Friday, July 23, 2010

Pedicure Report

Right when the farrier was trimming my spookiest horse's hooves this morning, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society truck came up the street to pick up my donations. I warned my farrier that he may want to step away from the horse. He agreed that it was a good idea.

The truck stopped just 30 feet from us, the driver got out, waved and started loading up my boxes. He was so amazingly quiet about it. He didn't throw them into the back of the truck and make a racket like I expected. He quietly picked each box up and gently set it in the back. Then he let us know that he needed to back into my driveway to turn around, and he was even quiet about that. I commented on how polite he was, and my farrier said, "He must be familiar with horses."

Bombay raised his head and was on alert the whole time, but he didn't move an inch. The farrier said, "He's come a long way."

He also commented that Lostine seems so much happier and relaxed this summer. He thinks it's because of all the trail riding we've been doing. She actually enjoys attention now, where in the past she was a very aloof horse. Lostine licked his tool caddy while he trimmed Bombay's hooves, and seemed to be standing in line waiting her turn. The farrier couldn't say much about Gabbrielle. She was just being a crab. She narrows her eyes and swishes her tail when she's irritated. She tried kicking out to the side at him and received a stern correction from me. Then she tried leaning on the farrier and swinging her butt around into him to knock him off balance. I need to spend a lot more time with her, because she's developing some bad manners. She acts like a teenage girl suffering from PMS.

I wanted to take some photographs of my farrier working on the horses' hooves for my portfolio, but he mentioned that his electricity has been out and he doesn't have any water. I figured it was a bad time to take pictures since he hadn't had a shower, so I asked if I could do a photo shoot with him in 10 weeks. He agreed to it. I'll remind him over the phone, so he can prepare his appearance how he wants it. I, personally, like the grunge look on farriers.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Yeah but do you like the "grunge" *SMELL* on us?

(Sorry NuzMuz, I'm a wee bit punchy at the moment... *giggle*)

fernvalley01 said...

Glad the delivery/pickup driver had his head on straight.

Breathe said...

Never trust a skinny cook or a clean farrier.

Lostine does seem to be doing so well on the trail. I imagine Gabbrielle just needs a reminder of proper pedicure behavior.

Crystal said...

Wow hard to believe someone in your neighborhood actually was quiet!

I always think of doing a post on my farrier, but always end up holding horses or doing something.

Jeni said...

Wow a polite delivery person !!!

Stacey said...

Lucky you to have such a nice driver to pick up your donations!

Trail rides are good for any horse's soul, I think. Klein loves to go out exploring.

Lulu said...

10 weeks? Gosh, now I have to say how jealous I am AGAIN!!! My mare requires a trim every 6 weeks because her hooves grow so fast! If I don't attend to them in 6 weeks, and try to go longer, they begin to chip and break apart.