Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Sweet Blog List

Crystal at Ranch Riding passed this Sweet Blog Award on to me. Thank you, Crystal. The rules are to put it on your blog and give it to 10 sweet bloggers. I know many of you have already probably been given the award, seeing the high number of people we are supposed to pass it along to.

(One of these days I'm going to make an award and you can only pass it along to one other blogger, and that blogger has to wait a month before passing it along to the next blogger. Everyone will be waiting in anticipation to see if they won it, and everyone will want it, because very few get it. Hee hee. I'm so devious.)

However, I was just thinking the other day that when I first started blogging, there were awards flying all over the Internet every day and now I rarely see them come around our little horse blogger circle anymore. So, I was glad to see this one.

I do think these award rules are guaranteeing their own extinction when we are asked to pass them along to any more than 3 other bloggers, though. It's like giving an adult homework to create x number of links and then go to each of those blogs and leave a comment telling them they got an award. It's a lot of work. Most of us are at a point where we say thank you and offer it up to whoever wants it. I usually say thank you and change the subject, pretending like I forgot to pass it along. We are lazier than some of our horses.

I know what you are thinking: Leave it up to NuzMuz to tell it like it is.

This time I really am going to pass it on to ten bloggers. BUT I'm not going to tell them the award is waiting for them at my site. I have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe some of you can drop them a line if you happen to be in their neighborhood and let them know?

I've been so busy lately that I realized it has probably been months since I left a comment on some of my best blogger buddies' blogs. I just made a special trip out to see Lytha and Baasha at A Horse Crazy American in Germany, because I'm sure they must think I've fallen off the face of the earth. What's more interesting than an American woman being swept off her feet by a charming foreigner who loves her enough to take both her and her horse back to his country? With that, I must pass the Sweet Blog Award onto her.

Then there's one blogger who is such a gifted writer, who has adorable kids and some frustrating moments with her horses, who I often neglect as well. But I do read her blog and think it is sweet. Here's to you Breathe/Winter at Horsecentric.

Then there's Leah at Barn Door Tagz who is one of my partners in blogging about getting healthy and losing weight. All this time while I've been bitching about my work schedule, being unable to exercise and lose weight, she just lost what she needed to lose on her own and didn't say nothin' to nobody until it was gone. One day we just saw this post with pics of this skinny chick and were blown away. I'm all talk and no action, while she's all action and no talk. Congratulations again.

Then there's the blogger I lovingly refer to in my own mind as "Fern" of Fern Valley Appaloosas. Sweetness alert! She is so good about commenting on everyone's blogs and I don't think I have ever heard a nasty word or mean judgment escape her mouth. She's sweet, her horses are sweet, her blog is sweet. I'm talking sweetness all around.

Then there's Stephanie at The Aspiring Equestrian. I have to say I feel a lot of guilt with this one. I have a long history of psychic and paranormal experiences. One day Stephanie posted a picture on her blog of an equitation jump that was particularly difficult for her. I looked at that jump and had an image of her falling, but I didn't want to say anything, because I didn't want to destroy her confidence and be the cause of an accident. Unfortunately, keeping quiet didn't help. Stephanie has been laid up in a knee brace all summer after a terrible accident and surgery. Please stop by her blog and help cheer her up. She's a sweet one.

Then there's Andrea of Swamp Suburbia. After blogging a while and posting these amazing photographs of her beautiful children, she started a career as a photographer. As you know, I too have started my own photography business and am about to graduate from an online course I have been taking. Andrea has been an inspiration for me as I watch her client base grow through her photography blog. Her gorgeous daughter had a terrible freak accident on a fence, broke her femur and was in a body cast for quite a while, requiring Andrea's constant care. She's all better now, but my heart went out to Andrea and her family during that tough time. On top of that she lives in the last state in the U.S. where anyone would want to live at the moment with all those hurricane and oil spill problems. Despite the challenges, she remains optimistic and sweet.

Who doesn't love Mikey, the Problem Solver from Beyond Hope, Arizona. I can totally relate to her frantic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants lifestyle. Despite all the insanity that life throws at her, she remains in good humor about it all. Her life is one big adventure and she never fails to keep the excitement coming for us readers.

Then there's Paint Girl of Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm. She's another one I can totally relate to with her crazy work hours and high stress job. At least with my job I'm not going to get injured sitting at a desk (unless I fall off my chair or type too hard and break a finger or get so frustrated that I slam my fists into the desk and break my hands...), but Paint Girl risks life and limb working with show horses every day. She is gem of an employee, hard working, conscientious, and caring. In other words, SWEET!

Then there's Katharine Swan at Pony Tales Blog. Katharine is living the life I want as a freelance writer with plenty of time left over to ride her gelding Panama nearly on a daily basis. Katharine always has insightful comments and posts. Oh yeah, and she's made of rubber. I've never heard of someone who can somersault off a horse and bounce right back on without a scratch. She used to have plenty of falls, but lately she's been taking equitation lessons and kicking butt in her horsemanship progress.

Another sweet blog I like to follow is The Jumping Percheron. Stacey is plenty busy serving our country, running marathons, and moving from Hawaii to New Mexico with her gorgeous and talented Percheron Klein, so I don't know if she reads my blog or not, but go check out hers. She's an inspiration to me mainly because she is so fearless and energetic. I love to see people make good use of their time by setting goals and reaching them as opposed to just writing about how bored they are. Life is short. Go live it.


fernvalley01 said...

Thanks so much Nuzz Muzz , you are so kind! Looks like I have a few more blogs to check out too!

Sydney_bitless said...

I think blog awards are a lot of fun. The hard part is thinking of an interesting post to put the award into.
Congrats on the award.

Breathe said...


I don't know what to say.

So I'll say thank you! (So much for the gifted writer)


lytha said...

*flip* i won, i won! woo!

small clarification: i paid for my horse's flight, but my man bought me the farm: ) he would have happily lived in the city his entire life so i'm very grateful. and he commutes every day for my preferred lifestyle.

i feel in my heart that i will be home again someday: i love my country and my city and my family. so he will make the reverse sacrifice one of these days. i say to him, as soon as you don't love your teaching job, we'll discuss countries again.

did you read my sidebar "why i'm in germany?" it's the whole romantic tale, with all the kissy details. (is this a kissing book?)

thanks so much for the award. it's been ages and i appreciate it!

~lytha, holding onto her citizenship until someone pries it from her cold dead hands: )

allhorsestuff said...

Cool...nice and sweet award for you!! Congrats! You deserve!
Yea...when I made my "Intrepid Rider" award up The goal was> to NOT overload everyone with rules and too many people to choose!

Paint Girl said...

Congrats to you on the award, and thank you very much for passing it on to me!!
You are very sweet, and I love hearing about your adventure's with your beautiful Arabians!! I also love to hear about your ups and downs with your horses, we all have them, and I think hearing them from others can help us all with our own horses!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the award and Thanks for passing it on to me!! Maybe if you said something I would have paid more attention to that darn equitation jump that broke my leg... OR maybe not! LOL!

sue said...

I love this idea of "awards" but have never found out "how to do it"... any tips out there folks....

Stacey said...

Awww thanks Nuzmuz!!!!!!! I do read your blog!!!!! I've just been out of the cyber loop during this move but Klein and I are both back now!!!