Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could It Be?

My eyes have been playing tricks on me lately. My old reading glasses were too weak, so I went in to the optometrist's office to get a new prescription. I had to use store-bought reading glasses for the week that the lab had my frames, and I had headaches and optical illusions for that entire week. Now my eyes are adjusting to the new lenses. I often see things that aren't there and react to them, only to look at them straight on and realize nothing is there.

For instance, I was making coffee when I saw that someone had laid a hand towel down on the floor to sop up some water. I kept side-stepping the towel while moving around the kitchen, and then decided to just pick it up off the floor, but when I looked straight at it, the towel disappeared. There never was a towel there.

So, when I was out shoveling manure and saw something out of the corner of my eye, I ignored it, figuring it was just another optical illusion. But whatever it was just kept catching my eye, so I turned to look at it straight on. What I saw took my breath away. A little bunny rabbit had hopped right up to me and was sitting just a couple of feet away from me on the other side of the chain-link fence.

Jackrabbits don't do that, and this bunny looked more like the domesticated kind. In fact, it looked just like the pet bunny that escaped from a neighbor's house years ago and ended up living under my haystack. I kept trying to catch it to return it to the person who owned it, but it was just too wild by then. That bunny mated with a jackrabbit and raised her babies in my manure pile. I couldn't believe that with all the freezing cold winters and cars and feral cats and coyotes we've got around here, that a domestic rabbit could survive that long in the wild.

Of course, as soon as I started speaking to it, it cautiously hopped away a little at a time. My tarot reading told me an old friend was going to stop by, and then just as quickly leave. I guess it was right. ;)

Oh yeah, that reminds me... The other day I was driving through downtown and discovered a sign in front of a new business that read, "TARROT READINGS". Being a horse person who knows how to spell, I immediately imagined a woman dressed in gypsy garb placing tarot cards around a carrot telling me my horses' futures.


fernvalley01 said...

How cool is it that the bunny visited you.Glad you are getting the proper glasses as well

lytha said...

i think you understand that you are the rare exception - a horse person who CAN spell.

our cat has been killing birds lately, and voles, and basically anything cute.

recently i discovered that a baby deer (without mama) is living on our hill.

i told my man how i startle it each morning, and how it stands up and runs away. i said, "it's so cute."

my man said, "now we'll see the cat trying to kill it, cuz it fits her criteria."

true enough, today right where the baby lives, the cat was hunting, tail huge, like "something big is here!"


Dreaming said...

Oh, the Tarrot/Carrot thing is hilarious! And the bunny thing is uncanny. It sure makes you wonder, though!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow, that's a long lived bunny! I wonder?
Hmmm, hope you don't have any spirits haunting to you, sounds a bit weird.

Lol, the carrot tarrot thing is crazy. Can you really read tarot cards? That is so neat!

Breathe said...

That's really weird with your eyes. I've never heard of such a thing.

Nice that the bunny came by. How funny that it went feral.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Carrot readings! Love it! hehe!

How amazing that your bunny friend stopped by to say hello. Maybe she would have liked a carrot reading, too?

I also have vision issues and need to see an eye doctor. I was told I might want to wait until after my eye heals more now because I am having tracking issues whenever I move my head too fast. As if my eyes can't catch up with my movements. The feeling often makes me feel unbalanced and dizzy and even sick to my stomach, though.

Also sometimes I see double and it feels as if my eyes are cross-eyed. The doctors seem to think this is all due to being kicked in the head and that the symptoms will eventually go away. I have faith, but it's still worrisome.