hand in, felt the sides of the washer - yes, they were warm and wet, but no clothes. i was so confused. i stood there pondering if i was going crazy because in the 3 years i've been with my man, i've been responsible for the laundry (he has a real job). i just stood there feeling the machine, when my man walks in. i said, "i have a question for you. do you know what happened here or am i going insane?" he said, "i did it, i hung up our clothes." (!!!!!!!!) amazing. i couldn't stop thanking him: )

our prius needed its 15,0000 Km tune-up (as in every 15K), and it cost 307E. my man was kind of upset about that but i said, "a full-on tuneup costs, we should be glad it wasn't 400 or more!"

but looking at the receipt for everything they did - i have very little idea - the german words for car parts are beyond me. i hate that feeling of not knowing what we've paid for, exactly.

oh well!

glad you and lostine are enjoying your mountains. i'm jealous: )


Breathe said...

You know, if i didn't ride when it was 90, I'd never ride in Texas. My limit is 98.

Could you get any early morning rides in during the week?

I think it's time to let laundry languish in baskets.

Or, like a friend of mine, make everyone do their own during the summer.

Because not riding makes mommy crabby. And that's not good for anybody.

Stacey said...

Ha I wish I had a weather machine right now. It's monsoon season in NM and we've been getting it full force for the past 24 hours. I'm glad Klein and I rode the past two days because today is a mess!!!! And your truck, well you're not alone because I'm about to roll my Jeep off a cliff. Did you see a couple posts back how it tore up the rear diff? Well this past week it overheated and turns out the water pump died out. So that gets replaced, I get it back Thursday and yesterday morning on the way to the barn the temp skyrockets. I pull over and shut it off and notice a trail of coolant and that it has dumped ALL of its coolant. Poured some water in it and it ran right back out. So I walked the rest of the way to the barn. My husband rode my triathlon bike out to me and then ran home so I rode my bike home and got caught in the middle of the mother of all thunderstorms. I bet people were laughing their asses off driving by me on my triathlon bike in a torrential down pour. My Jeep is still on the side of the road. I have to get it towed today and find out what's up tomorrow morning. Hopefully a hose came off or the water pump I got is bad, though it shouldn't be. It has a warranty atleast. But what a pain in the ass.

Laundry at midnight, sneaking clothes into the closets? You rock. They better appreciate stuff like that.

Tammy said...

The weather is ruining my life, too! :) Seriously, we went thru the worst winter that I recall in a long, long time. We've lucked out the last few years with relatively mild summers, but I guess thats not going to happen this year. For a week, we have only had one day that the humidity hasn't brought the heat index over 100. I love to ride in the mornings, but even very early, it is unbearable. I felt I had cabin fever in July.

We got a slight reprieve yesterday & I got some much needed saddle time. But I hate this "grab it while you can' type riding. I want to make plans. I want to camp.

Yeah, whining - but only another rider can relate to weather woes! :)

jane augenstein said...

Oh, so sorry you are having to work so hard and not have much horse fun! Life sure doesn't seem fair at times.
No, I don't have a weather machine, wish I did, I would use it too! And one to get RID of the biting nasty flies.
I hope your luck changes and work lets up and the horse times are more plentiful. Life is too short to not to have fun!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Everyone in this house does their own laundry and is responsible for putting it away too. My Honey has always been that way about doing his own clothes (besides I don't like how he mixes lights and darks;) and I figured that at 16, it's time Meg starts getting used to keeping up after herself.

I kind of let working on the new house take over my horse time, but am getting tired of that. It's time to get back to the ponies. When I told MH I was going to slow down on the house, he told me he didn't know why I was in such a rush anyway, it's not like we have to be moved over there by a certain date. I don't know if I feel irritated that he did not appreciate that I was trying to get things done so we could get moved or if I was relieved that he understood I n.e.e.d horse time. Hahahaha

Rising Rainbow said...

If someone comes up with that weather machine would you send it my way when you're done.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm starting to feel a little worried up here, too. With these summer monsoons it's impossible to plan any riding. I feel as if we're on a deadline to ride because winter arrives in October. But usually we have hard afternoon rains and in the morning...sunshine. Except the last 3 days we've had no sunshine and just rain rain rain all day long. Weird weather!

I suppose it'll help our grass grow. Oh! And I'm supposed to get a load of hay in, but I can't get them here because the hill up to the barn is slick with greasy mud and they'd never make it without getting stuck or crashing into something. bleh!