Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trail Ride Videos

I laughed after watching these videos, because they remind me of old Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting videos that I used to watch on PBS, not because I was interested in painting, but just because Bob's voice and gentle character relaxed me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here are some links to his videos. Now watch my videos and see if you get the connection.

I repeat myself in some of these videos, because I kept pressing the record button and thinking it was recording when it wasn't, so I wasn't sure which stories I previously told had actually been recorded. I also apologize for not speaking louder. I know at some points my voice trails off while at other points the wind monopolizes the microphone.

At the point where the second horse passes me in this next video, Lostine jumped sideways, because she was taken by surprise when the dog came around the corner. You hear me saying WHOA afterwards.

I talk in this next video about Lostine being comfortable with dogs running right up to her legs, and then spooking over inanimate objects such as this boulder I film. The dog in the last video just took her by surprise because she was paying attention to the horses, but plenty of other dogs ran around her legs on this day and didn't bother her. One dog laid down right next to her hind legs while we were resting and I was out of the saddle. I had to make sure she didn't accidentally step on it.

If I can get into the habit of narrating while filming and riding, then I won't have to type so much and you won't have to read as much.

I've been wondering what all that clicking is that I hear in these videos. I thought it was me clucking to get Lostine to keep walking, but didn't think I'm that persistent in my tongue clucking. Then when I heard the clicking in my thunderstorm videos, I realized that it is the lens cap on a string swinging up and hitting the microphone.


fernvalley01 said...

Thanks for the virtual trail ride ! Lostine is a good girl.I got a giggle out of the comments about the guinea pig.My neice had one I called Bloopy , because its sort of the sound she made

Leah Fry said...

Bob Ross! I used to watch him just to listen also. "Let's put a happy little tree, oh, how about right HERE. Anywhere you want, really, because this is your little world."

Great videos!

Crystal said...

I used to watch Bob Ross too, I thought listening to him would make me a good apinter, but never did.

lytha said...

you make a great bob ross, let's put a happy little lostine here, where she's happy, it's her place, you know...

i love how you just let her look in that second video, she's appreciating her view: )

after those riders and their dog passed you, she was so good! my horse would have taken off to follow them.

how cool that she is watching for those church people! they left an impression on her: )

you're allergic to sage? that's bad, i just love it. i can't get enough of it - i've been told to stop picking it law.

thanks so much for sharing. i love the crunch of sand under her feet, and her perked ears for every new obstacle.